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>showing last 365 days of  comments (for 2016):

Received and happy.   If I had to approximate, it provides around a 60 hour period of effectiveness which is MORE than enough for my purposes.
-Terry B.
, New Iberia, LA (USA) December 31, 2016

Would it be possible to always get the white tablets?  It might just be me, but I think they are a little stronger.
-Phillip S.
, Hickory, NC (USA) December 31, 2016

The seller has been wonderful to deal with.  Honest & prompt.
-Sonja G.
, Milwaukee, WI (USA) December 31, 2016

Super happy with JCMRX.   Saving me a bundle with generic Lipitor.  Pfizer are the real mafia.
-Joan P.
, Bristol, RI (USA) December 31, 2016

Thumbs up!
-Anita N.
, Bellflower, CA (USA) December 31, 2016

Better than expected. 
-David Q.
, St. Louis, MO (USA) December 30, 2016

Very satisfied, but if I could make one suggestion, you should allow new customers to use credit cards, not just your old customers.
-Charles B.
, Overland Park, KS (USA) December 30, 2016

Absolutely delighted, such a handy shop to have saved.
-Nora M.
, Long Beach, CA (USA) December 30, 2016

Professional service, recommended.
-Edward V.
, Cudahy, WI (USA) December 30, 2016

-Tanya J.
, Carson City, NV (USA) December 30, 2016

No complaints, packed very well, would do business again.  Thanks! 
-Andrea C.
, Gillette, WY (USA) December 29, 2016

Good Clomid deal.  Very happy. 
-Ross W.
, Aurora, IL (USA) December 29, 2016

Great people, very pleased.
-Gordon S.
, North Canton, OH (USA) December 29, 2016

received 27th Dec,very good thanks AAAAAAAAAA 
-Jason F.
, Kingman, AZ (USA) December 29, 2016

Really thankful to have found you this year.  Please have a safe and happy New Year!
-Ray M.
, Maple Grove, MN (USA) December 29, 2016

Excellent quality and value.  Compared to what I have to pay my doctor and CVS to get this filled, I save around $270.  2-7-0.
-Jassie P.
, Spokane, WA (USA) December 28, 2016

Okay, thanks for the help.  The Soma is getting me to sleep but I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know when you can sell Ambien again. 
-Huey G.
, Newark, DE (USA) December 28, 2016

Perfect, works well.  Do you guys have a Facebook page? 
-Leona M.
, Beatrice, NE (USA) December 28, 2016

Good product and service, but you'd get a higher rating if you allowed customers to request tablets or capsules.  I generally prefer tablets so I can crush them and mix my medication into beverages.   That's not possible with capsules... I guess I can melt them but that's a pain.  
-Julie B.
, Hilo, HI (USA) December 28, 2016

Exactly what my life needed.  That's not a misprint.  Life, not wife.  
-Irvin R.
, Malden, MA (USA) December 28, 2016

an a +++ tramadol seller.  this service is the best I've had.  
-Patti Y.
, Los Altos, CA (USA) December 27, 2016

Got it in good condition.  Thanks!  
-Nelson K.
, Rio Rancho, NM (USA) December 27, 2016

I truly appreciate you.  I can finally get back to work now and make a living.  
-Diane Z.
, Sumter, SC (USA) December 27, 2016

-Hoang Q.
, Ferndale, MI (USA) December 27, 2016

Shipment quite delayed, but otherwise as described.  
-Abel T.
, Caldwell, ID (USA) December 27, 2016

Reliable supplier of Cipro.  Thanks again, Becca.  
-Marcus B.
, Thornton, CO (USA) December 26, 2016

Arrived safe.  AAA, thanks.  
-Debbie E.
, Auburn, AL (USA) December 26, 2016

You won't find a better seller than this one!  Highest recommendation!!!  
-Pierre G.
, Brookings, SD (USA) December 26, 2016

great buy, easy and quick.  
-Angelo K.
, Lawrence, KS (USA) December 26, 2016

Ah yeah.  Feel it baby.  
-Dean F.
, Cape Girardeau, MO (USA) December 26, 2016

I'd order a little more often if you could find a way to speed up the shipping time.  The 2-3 week wait is annoying as heck.   
-Jerry I.
, Raleigh, NC (USA) December 25, 2016

Tip top Q. and Nice to deal with too! 
-Mandy R.
, Stratford, CT (USA) December 25, 2016

Oh yeah, this works.  I'm long, strong, and bound to get the friction ON! 
-Byron P.
, Edmond, OK (USA) December 25, 2016

very fine Gaba. purchase, very satisfied, thank you! 
-Anthony J.
, Port St. Lucie, FL (USA) December 25, 2016

Any discounts for a VIP customer?  I think I must have spend $900 here this month alone.  :-))) 
-Cary M.
, Nicholasville, KY (USA) December 25, 2016

Happy happy joy joy! 
-Oscar V.
, Mountlake Terrace, WA (USA) December 25, 2016

Good dealer, however wouldn't negotiate or give me any additional discounts!  :-P 
-Robin S.
, Parkville, MD (USA) December 24, 2016

Easy and hassle free deal. 
-Clark H.
, Wheeling, WV (USA) December 24, 2016

Took forever to get here but I can't really complain with these savings. 
-Ana F.
, Brighton, NY (USA) December 24, 2016

You guys work wonders.          
-Heather D.
, Fairbanks, AK (USA) December 24, 2016

Good source for generic Ultram.  +1          
-Vickie W.
, Des Moines, IA (USA) December 24, 2016

It's all the little things they do that make JCMRX such a great shop.          
-Grady O.
, Lake Charles, LA (USA) December 23, 2016

Got it in time for my trip.  Just barely.  I'll order further ahead of time next refill.         
-Andres H.
, Burleson, TX (USA) December 23, 2016

Careprost order went great.         
-Mary L.
, South Burlington, VT (USA) December 23, 2016

AAA.  Value of this service is around 5 times the cost in my opinion.  In other words well WORTH it.       
-Danielle T.
, Littleton, CO (USA) December 23, 2016

Wasn't sure it would work out, but all GOOD in the end.  So happy.  FF&PN.      
-Heidi B.
, Gallup, NM (USA) December 23, 2016

Quality trams.  Good but slow service.      
-Rebecca P.
, Salem, OR (USA) December 22, 2016

Thanks and well received.  Great product, great helps.      
-Toby A.
, Arbutus, MD (USA) December 22, 2016

-Jana G.
, Newport News, VA (USA) December 22, 2016

Good deal, Good service...Thanks.      
-Paul I.
, Bayonet Point, FL (USA) December 22, 2016

A+ transaction.      
-Tiff O.
, Newark, DE (USA) December 22, 2016

good price & sent fast to CHS.  Love it, thanks!      
-Harris Q.
, Charleston, SC (USA) December 21, 2016

Appreciate the help with the pain and of course helping me get some sleep.      
-Ruby P.
, Sheridan, WY (USA) December 21, 2016

better than expected!  VERY PLEASED!  5 Stars!      
-Leigh G.
, Exeter, NH (USA) December 21, 2016

Slow shipping but I understand the issues now regarding this kind of order.      
-Gregory T.
, Schaumburg, IL (USA) December 21, 2016

Safe delivery.    
-Emma V.
, Russellville, AR (USA) December 21, 2016

Smooth as usual.  Thanks as always!    
-Harry S.
, Lawrence, IN (USA) December 20, 2016

Arrived within expected time and items (two) as described.  Would buy again.    
-Peter B.
, Kearney, NE (USA) December 20, 2016

Pretty good prices, although selection of pain meds are a bit limited.  I will email you a wish list.    
-Gwen Y.
, Torrington, CT (USA) December 20, 2016

Sorry for the slow feedback.  Great service and product.  Love you guys!    
-Kacey T.
, Mesa, AZ (USA) December 20, 2016

A bit damaged in transit but in all we lost just 6 (to crushed pills) out of 200.    
-Barry N.
, Forest Park, OH (USA) December 20, 2016

First time buyer and after the nervous wait (16 LONG days), it's ALLLL GOOD IN DA HOOOD! 
-Anthony W.
, Tullahoma, TN (USA) December 19, 2016

Tramadol package took awhile and free shipping doesn't track.  EMS air mail option for USPS tracking for my new order please.  
-Tricia F.
, Sharon, PA (USA) December 19, 2016

Thanks JCM.  Pregabalin order was as expected and will recommend to friends.  See ya next time around.  
-Anna K.
, Menomonie, WI (USA) December 19, 2016

Great price and pro service.  
-Wayne V.
, Twin Falls, ID (USA) December 19, 2016

Got it!  Looking forward 2 trying out some other items you carry.  
-Francis H.
, Gadsden, AL (USA) December 19, 2016

Sweet deal and just in time for Christmas.  
-Jeremy J.
, Rochester, NH (USA) December 18, 2016

Thank you so much for helping me manage my pain.  Don't know how I'd make it without ya'll.  
-Yvette C.
, Dublin, GA (USA) December 18, 2016

Good transaction.  Beats my previous supplier who ended all communication as soon as payment is made to heck.  Miles ahead in customer service performance.  
-Harry T.
, Glen Cove, NY (USA) December 18, 2016

Not quite satisfied with the packing.  Too thin and flimsy for the amount paid.  Still, cheaper than going to my doctor so I'd mostly if not fully recommend these guys.   
-Adrian G.
, Worcester, MA (USA) December 18, 2016

Mahalo JCM!  SITCOM here and every bit helps, and you're helping me save more than a few bits.   
-Cindy Z.
, Honolulu, HI (USA) December 18, 2016

Love your place and thank you so much for the samples for my husband.   
-Viv B.
, Dearborn, MI (USA) December 17, 2016

Impressive shop and attentive service.   
-Winston R.
, Boulder City, NV (USA) December 17, 2016

Super happy with this cipro purchase and seller.  Very well packed.  Thank you so much. 
-Pat L.
, Duncanville, TX (USA) December 17, 2016

Arrived, thank God.  I thought it wouldn't get here before Christmas and that would have made everything twice as depressing.  
-Brad Y.
, Peoria, IL (USA) December 17, 2016

It's all good.  
-Melinda A.
, Erie, PA (USA) December 17, 2016

Easy purchase.  Thanks for the isotret and glucophage.  
-Tyler N.
, El Cajon, CA (USA) December 16, 2016

-Joel K.
, Littleton, CO (USA) December 16, 2016

rec'd packages on Monday and Thursday, many thanks for a smooth transaction, AAAAA+++++  
-Leigh M.
, Des Moines, IA (USA) December 16, 2016

Great packing, product, and service.  
-Kimber H.
, West St. Paul, MN (USA) December 16, 2016

-Scott O.
, Marion, IN (USA) December 16, 2016

A1 connect - they deliver to POBs - well pkgd, 2.  
-Jason C.
, Hialeah, FL (USA) December 15, 2016

All good, 5 star Ultram source.  
-Belinda E.
, Florence, KY (USA) December 15, 2016

Arrived sooner than expected, but please note that tracking did not work.  
-Paige S.
, Holbrook, NY (USA) December 15, 2016

Thank you thank you thank you.  Seriously.  
-Fernando J.
, Tallmadge, OH (USA) December 15, 2016

Great little shop to have in one's favorites.  TISC!  
-Gene R.
, Danbury, CT (USA) December 15, 2016

It arrived 3 days after my last email to you.  Sorry for being so nervous.  Recommend!  
-Doyle N.
, Paterson, NJ (USA) December 14, 2016

gr8 tyvm. :))  
-Holly M.
, Slidell, LA (USA) December 14, 2016

Any idea why this last order took so long to get here?  It's been like 12-14 days all year and then suddenly a month?  
-Willie C.
, Alhambra, CA (USA) December 14, 2016

Thx again.  
-Nora F.
, St. George, UT (USA) December 14, 2016

Awesome in all aspects.  
-Loretta K.
, Huntsville, AL (USA) December 14, 2016

Smooth transaction - No problems - Thank you.  
-Heather W.
, Shelbyville, TN (USA) December 13, 2016

Took care of a small issue, with best customer service I have ever had!  Product quality A+  
-Regina M.
, North Tonawanda, NY (USA) December 13, 2016

Received 12/06.  What I really like about the transaction is really how simple it is.  Two emails, payment, and then my order is sent.   It arrived just 14 days later.  Simple.   
-Eddie F.
, Olney, MD (USA) December 13, 2016

Just what I needed, thanks!   
-Lydia L.
, Charleston, WV (USA) December 13, 2016

-Tara O.
, Brookside, DE (USA) December 13, 2016

Attttttt.  Those are pluses.  My plus key isn't doing anything.  LOL.   
-Robyn R.
, Aurora, CO (USA) December 12, 2016

The Cialis samples were a nice surprise.  Thanks again.   
-Charlie T.
, Eugene, OR (USA) December 12, 2016

Received.  Just sent you an email, too.  Will need some advice regarding contradictions as I want to take this with a few other meds.  Any assistance would be appreciated.    
-Caroline E.
, Scranton, PA (USA) December 12, 2016

Tracking for one package didn't work until a week later, but arrived within the stated delivery time.    
-Greg J.
, Albany, NY (USA) December 12, 2016

Good service.  Panther pride.  
-Tom M.
, Plano, TX (USA) December 12, 2016

Kind emails, good product, decent delivery time.  
-Julie Y.
, Fort Smith, AR (USA) December 11, 2016

As described.  
-Andy V.
, Biddeford, ME (USA) December 11, 2016

Thanks guys.  I truly believe it would be impossible to do both of my jobs without help from your shop.  
-Dina J.
, Wahpeton, ND (USA) December 11, 2016

Seemed to ship out quite slowly, around 7 days after I paid?  Not sure what's going on there.  Glad it arrived though.  
-Louis H.
, Centerville, UT (USA) December 11, 2016

Got the Wellbutrin order well ahead of schedule.  Too bad you can't ship Xanax right now.  Would be a lot cooler if you did... :-)   
-Keith L.
, Littleton, CO (USA) December 11, 2016

Would be a lot better if you weren't on the exact opposite side of the world, but all in all a great alternative to the establishment here.    
-Owen G.
, Pawtucket, RI (USA) December 10, 2016

Honest soma dealer very good would buy again.    
-Tsukasa A.
, Menasha, WI (USA) December 10, 2016

+++ Where have you been all my life, gorgeous? +++    
-Alex P.
, Dayton, OH (USA) December 10, 2016

Good product and trustworthy service.  Thanks for the Neurontin samples too.    
-Linda T.
, Dover, DE (USA) December 10, 2016

I think some kind of seal wrap (like Saran wrap) would be good for the packing next time.    
-Joe W.
, Tallahassee, FL (USA) December 10, 2016

The Soma arrived almost two weeks after the tram, even though it was shipped 1 day apart according to the post mark.  Go figure.     
-Candice R.
, Montpelier, VT (USA) December 9, 2016

Got here just in time, but I won't cut it so close next time.  Appreciate the effort.     
-Trevor D.
, Fremont, NE (USA) December 9, 2016

Thought you sent me the wrong item, but it just looks different from what I was taking before.  Right on and high quality.  Thanks again!      
-Lee M.
, Prichard, AL (USA) December 9, 2016

Awesome, very happy.  Thanks!      
-Bradford H.
, Nampa, ID (USA) December 9, 2016

-Laurie L.
, Olney, MD (USA) December 9, 2016

Best source for Careprost around in my book.  Thanks again!         
-Courtney Z.
, New Iberia, LA (USA) December 8, 2016

Wonderful prices but not everything seems to be available.  Got one item I wanted and the other has been out of stock for months.          
-Leonard R.
, Salem, OR (USA) December 8, 2016

-Lexi P.
, Allentown, PA (USA) December 8, 2016

Not exactly express service, but acceptable.          
-Ellis M.
, North Decatur, GA (USA) December 8, 2016

-Fred U.
, Grandville, MI (USA) December 8, 2016

Received my glucophage, thank you.  Would it be possible to make payment by Paypal next time?           
-Patricia R.
, Winchester, KY (USA) December 7, 2016

Repeat customer.  Thanks M.           
-Diego K.
, Longview, WA (USA) December 7, 2016

Excellent everything, just as expected.           
-Trey I.
, Flagstaff, AZ (USA) December 7, 2016

Thanks guys.  Finally getting some much needed sleep.           
-Rachel K.
, Sunrise Manor, NV (USA) December 7, 2016

Appreciate the help, will be back.           
-Aubrey W.
, Boynton Beach, FL (USA) December 7, 2016

So happy and grateful to have found your little shop.   You make a difference.           
-Cecily S.
, Topeka, KS (USA) December 6, 2016

All is well, but I'd appreciate more timely delivery.           
-Brittany P.
, Irvington, NJ (USA) December 6, 2016

Great service.           
-Vaughn T.
, Hanahan, SC (USA) December 6, 2016

good quality trams, would buy from again.           
-Bobby F.
, Henderson, NV (USA) December 6, 2016

Insanely easy to order Rx.  Thank u!           
-Tracy R.
, Atwater, CA (USA) December 6, 2016

Would be a little happier if you could speed these shipments up.  It's a heck of a wait.           
-Allison L.
, Vienna, WV (USA) December 5, 2016

This is a pro shop.  Thanks again.           
-Calvin R.
, Anderson, SC (USA) December 5, 2016

Thanks for holding my hand through my first purchase.  Will recommend!         
-Yulia E.
, Jersey City, NJ (USA) December 5, 2016

Very fast delivery, Godzilla says thank you so much.  ;-)         
-Evan A.
, Greenfield, IN (USA) December 5, 2016

-Michael B.
, Duarte, CA (USA) December 5, 2016

Thank you very much for the Wellbutrin, pleasure doing business with you.         
-Carla O.
, Merrick, NY (USA) December 4, 2016

Wickedly good service and product.         
-Donnie N.
, Burleson, TX (USA) December 4, 2016

-Marc J.
, Sioux City, IA (USA) December 4, 2016

Arrived.  It looks like customs opened this and resealed with green tape.  Product intact and of good quality.         
-Anthony F.
, El Dorado, AR (USA) December 4, 2016

I'm just delighted with JCM.         
-Chase W.
, Middletown, CT (USA) December 4, 2016

Please email me when you can ship Ambien again.  Will make due with Soma for now.  Thanks for everything!          
-Brandi S.
, Coeur d'Alene, ID (USA) December 3, 2016

Received 11/30.  Was going to complain about the Coinbase rule, but by the time it got to me, I came to my senses.  I have a pharmacy source right on my phone that doesn't ask any questions nor makes any judgements.  Really happy to have found you guys.           
-Gregory P.
, Nashua, NH (USA) December 3, 2016

Order okay.  Shipment time lacking.  B+         
-Ryan P.
, Dallas, TX (USA) December 3, 2016

Excellent transaction and product.  Thanks so much!         
-Cassidy I.
, Kent, OH (USA) December 3, 2016

exactly as described.         
-Sergio T.
, Great Bend, KS (USA) December 3, 2016

Hehe, received.  Now I just gotta figure out what to do with 200 pills of Vi*gra.  Will I even get to use them all in this lifetime?          
-Jared P.
, Aurora, CO (USA) December 2, 2016

Easy transaction.  Packing could be better.  Some of the Tramadol pills were crushed, maybe by my mail man who is usually high.          
-Rhonda S.
, Ventura, CA (USA) December 2, 2016

Feeling ALL RIGHT.  Praise the Lord above for JCMRX.          
-Steve F.
, Binghamton, NY (USA) December 2, 2016

Took awhile and the payment process was annoying, but I'll take it anyway I can.          
-David E.
, Spring Valley, NV (USA) December 2, 2016

Looked like a pack of documents, no customs issues at all.   Thanks!          
-Karena M.
, Searcy, AR (USA) December 2, 2016

Satisfied but you need a third shipping option between free and $25 (way too much) for EMS shipping.   Surely there's another option that can be found???           
-Alan T.
, Provo, UT (USA) December 1, 2016

-1 that you don't accept credit cards from new customers.  Not really fair.  +2 on price and quality.           
-Leslie B.
, Kissimmee, FL (USA) December 1, 2016

Nice people to order from.  Will recommend to others.           
-Holly W.
, Charleston, IL (USA) December 1, 2016

-Nicole R.
, Glendale, AZ (USA) December 1, 2016

Good stuff.           
-Jacquelyn L.
, Tupelo, MS (USA) December 1, 2016

Thanks for the assistance, especially with all of my questions.  Order arrived safe and sound.           
-Cary D.
, Madison, WI (USA) November 30, 2016

-Jesse E.
, Orem, UT (USA) November 30, 2016

Awesome pharma shop great experience.         
-Sarah V.
, Glendale, AZ (USA) November 30, 2016

Sweet deal, sweet deal.        
-Aaron J.
, Minnetonka, MN (USA) November 30, 2016

Transaction as expected-thank you!        
-Dexter K.
, Coralville, IA (USA) November 30, 2016

-Sean B.
, North Las Vegas, NV (USA) November 29, 2016

Took some time to finally get my Careprost order delivered to me, but well worth the wait.   Will plan ahead for the next order.        
-Viola T.
, State College, PA (USA) November 29, 2016

Will definitely buy again!  :)        
-Bryan F.
, Garden City, KS (USA) November 29, 2016

as stated and a great discount over retail.        
-Alvin N.
, Escondido, CA (USA) November 29, 2016

-Wilma Z.
, Hoover, AL (USA) November 29, 2016

The tracking number kind of worked but then didn't work until it arrived.  Not sure what the problem is there.  Service and item otherwise acceptable.         
-Terry A.
, Dundalk, MD (USA) November 28, 2016

Didn't get here in time for the Thanksgiving holidays, but still all good.            
-Seth H.
, New Berlin, WI (USA) November 28, 2016

Outstanding emails and service.  Product was as described.  *****            
-Melissa N.
, Elyria, OH (USA) November 28, 2016

One of the better deals on Cipro around.            
-Samuel K.
, Athens, GA (USA) November 28, 2016

Seller took care of me, easy to deal with!            
-Henry D.
, Puyallup, WA (USA) November 28, 2016

Full 10 out of 10.  Recommended.  Bet I can tell you where you got them shoes!  (local joke)  Will order again soon!!!             
-Paul F.
, Marrero, LA (USA) November 27, 2016

All the way from around the world to my little rural road mail box.  And completely intact!  High quality ******'s.             
-Cary H.
, Brandon, SD (USA) November 27, 2016

Where have you been my whole life?  Great service and such a find!             
-Maria O.
, Ellensburg, WA (USA) November 27, 2016

If possible, for my next order, can you ship the Oltram brand pills but in the 100 mg dose?  Prefer this brand, but need a higher dose and I don't want the green ones, which are okay, but I prefer to blend the pills into my coffee which doesn't work with capsules.              
-Stacy V.
, Missoula, MT (USA) November 27, 2016

The order was slow to get here, but I am quite happy with the product.              
-Evelyn C.
, Bethlehem, PA (USA) November 27, 2016

1000x better than expected.  From what the PR campaign against IOPs suggest, you'd think you'd receive a box of rocks.  This product is no different than what I am already getting from my doctor here on campus.               
-David T.
, Jackson, MS (USA) November 26, 2016

Smooth Transaction - No Problems - Quick like a Bunny.               
-Sandra Y.
, Tulsa, OK (USA) November 26, 2016

all good thanks.               
-Wade H.
, Lafayette, CO (USA) November 26, 2016

Excellent item took almost 3 weeks to come though.  That's what she said.               
-Edward F.
, Hastings, NE (USA) November 26, 2016

Received thx!  Wish you sent some testers for other items though.               
-Daisy R.
, Los Lunas, NM (USA) November 26, 2016

A1 Careprost seller great price excellently packed item better than expected thanks.             
-Mira P.
, Sanford, ME (USA) November 25, 2016

Outstanding service, great generic Viagra, works great, AAA+++ seller, can't go wrong.             
-Seth N.
, Chillicothe, OH (USA) November 25, 2016

Not the quickest service around, but reliable.  4 out of 5 stars.             
-Adam R.
, Brookside, DE (USA) November 25, 2016

Love it, great deal on Ventolin, thank you.             
-Tanya W.
, Aldine, TX (USA) November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, JCM!             
-Michelle K.
, Hialeah, FL (USA) November 25, 2016

great lil shop exc comms.             
-Kim H.
, McAlester, OK (USA) November 24, 2016

Good deal.  Packed safely.  Happy to do more business.  AOk@             
-Perry D.
, Longview, WA (USA) November 24, 2016

****Wonderful To Deal With-Item As Stated-Thoughtful+Secure Wrap-Thanks****             
-Christine U.
, Vienna, WV (USA) November 24, 2016

My Ultram order from 11/11 arrived, as well as my Careprost order from 11/13.  Still waiting on my Valium order from 11/08.              
-Janice R.
, Columbia, MO (USA) November 24, 2016

Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction.  Excellent Seller.  A++++++              
-Lucy B.
, Colchester, VT (USA) November 24, 2016

Feeling and functioning so much better.  I am so grateful.              
-Betty W.
, Radcliff, KY (USA) November 23, 2016

Good product.  Good transaction.              
-Elena G.
, Farmington, NM (USA) November 23, 2016

I got one pack for me and 2 more for friends at the gym... all for the same price it would have cost me at CVS.              
-Terrence S.
, Fort Walton Beach, FL (USA) November 23, 2016

as advertised and with warm friendly service too.              
-Robin A.
, La Porte, TX (USA) November 23, 2016

Got what I wanted.  No complaints here.              
-Chad F.
, Ansonia, CT (USA) November 23, 2016

Pleased with my tramadol purchase.  Recommend.              
-Olivia E.
, Portland, OR (USA) November 22, 2016

Thanks a million.  The pharmaceutical companies are pretty much robbing us at gunpoint with these fluffed up prices and laws to force us to get a piece of paper everytime we require a refill.             
-Reggie Z.
, Poughkeepsie, NY (USA) November 22, 2016

Where did the emergency contraception section go?             
-Jerrod C.
, Mobile, AL (USA) November 22, 2016

Received my tretinoin cream in 16 days from the time of ordering.             
-Walter N.
, Katy, TX (USA) November 22, 2016

No problems at all. A+           
-Terri I.
, Atlanta, GA (USA) November 22, 2016

All Star IOP.   Don't know what I'd do without JCMRX.           
-Greg Y.
, Fort Worth, TX (USA) November 21, 2016

-Jeffrey P.
, Muskogee, OK (USA) November 21, 2016

Really appreciate you guys.  Recommended.          
-Cody O.
, Bremerton, WA (USA) November 21, 2016

A great international transaction.  Thank you!        
-Annie M.
, Ottumwa, IA (USA) November 21, 2016

I think the purchase process is unnecessarily convoluted.  Product quality good and price is acceptable though.        
-Carol E.
, Rochester, MN (USA) November 21, 2016

I drive trucks in another part of the world for 4 months each year where there is risk to life and limb for a living and JCM is an answered prayer.  I have much better focus on keeping ON the road and being alert INSTEAD of having to worry about my pain.  My doctor doesn't get that.         
-Peter W.
, Juneau, AK (USA) November 20, 2016

Great product, rapid shipment, excellent pharma dealer, thx.     
-Jeanette M.
, Concord, NC (USA) November 20, 2016

Satisfied repeat customer for antibiotics and of course my glucophage.     
-Albert B.
, Henderson, NV (USA) November 20, 2016

Open and honest, easy to do business with.     
-Mandy S.
, Longview, WA (USA) November 20, 2016

Very pleased with the quality of Tadora generic Cialis.  Will be back when I need another shipment.    
-Bryan T.
, Carmel, IN (USA) November 20, 2016

-Anita R.
, Maryville, TN (USA) November 19, 2016

thanks for all the help, something I'm not getting from my doctor. 
-Mindy H.
, Portales, NM (USA) November 19, 2016

Awesome got my item in record time this round.  A++++++
-Traci C.
, Kerrville, TX (USA) November 19, 2016

Excellent Packing - Arrived in Perfect Condition A #1 Dealer!
-Crystal F.
, Everett, MA (USA) November 19, 2016

Everything I hoped it would be.  Thank you.
-Otto J.
, Savannah, GA (USA) November 19, 2016

Terrific, will keep me occupied for quite a while, thank you.  :-))
-Darryl Z.
, Milwaukie, OR (USA) November 18, 2016

-Greg G.
, Avondale, AZ (USA) November 18, 2016

Easy Soma transaction.
-Sam N.
, Reading, PA (USA) November 18, 2016

Thank you so much for the fast delivery, it is for my husband for Christmas.
-April H.
, Nampa, ID (USA) November 18, 2016

Perfect transaction... Phenomenal seller! 
-Martin L.
, Clinton, MS (USA) November 18, 2016

Would buy from again.  Thank you very much. 
-James S.
, Edison, NJ (USA) November 17, 2016

Tracking didn't work until a week later, but received my order in good shape and in the stated time frame.
-Brett W.
, Houma, LA (USA) November 17, 2016

Very friendly and helpful.   Not your ordinary web pharmacy.  A+++
-Keri F.
, Salt Lake City, UT (USA) November 17, 2016

Very good seller great thanks gracias compadre.
-Owen B.
, Prichard, AL (USA) November 17, 2016

Great, exactly what I needed.
-Ryan I.
, Cupertino, CA (USA) November 17, 2016

Got the Retin A cream.  Will check back for other items.
-Marco R.
, Danvers, MA (USA) November 16, 2016

Big game changer.  Probably the best thing that has happened to me in years.  AAAA.
-Sonja O.
, Portland, ME (USA) November 16, 2016

I don't want to complain too much as I'm thankful for the service you provide, but you gotta find a way to speed up the shipping time.
-Gilbert H.
, West Fargo, ND (USA) November 16, 2016

Smooth transaction as usual.
-Eric F.
, Tahlequah, OK (USA) November 16, 2016

Item as described, arrived ahead of schedule, many thanks.
-Ricky D.
, Santa Fe, NM (USA) November 16, 2016

works well.  Appreciate the help.
-Zach V.
, Mitchell, SD (USA) November 15, 2016

Rec'd ********* on 11/4 in good order.  Thanks for the prompt service.  D. and J.
-Jason R.
, Clifton, NJ (USA) November 15, 2016

As advertised.  Maybe a poor choice of words as it doesn't look like you guys advertise.  LOL.  But good stuff and would recommend.
-Eileen C.
, Burlingame, CA (USA) November 15, 2016

You are good.  Keep up the good work and I am your customer for life. 
-Toni L.
, Hickory, NC (USA) November 15, 2016

Good service.  Proof is in the puddin'. 
-Elsa B.
, Gillette, WY (USA) November 15, 2016

Received the order okay, but  please be aware that it can take up to 3 weeks.  Order well ahead of time.
-Andre K.
, Plattsburgh, NY (USA) November 14, 2016

Currently the best source for generic Ultram around.  A++++
-Megan N.
, Kalispell, MT (USA) November 14, 2016

Quick and easy deal.
-Gillian S.
, Hays, KS (USA) November 14, 2016

Will make an excellent Christmas gift!! ;-) 
-Boyd P.
, Wheat Ridge, CO (USA) November 14, 2016

Happy with my purchase.  Lucky to have found your shop.
-Lillian H.
, Sacramento, CA (USA) November 14, 2016

-Wendy E.
, Albany, NY (USA) November 13, 2016

Replies to questions varied.  Sometimes you'd answer right away, but then a few times I had to wait a whole day and was nervous the whole time.  The payment system was confusing, and really wish you'd just let me use Paypal next time.  How come some customers can use it but I cannot?   Feels unfair.
-Trevor B.
, Independence, KY (USA) November 13, 2016

Everything as described.  Pretty good price and easy process.     
-Ellen G.
, Davenport, IA (USA) November 13, 2016

rec'd order thank you.     
-Melody C.
, Longview, WA (USA) November 13, 2016

Sweet deal, hasn't been this sweet in a long time.     
-Jenna H.
, Sun Prairie, WI (USA) November 13, 2016

Top notch service and very happy with prod. quality.     
-Galen S.
, Lansdale, PA (USA) November 12, 2016

Will use again, however I'm confused why you say you accept Paypal but I have to use Coinbase?     
-Rodney N.
, Chesapeake, VA (USA) November 12, 2016

Is there any way to have this shipped in a box next time, instead of a photo mailer?   It's a long journey to make in a flimsy little envelope.      
-Brandi I.
, Wethersfield, CT (USA) November 12, 2016

Just what I needed, thanks again.      
-Neal P.
, Leesburg, FL (USA) November 12, 2016

Slow to ship, but made it here safe and sound.      
-Marcos J.
, Fresno, CA (USA) November 12, 2016

Great Soma and Ventolin seller, looking foward to buy more items from you.  Thanks.    
-Kip H.
, Coral Gables, FL (USA) November 11, 2016

WOW Great to deal with!!!!!!!!   
-Irene B.
, Thomasville, GA (USA) November 11, 2016

No pain.  This week I jumped a F450, 3 Jeep WK's, and 5 motorcycles.  A+++++   
-Ted F.
, East Ridge, TN (USA) November 11, 2016

Good product... the seller delivered on time.   
-Arlene P.
, Myrtle Beach, SC (USA) November 11, 2016

Cutting it pretty close.  Arrived 1 day before I had to leave on vacation.  Good stuff for my trip though.  
-Gerald C.
, Bedford Hills, NY (USA) November 11, 2016

Delivery delayed due to USPS, but understand that had nothing to do with JCM.  Great price and warm customer service.   
-Erica B.
, Martinsburg, WV (USA) November 10, 2016

Excellent product and service, but a quicker way to ship/more shipping options with working tracking would be an improvement.    
-Courtney P.
, Mesa, AZ (USA) November 10, 2016

Appreciate the help.  Will recommend to family.  
-Graham W.
, Charlottesville, VA (USA) November 10, 2016

I think it's clear now that it's time to stock up on meds and basic supplies.  The writing is on the wall.  
-Les A.
, Highland Park, MI (USA) November 10, 2016

No problems, great transaction!  Thank you!  
-Maryanne D.
, Newport, VT (USA) November 10, 2016

Mint.  Friendly service and acceptable delivery time frame.  Product quality is AAA.  
-Jorge L.
, College, AK (USA) November 9, 2016

Thanks for the help.  No pain, no pain.  
-Kyle S.
, Urbandale, IA (USA) November 9, 2016

Hard to find generic Accutane / Isotretinoin nowadays but it's the only thing that works for me.  Buy here with confidence.  
-Ben B.
, North Haven, CT (USA) November 9, 2016

-Chandi A.
, Scottsbluff, NE (USA) November 9, 2016

great dealing with!  Awesome everything 100%. 
-Donald Q.
, Renton, WA (USA) November 9, 2016

Just what I needed.  Thanks again and I will certainly tell my friends and family about you guys. 
-Loreen R.
, Glen Ellyn, IL (USA) November 8, 2016

1/3 price of local Rx, enough said. 
-Elliot D.
, Reading, MA (USA) November 8, 2016

Works well.  Happy with purchase.  Pretty good order turnaround time considering the distance. 
-Tammy O.
, Newport, RI (USA) November 8, 2016

Great transaction, easier done than I was thinking.  All good.  Will repeat. 
-Kelli P.
, Greensboro, NC (USA) November 8, 2016

Not the best service, but good enough. 
-Jeremy B.
, Sandy, UT (USA) November 8, 2016

Different brand as pictuerd, but just effective and can't beat this price (or convenience). 
-Robby E.
, Campbell, CA (USA) November 7, 2016

Received, thanks.  Would it be 'safer' to use a non-US bitcoin wallet so the gov't can't track me?  I don't know if I'm just being paranoid or not.  
-Brad V.
, Sedalia, MO (USA) November 7, 2016

Reliable seller great buy.  
-Timothy R.
, Mishawaka, IN (USA) November 7, 2016

THANKS, good deal and only small hiccups in the transaction.  5 stars 4 U.  
-Alexis G.
, Big Spring, TX (USA) November 7, 2016

-Olive W.
, Cleveland, OH (USA) November 7, 2016

Your generic Ultram works just fine.  No worries as you say.  A++++  
-Jerry C.
, Macon, GA (USA) November 6, 2016

Thank you so much it was a pleasure dealing with you.  You're saving me from both going out of my mind trying to make ends meet and of course helping me health wise.   
-Vivian M.
, Sanford, ME (USA) November 6, 2016

Thought the package would be much bigger, LOL.  Nice and compact, no wonder shipping is included.  Thanks again.   
-Rick R.
, Belvidere, IL (USA) November 6, 2016

Arrived in timely manner, product as described, can't ask for more than that.  What's with the people complaining about the shipping speed?  They are on the other side of the world.  Hello?    
-Alice M.
, Woonsocket, RI (USA) November 6, 2016

Wow!  You are the best. 
-Daphne R.
, Kalispell, MT (USA) November 6, 2016

Order placed 10/16, arrived 11/1.  Not bad.  Hey are you guys going for a retro feel or do you not have a web designer born after 1990?  
-Saul W.
, Prichard, AL (USA) November 5, 2016

Confusing order system but good overall service and quality product.
-Daniel L.
, Baltimore, MD (USA) November 5, 2016

Great discounted price compared to, well just about any real world pharmacy..., very well-packed, good arrival time.
-Pearl S.
, Huron, SD (USA) November 5, 2016

Very nice to deal with. 
-Thomas D.
, Roswell, GA (USA) November 5, 2016

Received, but shouldn't there be instructions on dosage or usage?  Or am I supposed to Google that stuff?
-Rosemarie V.
, Bend, OR (USA) November 5, 2016

Got it, but minimum order quantities are annoying.  What am I going to do with 10 packs of Cipro?  Hope that I get an infection 7 times in two years now?
-Caleb B.
, Flint, MI (USA) November 4, 2016

I was very pleased with all aspects of the transaction.  Buy from this vendor with confidence.             
-Steven T.
, New Rochelle, NY (USA) November 4, 2016

Fast, professional service.  EMS shipping costs an arm and a leg though.             
-Amanda N.
, Lorain, OH (USA) November 4, 2016

Whoa.  Great stuff.  Definitely a shop to save to my homescreen.             
-Robert J.
, Coral Terrace, FL (USA) November 4, 2016

Come on now.  Surely a repeat customer like myself deserves a few bonus pills???   Kidding Bec, thanks as always!            
-Charlene Q.
, Aurora, CO (USA) November 4, 2016

Oh yeah, all right... Take it easy baby... Make it last all night :-P            
-Bryant H.
, Daly City, CA (USA) November 3, 2016

Smooth trans.           
-Kevin L.
, Stillwater, OK (USA) November 3, 2016

Hehe, 25 days my ***, got here in 12 flat.  Highly Recommend!!!          
-Tom O.
, Helena, MT (USA) November 3, 2016

Okay, first order arrived.  However I need some help with what you mean by making payment through Blockchain is safer and not through Circle?  Why can't I just send straight from Circle?          
-Audrey F.
, Twin Falls, ID (USA) November 3, 2016

Finally arrived, thanks.  Thanks for helping me manage my pain.          
-Teresa J.
, Brookside, DE (USA) November 3, 2016

-Gerald Y.
, Cincinnati, OH (USA) November 2, 2016

You're a God send.  Really appreciate having your shop as an option.          
-Patrice K.
, Ellensburg, WA (USA) November 2, 2016

Am I going to be the only one to interrupt this love fest?  Okay, I got my order, thank you.  But I have to say that the bitcoin only rule for new customers is unfair.  I just found you, I didn't even have the option to 'be on board' for years or I would have been.  Is there no way to upgrade my status like with the airlines???          
-Jamie R.
, Lakewood, CO (USA) November 2, 2016

Arrived safe and sound.  Both packages, 6 days apart, the tramadol and then the xanax arrived 2nd.  Thank you very much.          
-Seth C.
, Metairie, LA (USA) November 2, 2016

Oh, yes we can!  Thanks again.          
-Guy M.
, North Las Vegas, NV (USA) November 2, 2016

TOPS.  JCM IS A REAL GEM.  AAAAAAA+++++          
-Peter S.
, Hamtramck, MI (USA) November 1, 2016

Recommend, but a word to the wise, you should plan well ahead before you run out because shipping can take up to 3 weeks.  Good stuff though.  
-Cindy R., Hobbs, NM (USA) November 1, 2016

As described, love it, thank you!!                
-Michelle W., East Hartford, CT (USA) November 1, 2016

thanks again, Becca!                
-Logan D., Newton, KS (USA) November 1, 2016

Great deal, great service.                
-Maya J., St. Albans, VT (USA) November 1, 2016

delivered 1.5 weeks later than expected, no usable tracking info.  room for improvement.                
-Amy P., Natchez, MS (USA) October 31, 2016

Exactly what I ordered, thank you again!  Please note that the tracking number did not work.  Did you give me the wrong number maybe?              
-Scott D., Hammond, IN (USA) October 31, 2016

BEST DEAL EVER!  JCM and ADC are the only two shops I will ever use.             
-Jared W., Smyrna, DE (USA) October 31, 2016

Excellent buy and seller.  Delivered very timely from across the sea.             
-Lindy R., Fairhope, AL (USA) October 31, 2016

Awesome.  Bravo. Well done.             
-Chester M., West Valley City, UT (USA) October 31, 2016

Excellent source for Tramadol.  Recommend.            
-Natalie G., South Euclid, OH (USA) October 30, 2016

Received Oct 27th.  This whole thing works!!  AAAAA+ Seller!!!            
-Terry Z., Myrtle Beach, SC (USA) October 30, 2016

Excellent transaction great communication.            
-Aaron R., Hermosa Beach, CA (USA) October 30, 2016

Great Deal 5 Star Shop.           
-Shaun P., Ann Arbor, MI (USA) October 30, 2016

Happy with items.           
-Cameron C., Davenport, IA (USA) October 30, 2016

Can't say enough good things.  You guys own this.  This is how you do it.           
-Melvin P., New Iberia, LA (USA) October 29, 2016

Eff my doctor.  It's like he needed me to injure myself to write me a prescription.  This way is so much better.  Praise God for pointing me here.           
-Chris N., Thornton, CO (USA) October 29, 2016

No problems.  Received in good condition.           
-Erick G., Juneau, AK (USA) October 29, 2016

-Amelie L., Blaine, MN (USA) October 29, 2016

Faster than expected.  Good stuff.  Happy Diwali by the way!           
-Janice V., Decatur, GA (USA) October 29, 2016

Finally figured it out and re-sent my order.  Took 14 days to get here from India after I paid.  Happy to have found a real connection.           
-Lori Y., Fayetteville, NC (USA) October 28, 2016

Thank you; all went as expected.           
-Jimmy B., Arbutus, MD (USA) October 28, 2016

Easy deal, product is perfect, but shipping time leaves something to be desired.          
-Kendra M., Schenectady, NY (USA) October 28, 2016

As stated.          
-Glen F., Hartford, CT (USA) October 28, 2016

So in love with JCMRX.          
-Hubert S., Los Lunas, NM (USA) October 28, 2016

great store to deal with.          
-Lynette P., Belmont, MA (USA) October 27, 2016

Thanks for walking me through the process and being gentle, it being my first time and all.          
-Donald O., Elgin, IL (USA) October 27, 2016

Perfect as always :)        
-Nikki F., Covington, KY (USA) October 27, 2016

Didn't get here in time for my vacation but it was here waiting for me when I got back.  Will order well ahead of time next time.        
-Joseph M., Prichard, AL (USA) October 27, 2016

Very pleased with both Ultram quality and delivery time.        
-Bethany C., Arlington, TX (USA) October 27, 2016

3rd time lucky.  I had tried two other shops but you guys seriously beat them by a mile in just about all categories.        
-Pauline S., San Lorenzo, CA (USA) October 26, 2016

Thanks for helping my daughter breathe again.  She wouldn't be able to sleep without her inhaler.     
-Darla J., Fair Lawn, NJ (USA) October 26, 2016

good source, and being able to pay via Paypal is a huge plus.   
-Jerry Q., O'Fallon, MO (USA) October 26, 2016

Shame you don't sell Oxycontin.   
-Winfield G., Pine Bluff, AR (USA) October 26, 2016

Repeat customer here.  Fully recommend JCMRX.   
-Lana R., Hilo, HI (USA) October 26, 2016

I'm so thankful and humbled by how great you guys are.  God Bless!  Isaiah 40:31.   
-Tom V., Ashwaubenon, WI (USA) October 25, 2016

Okay.  No pun intended.   
-Neal T., Edmond, OK (USA) October 25, 2016

Amazing deal, but shipping speed needs to be improved.   
-Bryan B., Ellensburg, WA (USA) October 25, 2016

Good product, good service, good price!  Thanks!!  
-Kristi C., Pascagoula, MS (USA) October 25, 2016

Arrived safely; very well packaged; would buy from again.  
-Jon W., Fishers, IN (USA) October 25, 2016

Pretty good off brand Tretinoin cream.  Certainly priced right!  
-Marcia L., Hanahan, SC (USA) October 24, 2016

Perfect transaction and product, but isn't shipping a bit steep for a pretty light bubble mailer package?  
-Brian R., Nokomis, FL (USA) October 24, 2016

fast and no problems.  
-Casey O., Moscow, ID (USA) October 24, 2016

Wonderful Seller, Terrific generic Soma, Very Nice Service and Emails, Thank you! 
-Marion N., Tulsa, OK (USA) October 24, 2016

Way better than expected.  US pharmaceutical interests do a good job of convincing you that you'll be ordering bags of rocks if you aren't buying from them.  The only 'downside' if any is that I haven't heard of the brand.   Works well though.
-Eddie D., Sandy Springs, GA (USA) October 24, 2016

Thanks for an excellent product will do again in exactly 14 days.
-Dwight M., North Platte, NE (USA) October 23, 2016

Took awhile to figure out how to order, but after that everything was like a well run machine.
-Janice K., Prichard, AL (USA) October 23, 2016

Not exactly express service with express mail, but it is trackable and if I plan ahead next time, it shouldn't be an issue time wise.
-Patricia M., Allentown, PA (USA) October 23, 2016

Got them and they will be put to good use ; was a very very fast deliver wow thanks!
-Travis L., Hopkinsville, KY (USA) October 23, 2016

-Nellie S., Fountain, CO (USA) October 23, 2016

Easily my favorite shop now for years.  The same reliable service year after year.
-Alicia S., Tempe, AZ (USA) October 22, 2016

Quality item.  thx.  would be quicker to recommend if you guys could speed up the shipping process.  it's really really slow.
-Helen J., Mechanicsville, VA (USA) October 22, 2016

-Angelo A., Longmont, CO (USA) October 22, 2016

Fast delivery from India to Bend, thanks a lot.
-Edward F., Bend, OR (USA) October 22, 2016

Great sale.
-Andres V., Orem, UT (USA) October 22, 2016

Not bad, not bad.  But you really need to get more variety and expand your PK offerings.  It'll be good for your business.
-Nick J., Atlanta, GA (USA) October 21, 2016

Received as described on 10-19-16.  A smooth transaction.  All OK.
-Perry S., Montpelier, VT (USA) October 21, 2016

Helpful & very honorable seller.  They went the extra mile for me!
-Galen K., Carmichael, CA (USA) October 21, 2016

Nicely done.
-Tracy Q., Canton, OH (USA) October 21, 2016

Received, thank you!  Such a relief.  :-)))
-Dawn B., Newington, CT (USA) October 21, 2016

nice ****** - perfect fit for my needs.  thank you 
-Shawn P., Germantown, TN (USA) October 20, 2016

Haven't opened my current order yet, but it tracks as arrived and I'm sure it'll be fine as usual.
-Charlie F., Maple Grove, MN (USA) October 20, 2016

Great value, excellent service, super quality. 
-Amanda S., Heber, UT (USA) October 20, 2016

Got what I needed.  AAAA.
-Wayne J., Keizer, OR (USA) October 20, 2016

Word to the wise: send it to blockchain first before paying JCM.
-Amy Y., Reading, PA (USA) October 20, 2016

We'll do business again.  Thank you.
-Dale H., Great Falls, MT (USA) October 19, 2016

Not so happy with the shipping time.  I need the orders to come much much faster than this.  Any help or ideas?
-Toni W., Peoria, IL (USA) October 19, 2016

This is a very professional little shop.  I like the feel and personal service here. 
-Gayle N., Sheboygan, WI (USA) October 19, 2016

Shipped relatively quickly considering the distance involved, no surprises, super experience!  Thank you!!
-Isaac R., Mountlake Terrace, WA (USA) October 19, 2016

-Christian V., Des Moines, IA (USA) October 19, 2016

Received.  Would have preferred the 5 mg dose so I don't have to use a pill cutter as 20 mg is a bit too strong for me.
-Earl P., Spokane, WA (USA) October 18, 2016

Thanks for the assistance.  My doctor had an insane mandate that I could only have 10 pills per week to control the pain.  Doable if I stayed in bed all week and didn't work.  But then where would I get the money to pay my medical bills not to mention everything else?
-Whitney A., North Charleston, SC (USA) October 18, 2016

Some of the pills came loose during shipment, and I threw those out to be safe, but otherwise a great transaction and wonderful service.
-Doreen H., Pendleton, OR (USA) October 18, 2016

Now, please excuse the political commentary, but if it weren't for liberal politicians and their mismanagement, we wouldn't have to purchase our medications from overseas this way.  Don't get me wrong, full marks to JCM Pharma, they are doing a great job.   But they have a job because our system here is broke.
-Rodney R., Amarillo, TX (USA) October 18, 2016

Arrived sooner than expected.
-Laura C., Warren, MI (USA) October 18, 2016

Really great generic Ultram & quick delivery.  Very happy with purchase & service.
-Caroline Z., Wilmington, DE (USA) October 17, 2016

-Matthew E., Lynn, MA (USA) October 17, 2016

sorry for all of the questions at first.  i was really apprehensive about buying this kind of thing online.  you've more than lived up to your end of the deal.  recommend.  ttyl!
-Chris F., Durham, NC (USA) October 17, 2016

-Yana M., Barstow, CA (USA) October 17, 2016

Good service, item works great.  Thanks!
-Frank P., Edison, NJ (USA) October 17, 2016

Excellent service, JCM's Becca pays attention to every detail, prompt shipping, quality product, and great prices.
-Heather K., Aurora, CO (USA) October 16, 2016

Love you guys.  It's nice to have some money left in my checking account at the end of the month.  Couldn't do it without you.
-Marcos T., Homewood, IL (USA) October 16, 2016

Okay.  A bit long on the shipping, but okay.
-Alicia D., Cleveland, TN (USA) October 16, 2016

-Leo P., Cahokia, IL (USA) October 16, 2016

Great deal - Item arrived safely and in EX condition (well, one of the Ventolin cannisters has a dent but that doesn't appear to affect the function at all) - Thank you!
-Rhonda C., Bellevue, NE (USA) October 16, 2016

Received Thursday morning.  Fast accurate service.  Thanks for the Xanax samples too.
-Stephanie G., Rome, NY (USA) October 15, 2016

Okay, the item orderered was decent, but the samples you sent of generic Cialis... now that's the stuff.  Will definitely order that next time. 
-Richard P., Candler-McAfee, GA (USA) October 15, 2016

As expected and in great shape - THANKS!!  A+++ for JCM.
-Andy S., Parma, OH (USA) October 15, 2016

-Raymond L., Hagerstown, MD (USA) October 15, 2016

can't say enough about this very smooth transaction.  TY, Brie.
-Brandy W., Coeur d'Alene, ID (USA) October 15, 2016

Three praises and one complaint if you don't mind.  Great price, professional customer service/communications, and excellent product.  Complaint: the shipping options are free and EMS.  Free tracking doesn't work.  EMS tracking works but is too expensive.  Are there any other options?   I don't care about the speed but I need to be able to track this to my house without paying that $25 fee. 
-David F., Madison, WI (USA) October 14, 2016

Received 10/11.  Thanks again. 
-Courtney W., Providence, RI (USA) October 14, 2016

A BIG MAHALO from the Isles of Smiles.  Mumbai to New York to HI in just 15 days.  Not bad at all.  
-Ken Y., Wailuku, HI (USA) October 14, 2016

Just the med I was looking for and exactly the kind of shop that will finally allow me to make ends meet.  You know what I mean.
-Marsha L., Bozeman, MT (USA) October 14, 2016

Terrific to deal with.  A+++++++++++++
-Gordon D., Prattville, AL (USA) October 14, 2016

Hassle free deal and delivered right to my POB from halfway around the world.  Doesn't get any better than that in terms of convenience.
-Nathan V., Jacksonville, AR (USA) October 13, 2016

Good stuff.  Nice people.  Honestly impressed.
-Cecilia C., Lansing, MI (USA) October 13, 2016

Works well, was hoping for soft capsules though as they are easier to swallow, not to mention have less taste.
-Sheri J., Homestead, FL (USA) October 13, 2016

Good sale.  Well packaged.
-Cara Q., Twin Falls, ID (USA) October 13, 2016

Didn't really like the Bitcoin only rule, but okay, now that my order is here, I suppose I'm okay with it.  It was a little annoying to have to throw some money onto the Internet and hope I got something out of it.  Would recommend, but not for the faint hearted.
-Pete S., Farmington, NM (USA) October 13, 2016

As advertised.  Fast ship, great price.  Will buy again.  Awesome pharma shop.
-Anita N., Dover, DE (USA) October 12, 2016

Great stuff.  Really helps with my work. 
-Kyle U., Ada, OK (USA) October 12, 2016

Well, different brand shipped than what is pictured.  I think you should mention this before shipping, but good quality and otherwise a great transaction.
-Dana G., Sioux City, IA (USA) October 12, 2016

Good order, thank you.
-Ruth P., Mesa, AZ (USA) October 12, 2016

Perfect service in every way, 5 stars in my book, Thanks so much.........
-Jimmy T., Hagerstown, MD (USA) October 12, 2016

Would be happy to do business again now that I know how easy it is.  Thanks again and Namaste!
-Candace E., Ashtabula, OH (USA) October 11, 2016

Order was almost a disaster.  My mail man tried to cram it through my mail slot, which would have no doubt crushed the tablets.  Luckily I was home and heard him and was able to stop him in time.
-Sean K., Layton, UT (USA) October 11, 2016

Reliable as usual.  THX!
-Trey J., Summerville, SC (USA) October 11, 2016

packaged well and shipped promptly.  thanks!  How many orders do I have to make before I can use Paypal?
-Kristen W., Haltom City, TX (USA) October 11, 2016

I am delighted with the inhalers.  Same product, even made by GSK, all the same only I pretty much get four for the price of one.
-Muriel V., Independence, MO (USA) October 11, 2016

Good product.  Handy little shop to have on my speed dial.  Thank you for all your help.
-Stacey S., Wilkes-Barre, PA (USA) October 10, 2016

Packed well (not to give too much away but at my office, it really looked like a pack of documents).  Fair price.  Exceptional communication.
-Paula G., St. Cloud, MN (USA) October 10, 2016

First rate shop.  If I had one complaint it would be that the payment process is a bit drawn out.  A shopping cart system would be a lot easier.  That said, still totally satisfied as I got my order, the product quality is good, and that's what counts.
-Alvin T., Huntsville, AL (USA) October 10, 2016

Let's do this again soon.  Wonderful experience.
-Teresa B., Clovis, CA (USA) October 10, 2016

very happy, good service.
-Justin O., Clarksville, IN (USA) October 10, 2016

-Sean D., New Iberia, LA (USA) October 9, 2016

Pretty good generic Ambien.  Can finally get some shut eye in the city that never sleeps.  Thanks again.
-Perry F., Las Vegas, NV (USA) October 9, 2016

I would have appreciated the original box and inserts, only the pills in packs were shipped, but I understand about saving on shipping and overall it's a great deal. 
-Willard M., Irvington, NJ (USA) October 9, 2016

great product in excellent condition, no hassles with transaction.
-Greg L., Channelview, TX (USA) October 9, 2016

Described as tablets, but FYI these are capsules.  Not a biggie, but some people might prefer tablets and you should let them know before shipping.
-Ramona C., St. George, UT (USA) October 9, 2016

Thanks for the help with what we talked about.  Arrived safely and well packaged.                         
-Brandi Q., Hauppauge, NY (USA) October 8, 2016

Delighted that I can order Xanax with a few point and clicks.  Happy to recommend.  Perfect thanks.                        
-Tara I., Bellflower, CA (USA) October 8, 2016

Found the purchasing process a bit too confusing at first.  Went with another shop, then came back to try JCM again and this time went through the Circle purchase process.   The products are the same across most IOPs, but I think these guys are just miles ahead in terms of service.  None of that one liner 'item was shipped' type answer.   You know what I mean.  They actually take the time to explain whatever you want to know.                         
-Glenn R., Parkersburg, WV (USA) October 8, 2016

Easy transaction.  Quick delivery.  Recommended.                        
-Margie P., Clarksville, TN (USA) October 8, 2016

All good.  thank you.                        
-Tommy W., Greenwood, IN (USA) October 8, 2016

Slow responses to before sale questions, but delivery and product quality was good.  Thank you!                         
-Heath M., Fayetteville, AR (USA) October 7, 2016

The Neurontin is working okay but I really wish you sold stronger PKs.                         
-Marla J., Wahpeton, ND (USA) October 7, 2016

Buenísimo dude.  I am going to order faster next time, the wait was a bummer but dude, really really satisfied with the qualiteee.                          
-Alex C., Corvallis, OR (USA) October 7, 2016

Fast and easy and the no prescription required thing is so wonderful.  I mean, after all, who needs to pay one's doctor a fee to get the same thing every few months???                           
-Darrell S., Fridley, MN (USA) October 7, 2016

Tracking didn't work but the package was left in my mailbox.                           
-Preston H., Sandy Springs, GA (USA) October 7, 2016

No problems.                          
-Galen T., Carmel, IN (USA) October 6, 2016

Would prefer to have the branded Ultram, but I can make due with this.                          
-Beatrice Z., Cumberland Hill, RI (USA) October 6, 2016

Really amazing little shop, I'm very happy.  And great, safe, shipping.  Thanks.                      
-Verna E., West Jordan, UT (USA) October 6, 2016

Fast and flawless transaction all the way to AK!                      
-Lori D., Anchorage, AK (USA) October 6, 2016

Thanks a bunch!  Probably couldn't get back to work without ya'll.                      
-Sheila L., Miles City, MT (USA) October 6, 2016

-Beth F., Cicero, IL (USA) October 5, 2016

Perfect.  Arrived as scheduled and is exactly what I needed (wanted).  :-)                    
-Jessie I., Bennington, VT (USA) October 5, 2016

Both orders arrived safely.  The 2nd one took its sweet time though, nearly a month to get here.  Weird because the first package was here in 14 days and it looks like you mailed them only 2 days apart.  All good in the hood.                     
-Tami P., Mobile, AL (USA) October 5, 2016

AAA+ very good deal, always a pleasure.  Thanks.  Too bad you don't carry phentermine.                     
-Carla K., Mitchell, SD (USA) October 5, 2016

Certainly the most unique order process to say the least.  Good service and product.  Recommend.                    
-Weslie L., Lincoln, NE (USA) October 5, 2016

Package was slightly damaged and some of the pills were jarred loose.  I of course had to toss those but overall really a great great great deal.                   
-Greg A., Newark, NJ (USA) October 4, 2016

Wow.  Would happily purchase again.                 
-Kevin O., Claremont, NH (USA) October 4, 2016

So nice to be able to finally get some sleep.                 
-Joel F., Myrtle Beach, SC (USA) October 4, 2016

Thanks again!  Really appreciate your service.               
-Paul W., Hilo, HI (USA) October 4, 2016

Rough start but it all smoothed out in the end.  AAA.               
-Marty B., Loveland, CO (USA) October 4, 2016

woohoo!  Got it Friday afternoon, thank you.  Will be wanting to try a few more things now, have to wait until pay day though.                
-Anthony V., Harvey, LA (USA) October 3, 2016

Easy purchase.  Thanks for not hassling me and of course I thank for your KINDNESS.  Best supplier ever.                
-Evelin C., Henderson, NV (USA) October 3, 2016

100%  Good Purchase.  Priced Really Well.                
-Ross T., Berkeley, CA (USA) October 3, 2016

Ok service, ok condition, ok seller.  Recommend this seller AAA+.                
-Jamie G., Fayetteville, AR (USA) October 3, 2016

All the way around the world to my CR box.  Thx!                
-Eunice S., Winooski, VT (USA) October 3, 2016

FAST and AMAZING.  The generic Latisse is just as effective so far.  Thanks!               
-Holly J., Newport News, VA (USA) October 2, 2016

It's been awhile but great service and product as always.  Glad to see you guys are still around.               
-Claire M., Kenosha, WI (USA) October 2, 2016

Seamless Carisoprodol transaction.  Strong help.               
-Luke W., Akron, OH (USA) October 2, 2016

quick delivery, extremely pleased w/ purchase & transaction, superb seller, A+++               
-Kimmie H., Indianapolis, IN (USA) October 2, 2016

Package was opened and resealed by customs.  So I think we can conclude they don't care about this stuff.  Would definitely buy from again.                
-Brian Y., O'Fallon, MO (USA) October 2, 2016

Rec'd as described.  Thank you.                
-Alex S., Eastchester, NY (USA) October 1, 2016

Absolutely hate the bitcoin only rule, feels like I'm not a member of the club, but okay, I get it.  Will recommend, but only to friends with a grasp of bitcoins.  I think you're missing out on a lot of customers, but I'm not going to tell you how to run your business.                
-Randall T., Sumter, SC (USA) October 1, 2016

My go to source for Tramadol and Codeine.  A+++, reliable.                
-Anthony P., Flagstaff, AZ (USA) October 1, 2016

Good price and warm customer service from JCM.                
-Chad H., Dearborn, MI (USA) October 1, 2016

The payment options here are limited and shipping takes awhile.                
-Tina E., Peoria, IL (USA) October 1, 2016

Was totally nervous at first, and the 2 week wait didn't help, but got it, tested it, and it's ALL GOOD.                 
-Kristen B., Anaheim, CA (USA) September 30, 2016

Just what the doctor ordered, but not what the doctor gets to charge me a 150% markup for.  Haha!                 
-Lynne W., Somerset, MA (USA) September 30, 2016

Currently the most reliable pill shop around.  hundo p!                 
-Ron O., Arlington, TX (USA) September 30, 2016

Would have preferred the Zolfresh brand (that is pictured), but good enough, thanks.                 
-Aaron P., Sherrelwood, CO (USA) September 30, 2016

Saaaweeet deal.  Get your prep supplies here for the rocky road ahead.             
-Melissa H., Opelika, AL (USA) September 30, 2016

Ship time ok.  Nervous customs processing wait however, as I knew in advance.              
-Craig D., Massapequa, NY (USA) September 29, 2016

Holy Moly the TopDol is so much better than the Zendol.  Please only send me these from now on.  The Zendol had a strong taste too.  Not that I should have been chewing them up, but sometimes it happened.               
-Rita F., Auburn, ME (USA) September 29, 2016

Not the greatest customer service.  Slow reponses to inquiries.  Good quality product though and discreet payment system.              
-Tyler M., Baldwin Park, CA (USA) September 29, 2016

Even better than expected.              
-Ruben L., Bellevue, WA (USA) September 29, 2016

Seller went above and beyond to make this a very pleasant transaction.              
-Christine P., Shively, KY (USA) September 29, 2016

Great seller excellently handled and Ferrari quick shipping.  As in, if I took the trouble to drive from India to Florida, that's how long it would take.  But all good, baby.               
-Yulia O., Fort Lauderdale, FL (USA) September 28, 2016

JCM is a God send.  It's crazy how hard it is to buy Montelukast/Singulair.  It cannot be abused.  It's for asthma for cripes sake.  Yet they control it like they think you're Walter White or something.               
-Daniel Z., Lancaster, PA (USA) September 28, 2016

Thanks just what I needed.  Will put in another order when I run low.               
-Lizzy H., Ottumwa, IA (USA) September 28, 2016

Received in good time.  Very happy w/ how accommodating seller was when I mentioned a concern.  Thanks!!               
-Javier B., Norwalk, CT (USA) September 28, 2016

Thanks for the connect.  I'm am now the GO TO guy in my dorm and perhaps all of my department.               
-Sheehan U., Rogers, AR (USA) September 28, 2016

arrived quickly and well packed.  Recommend JCMRX.               
-Hattie O., Bennington, VT (USA) September 27, 2016

A-1 very good dealing with would deal with again.               
-Lewis J., Delaware, OH (USA) September 27, 2016

-Darren K., Garland, TX (USA) September 27, 2016

excellent seller 100% positive thx, best regards.                
-Neil C., Passaic, NJ (USA) September 27, 2016

So good.  Uncommon.  Smooth transaction.                
-Beatrice R., Anderson, SC (USA) September 27, 2016

Thanks Becca.  And groovy New Delhi post mark.  Will add to my collection.                 
-Erica I., Fond du Lac, WI (USA) September 26, 2016

Okay, received.  The tracking didn't work after India, but then I read the thing about EMS.  In addition to the tracking ability, does EMS have any other benefits?  $25 seems a bit steep just to track it.                
-Shawn B., Virginia Beach, VA (USA) September 26, 2016

This is helping me a LOT.  Very happy, MANY THANKS.               
-Leigh P., Dover, DE (USA) September 26, 2016

All well, as described, pleasure to deal with.  5 star shop.               
-Marco D., Commack, NY (USA) September 26, 2016

No pain, no pain.  :-)               
-Ellis G., Houma, LA (USA) September 26, 2016

Friendly transaction.  Trustworthy Gabapentin source, outstanding seller!  AA++                
-Gabriella W., Sedalia, MO (USA) September 25, 2016

Good buy.                
-Stan V., Cedar Falls, IA (USA) September 25, 2016

First order arrived.  Time to load up.  A++++                
-Ryan Q., Candler-McAfee, GA (USA) September 25, 2016

This one is harder to find nowadays, so very happy to see you had it.  Thanks so much.                
-Philip B., Pueblo, CO (USA) September 25, 2016

LOVE IT!  Thanks for the quick shipment.                
-Dan M., Lyndhurst, NJ (USA) September 25, 2016

Sorry for the 50 emails, will be more patient next time.               
-Gina H., Tuscaloosa, AL (USA) September 24, 2016

Payment by Circle on 9/3, order arrived 9/19.  Well packaged, quality product.               
-Donald R., Hillsboro, OR (USA) September 24, 2016

Repeat 4 sure.              
-Brandon B., Madisonville, KY (USA) September 24, 2016

WOW!  Great transaction thanks.  A+              
-Sandi W., Burbank, CA (USA) September 24, 2016

Thank u, would order again.              
-Daryl E., Kalispell, MT (USA) September 24, 2016

Quality Somas and friendly service.  Do you carry stronger painkillers than tramadol?               
-Amber K., Evergreen Park, IL (USA) September 23, 2016

Good product and communication.  Looks like the package may have gotten wet somewhere along the way, I could barely read my address, but inside was dry and undamaged.                
-Marc W., Enid, OK (USA) September 23, 2016

Very satisfied with the merchandise / not so satisfied with the page long terms I needed to read and agree to just to place the order.                 
-Corey R., Carson City, NV (USA) September 23, 2016

Just as described, and arrived ahead of schedule securely packaged.                
-Amy H., De Pere, WI (USA) September 23, 2016

Stress is truly a killer.  Thanks for saving my life.                
-Boyd F., Lynnwood, WA (USA) September 23, 2016

Received Monday.  I can tell you why it took so long.  For whatever reason, it went to New York first and didn't get here for another 7 days.  Is there any way to send it directly from India to Anchorage?  Can you choose the routing in any way?   I know, big ask, but maybe you can check.               
-Roland S., Juneau, AK (USA) September 22, 2016

Thanks for helping me maintain my independence.               
-Kayla G., Estelle, LA (USA) September 22, 2016

Good experience but I'm not sure if I will order again if I have to deal with Coinbase every single time.  That was a total headache.              
-Mac O., San Jose, CA (USA) September 22, 2016

A+ transaction.  Will recommend to others.              
-Holly W., Thornton, CO (USA) September 22, 2016

Took some time, but good enough.              
-Tricia M., Upper St. Clair, PA (USA) September 22, 2016

Very responsive and nice to deal with.              
-Dale K., Bennington, VT (USA) September 21, 2016

perfect!  =)  came sooner than expected and exceptional service and quality.             
-Charlotte P., Sheridan, WY (USA) September 21, 2016

-Matthew F., Carrollton, TX (USA) September 21, 2016

Exactly what I wanted, thank you.             
-Alison L., Brookside, DE (USA) September 21, 2016

An excellent seller to do business with.  5 Stars, hope to do more business soon.             
-Kerry S., Hauppauge, NY (USA) September 21, 2016

All in, 16 days from order to delivery, fantastic, thank you!             
-Wesley T., Pine Bluff, AR (USA) September 20, 2016

Different brand, shape and color of medication pictured, but confirmed to be an equivalent generic.  Recommend.             
-Carl P., South Jordan, UT (USA) September 20, 2016

Took a full day after I placed my order to hear from JCM, but all in all, a good place to order from.  Product arrives in blister packs packed in a photo bubble mailer.              
-Alonzo B., Coos Bay, OR (USA) September 20, 2016

Best source for Ventolin inhalers anywhere.  Breathing is awesome.           
-Michelle W., Jackson, MS (USA) September 20, 2016

Perfect thank u ;)           
-Jasmine F., Athens, GA (USA) September 20, 2016

A-OK.  Thanks for your help, was really running out of options here.           
-Alice Y., Dundalk, MD (USA) September 19, 2016

Very nice, works great, pleasure to deal with.           
-Sharon C., Mason City, IA (USA) September 19, 2016

Good weekenders transaction, thank you.           
-Rex H., Albany, NY (USA) September 19, 2016

Fast and Efficient!  Smooth Transaction!  Would Recommend.           
-Wanda G., Pullman, WA (USA) September 19, 2016

Thanks, very hard to get.  Regards, RQ.           
-Roger Q., Bangor, ME (USA) September 19, 2016

Package a bit beat up, but otherwise extremely satisfied and will be back for more in about 2 weeks.          
-Pete K., Danville, IL (USA) September 18, 2016

You're simply the best... Better than all the rest.  *guitar chord* :-)          
-Vinny O., Clovis, NM (USA) September 18, 2016

Received on September 15.  A+.          
-Deanna C., Richmond, VA (USA) September 18, 2016

Perfect service and such a great deal.  Thanks again, Prakesh.          
-George J., Plymouth, MN (USA) September 18, 2016

Excellent, amazing quick delivery from India to US.          
-Krista Z., Newark, DE (USA) September 18, 2016

Paid for EMS shipping for my Baclofen, but you sent it registered mail.  Got store credit for that, so still all good, thx!!           
-Sophia P., West Fargo, ND (USA) September 17, 2016

Slow to reply to emails, slow ship out after payment received, and tracking is spotty.  Got to give them that the price beats just about anywhere else though.  B+            
-Josh L., Tulsa, OK (USA) September 17, 2016

Finally arrived, thank you.  Can you reply to the order I sent in last night?            
-Tiffany G., Kenner, LA (USA) September 17, 2016

Quality Trams, but would prefer tablets over capsules if possible.           
-Andrea D., North Bethesda, MD (USA) September 17, 2016

Really good.           
-Mike W., Flint, MI (USA) September 17, 2016

Inhalers received, thank you.  Pleasure to deal with.  Wish I found you a long time ago.  +++++            
-Veronica K., West Linn, OR (USA) September 16, 2016

First package arrived 9/12.  Still no sign of the 2nd one.  Tracking not working.            
-Scott H., Madisonville, KY (USA) September 16, 2016

Met all expectations.  Happy camper.            
-Clara J., Sparks, NV (USA) September 16, 2016

Thank the Lord.  Exactly what I needed.            
-Meghan P., Northport, AL (USA) September 16, 2016

Confusing order process. (-)  Good quality product and service.  (+)          
-Lorena D., Bristol, RI (USA) September 16, 2016

Okay, the Careprost / off brand Latisse is working pretty well, but doesn't this usually come with a small applicator brush?  If so, please include them with my next order.           
-Nina J., Lewiston, ME (USA) September 15, 2016

Great seller, very communicative, and generic Neurontin came as described.  You gotta be patient with the shipping though.  Takes some time to get here.            
-Eric B., Provo, UT (USA) September 15, 2016

Okay, it definitely gives me a boner, but is it supposed to be more difficult to ejaculate too???           
-Tommy F., Port Chester, NY (USA) September 15, 2016

Had some issues but JCM got it sorted out quickly!           
-Brad Q., Harrison, MI (USA) September 15, 2016

Ty!  I love love it!  This shop is awesome.           
-Caroline R., Pocatello, ID (USA) September 15, 2016

Thank U once again.  I love your service!  Yours Truly, Gyro-hop.           
-Gordon V., Rocky Mount, NC (USA) September 14, 2016

Top notch service!  Perfect transaction.  Will pay for the EMS shipping next time as suggested though.  19 days is a bit long for shipping.            
-Isaac T., Maryville, TN (USA) September 14, 2016

thanks for the help.  didn't think I'd get through.  tnx bh.            
-Brooke H., Penn Hills, PA (USA) September 14, 2016

Great stock for my emergency bunker.  Good people to deal with.  #preppers #survivalism            
-Ryan P., Savannah, GA (USA) September 14, 2016

-Gabriel W., Brockton, MA (USA) September 14, 2016

Better than expected.  14 and 18 days for both packages, respectively.  Would prefer tablets instead of capsules if possible next time around.             
-Eileen K., Richmond, IN (USA) September 13, 2016

Will order again, but with one suggestion... I need you to describe (on the package) the order as vitamins or health goods.              
-Terrance P., Clovis, NM (USA) September 13, 2016

Just as described, thanks 8.              
-April G., Syracuse, NY (USA) September 13, 2016

unique source - shipped fast - very happy - ty.              
-Cara T., Davenport, IA (USA) September 13, 2016

Heaven sent.  So grateful.  Live for HIM!              
-Joey M., Little Rock, AR (USA) September 13, 2016

Arrived quickly, and luckily in good shape, in spite of poor packing.  Good communication and acceptable product quality.  Glad I have this option since I'm on a total shoestring budget here.             
-Ralph B., Parkersburg, WV (USA) September 12, 2016

Got it, in great time, can finish off my project now, thanks!!  A++             
-Nettie H., Cheyenne, WY (USA) September 12, 2016

a few hiccups in the transaction, but everything turned out fine.  quality somas and good price.             
-Will O., Paducah, KY (USA) September 12, 2016

Easy deal... Thanks so much.             
-Felicia N., Spartanburg, SC (USA) September 12, 2016

Excellent vendor, real value and service!             
-Cody P., Santa Fe, NM (USA) September 12, 2016

-Nicole P., Everett, WA (USA) September 11, 2016

No issues, thanks again.             
-Dustin N., Yankton, SD (USA) September 11, 2016

The payment options, or rather the new limitations for some customers is a bit annoying, but I guess I get it.  Order received as described, but again, you need to make it to where anyone can use a credit card.              
-Sidney H., Scottsbluff, NE (USA) September 11, 2016

received it last week, sorry for the lack of comms.   Really appreciate the service, Mahalo!              
-Amanda J., Kailua, HI (USA) September 11, 2016

Excellent Product A1+ connection thank you, will enjoy it!              
-Philip E., Caldwell, ID (USA) September 11, 2016

Well worth the wait and it'll go straight to work this weekend, thanks.              
-Tim F., Raleigh, NC (USA) September 10, 2016

Very good transaction.  Generic Ultram as described.  11 days earlier than estimate.              
-Alex R., Overland, MO (USA) September 10, 2016

Great transaction, no surprises; Highly recommended pill shop!              
-Javier Y., Dayton, OH (USA) September 10, 2016

all good thank you.              
-Teri D., Mesa, AZ (USA) September 10, 2016

Everything as you would expect from a reputable shop.              
-Lindsay M., Champaign, IL (USA) September 10, 2016

Good stuff and the seller was super nice :)              
-Bernard V., Wichita, KS (USA) September 9, 2016

I'm very happy with my purchase but both tracking and packaging can be improved somewhat.  8/10.              
-Melanie G., Denton, TX (USA) September 9, 2016

Just a fantastic ****** seller very happy highly recommended.              
-Lee P., Faribault, MN (USA) September 9, 2016

Love it!  Perfect.             
-Bruce A., Wheeling, WV (USA) September 9, 2016

arrived safely and was well packaged +AAAA             
-Joyce S., Edmond, OK (USA) September 9, 2016

Rec'd in gr8 shape!  Amazing online service, and acceptable delivery time considering the distance covered.              
-Damon G., Hays, KS (USA) September 8, 2016

Slight problem here.  I ordered a total of 3 packages.  On the first two, you described them as 'vitamins.'  Perfect.  On the third though, there was the drug name 'Pain O Soma.'  That's not something I want on the front of a package that my mother will see.  Any way to fix this for the future???              
-Katrina S., Waterbury, CT (USA) September 8, 2016

No issues.  Great item.  TYVM.  A+++++              
-Jeff Z., Roswell, NM (USA) September 8, 2016

Very pleasant seller fast and easy.              
-Rosa W., New Berlin, WI (USA) September 8, 2016

-Albert M., Cleburne, TX (USA) September 8, 2016

Satisfied with JCM.  None better.             
-Pam J., Hillsboro, OR (USA) September 7, 2016

Perfect in every way.  Thank you very much.             
-Stephen V., Redmond, WA (USA) September 7, 2016

Sorry about original problem!  Thanks.  All is well and I am back at work again.             
-Joanna C., Kearney, NE (USA) September 7, 2016

Good Quality (wt), Good Tranaction.           
-Allan S., Rome, GA (USA) September 7, 2016

-Greg O., Bolingbrook, IL (USA) September 7, 2016

I'm completely enjoying my purchase from JCM who did a marvelous job.           
-Milton K., Bozeman, MT (USA) September 6, 2016

Exactly what I needed.  Ordered 8/20, received 9/2.  Not bad for halfway around the world.           
-Hope W., Independence, KY (USA) September 6, 2016

Confusing order system, but all worked out in the end.  Thank you again.           
-Natalie L., Bellevue, WA (USA) September 6, 2016

Always A Pleasure Never a Let Down.           
-Robyn G., Norwalk, CT (USA) September 6, 2016

Got it, thanks!           
-Chris B., Cuyahoga Falls, OH (USA) September 6, 2016

Freakin' awesome.  Will put in another order soon.  Recommended!!!            
-Nathan W., El Cerrito, CA (USA) September 5, 2016

-Macy T., Kalamazoo, MI (USA) September 5, 2016

My package was a bit beat up... that's what she said.  Otherwise great seller, great deal, great transaction - thanks!             
-Curtis D., Portsmouth, NH (USA) September 5, 2016

A very nice person to deal with.  Honest and fair.  Thanks!  A+++             
-Otis M., Gainesville, GA (USA) September 5, 2016

Thanks for a pleasant transaction.  Arrived safe and sound.             
-Ignacio J., Loveland, CO (USA) September 5, 2016

EXCELLENT Seller; Emails; Rcvd strong blue pills FAST & Well Packed!  Thx!             
-Darius H., Fairbanks, AK (USA) September 4, 2016

Received August 31.  Quick and friendly service!  Solid quality.             
-Matthew V., Galveston, TX (USA) September 4, 2016

Purchased for my dad - exactly what he wanted & very pleased.  Thank You.             
-Alicia G., Parma, OH (USA) September 4, 2016

Repeat customer here.  All good as usual, thanks!             
-Raymond R., Lake Charles, LA (USA) September 4, 2016

I received my items well before the expected date, thank you.             
-Sheila P., Eugene, OR (USA) September 4, 2016

No shopping cart check out, but we were able to work things out.  Thanks jcm team!              
-Leah T., Meridian, MS (USA) September 3, 2016

All aaaaaa.              
-Evan B., Naperville, IL (USA) September 3, 2016

Great Ultram deal.  Fast EMS shipping.  Works great.  Thanks!              
-Jason A., Pueblo, CO (USA) September 3, 2016

Very happy, thank you!              
-Fred Q., Tempe, AZ (USA) September 3, 2016

Def. recommended.              
-Leslie L., Hauppauge, NY (USA) September 3, 2016

THANK YOU!              
-Elsa M., Richmond, KY (USA) September 2, 2016

Decent service.  Quality Somas.  Would repeat.              
-Terry F., Bryan, TX (USA) September 2, 2016

everything I expected thanks very much, jb.              
-Jeffrey B., Chula Vista, CA (USA) September 2, 2016

Arrived too late for my trip.  Did not arrive on time.             
-Aaron H., Bozeman, MT (USA) September 2, 2016

Nice product, good value.  Quick delivery, thank you.             
-Henry Y., Russellville, AR (USA) September 2, 2016

Arrived 8/28.  Good job.  Thanks again.             
-Lindsay N., Goose Creek, SC (USA) September 1, 2016

First time customer who is so totally satisfied.  Really easy transaction and at such awesome savings.  Salud!             
-Kimber Q., Casper, WY (USA) September 1, 2016

Another good transaction from friends in India*****             
-Travis R., Maplewood, NJ (USA) September 1, 2016

Tracking didn't work until it was pretty much here, but all good.             
-Rodney B., Lewiston, ME (USA) September 1, 2016

Thanks for helping me breathe again.  People take breathing for granted.  Breathing is such a warm velvety love.             
-Gwen F., Peoria, IL (USA) September 1, 2016

Very impressed with the quality and the sellers communication, thx guys.             
-Belinda H., Jacksonville, NC (USA) August 31, 2016

Excellent ***** seller.  Swift.  AAAAA+            
-Edith L., Highland Park, MI (USA) August 31, 2016

-Audrey F., Defiance, OH (USA) August 31, 2016

Good quality.            
-Michelle T., Birmingham, AL (USA) August 31, 2016

You guys are great... real fast delivery for around the world... great price...            
-Ella P., Cicero, IL (USA) August 31, 2016

Just what I wanted and needed, but speedier shipping will be needed if this is going to be feasible for the future.            
-Corey R., Wilmington, DE (USA) August 30, 2016

Ya'll are one of the few places that I can still source Accutane from.   Keep up the good work.            
-Thomas Z., Brea, CA (USA) August 30, 2016

Outstanding shop and great prices.  Thanks again.            
-Llanie E., Natchez, MS (USA) August 30, 2016

Finally figured out Circle.  You put the Bitcoin address into the email blank.  Not too difficult, but they limit you a bit with card transfers.  Wish you guys would accept MoneyPak again.   It's back you know.             
-Dana N., Fishers, IN (USA) August 30, 2016

Straight up, I think that Kamagra is a smidge less potent than branded Viagra, but okay, you can't beat the value.                        
-Tito S., Miami, FL (USA) August 30, 2016

-Thomas W., Swampscott, MA (USA) August 29, 2016

Professional, no drama ultram supply.                        
-Holly G., Blacksburg, VA (USA) August 29, 2016

Happy with item, free shipping, a 1st class person to deal with, THX.                        
-Lillian K., Raleigh, NC (USA) August 29, 2016

Doesn't get much better than this.  Recommend wholeheartedly.                        
-Jake Q., Bridgeport, CT (USA) August 29, 2016

Excellent!  On all aspects, communication, product, packaging, thanks!                        
-Shaun B., Hicksville, NY (USA) August 29, 2016

Repeat buyer from last year and also several years ago; still very pleased as always.  Please make sure I'm permanently on the 'repeat customer' list is what I'm trying to say.                        
-Cathy M., Lake Oswego, OR (USA) August 28, 2016

Great transaction : everything as expected.  Special thanks to FJ.                        
-Lena R., Philadelphia, PA (USA) August 28, 2016

Just as described.                       
-Fred M., Elizabeth, NJ (USA) August 28, 2016

Awesome - quick ship, excellent generic Viagra, an all-around great experience, thanks!                       
-Kirk S., Owensboro, KY (USA) August 28, 2016

not very good packaging, the ends looked just about ready to tear open.  product quality good and affordable.                       
-Stephanie U., Reno, NV (USA) August 28, 2016

Nice people to do business with.  Would buy xxxxxxxx from JCM again.  Highly recomended, A1A.                        
-Candace H., Edina, MN (USA) August 27, 2016

Problems with shipping but worked out in the end.  Thanks.                        
-Larry F., Arlington, TX (USA) August 27, 2016

great deal and follow up, doesn't get much better than this.                        
-Andrea B., Ottumwa, IA (USA) August 27, 2016

Everything first class.                        
-Emily J., Great Falls, MT (USA) August 27, 2016

-Tina S., Dodge City, KS (USA) August 27, 2016

happy with purchase, very sweet pharmacist.                        
-Fong O., Tampa, FL (USA) August 26, 2016

All good here.                        
-Clay W., Lake Havasu, AZ (USA) August 26, 2016

Shipped blister packs only.  No retail box or inserts.  Good price.                        
-Tammy V., Concord, MO (USA) August 26, 2016

super generic Tramadol, A-One seller, Thanks.                        
-Earl B., Northglenn, CO (USA) August 26, 2016

Took awhile to get here, but good quality product and otherwise wonderful service.                        
-Ollie F., Bakersfield, CA (USA) August 26, 2016

Wouldn't be able to keep working without JCM helping me out.                        
-Casey T., Merrick, NY (USA) August 25, 2016

Small misunderstanding at first, but quickly fixed.  Excellent seller.                        
-Annette M., Huntsville, AL (USA) August 25, 2016

AS every online med transaction SHOULD BE.  Rated 9 out of 10.                        
-Jon K., Quincy, MA (USA) August 25, 2016

Very Happy.                        
-Tasha I., Beckley, WV (USA) August 25, 2016

All well as usual.  Love this shop.                        
-Leonard B., Savannah, GA (USA) August 25, 2016

OK but next time would prefer capsules if at all possible.  If not, then fine.                        
-Ronald O., Biddeford, ME (USA) August 24, 2016

Great to deal with.  Much love, Sherri @ **********.                        
-Sherri P., Gallup, NM (USA) August 24, 2016

Smack it up, flip it, rub it down, oh no!  A+++++                       
-Randall W., Bossier, LA (USA) August 24, 2016

A true blessing to find a shop like this.  One door closes, another one opens.  Praise Jesus.                       
-Denise Y., Hilo, HI (USA) August 24, 2016

Weird order process.  Good product and average shipping time.  B+                       
-John B., Edison, NJ (USA) August 24, 2016

Okay, the Ambien is putting me to sleep, do you have anything to help start me up in the morning?  Feeling really sluggish.                        
-Peter G., Essex, MD (USA) August 23, 2016

the ladies have been biting.  :-)  works great.                        
-Irvin C., Sparks, NV (USA) August 23, 2016

Great Ultram and seller.  Thanks.  $276.50 all in.                        
-Jay M., Savannah, GA (USA) August 23, 2016

Thanks for ur kindness!!!  VERY FAST!!                        
-Brianna T., Alhambra, CA (USA) August 23, 2016

-Carol E., Jamestown, NY (USA) August 23, 2016

Most reliable supplier ever.  Really appreciate you guys.                        
-Vince K., Bismarck, ND (USA) August 22, 2016

Item arrived a little later than expected.  But would still do business again and order well in advance of running out.                         
-Elaine P., Kirksville, MO (USA) August 22, 2016

OOOOH WEEEEE.  :-)                         
-Ralph J., Chattanooga, TN (USA) August 22, 2016

-Lisa N., Pocatello, ID (USA) August 22, 2016

good quality, thanks A+                         
-Patrick M., Danville, IL (USA) August 22, 2016

Oh mama, I'm set now.  Really lucky to have found a source like this.                         
-Todd V., Corpus Christi, TX (USA) August 21, 2016

excellent customer service!  best all around, recommended!                         
-Connie R., Emporia, KS (USA) August 21, 2016

GOOD ONES, THANKS.                         
-Kevin B., Joplin, MO (USA) August 21, 2016

great bargain price (and a perfect transaction)!  Thanks!                         
-Cecil S., Muscatine, IA (USA) August 21, 2016

as described, quick as a bunny, thank you!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++                         
-Holly T., Dexter, MI (USA) August 21, 2016

works awesome.  wife is very happy.                         
-Devin W., Lincoln, NE (USA) August 20, 2016

-Laura F., Arlington, VA (USA) August 20, 2016

Received 8/16/16.  Stoked on the new connect, thanks!!                         
-Kelly R., Bradenton, FL (USA) August 20, 2016

Two thumbs up.  AAA+++                         
-Jerry C., Norristown, PA (USA) August 20, 2016

Got exactly what I needed.  Easy choice to do business again!                         
-Nicolas T., Cottage Grove, MN (USA) August 20, 2016

good value; honest pill shop.                         
-Alice B., Orlando, FL (USA) August 19, 2016

Was a little (a lot) nervous at first but now it's HERE!!!   Will definitely repeat.                         
-William G., Santa Fe, NM (USA) August 19, 2016

-Ashley R., Clinton, IA (USA) August 19, 2016

Recommend!  Life customer!                     
-Todd L., Auburn, AL (USA) August 19, 2016

Happy with the purchase.  Good price, well packed and I like the free shipping.                     
-Elena V., Newark, DE (USA) August 19, 2016

5/5 :)                     
-Lita M., West Linn, OR (USA) August 18, 2016

Efficient transaction.  Everything as promised.                     
-Scott Y., Helena, MT (USA) August 18, 2016

Affordable, very happy.                     
-Patrick G., Des Moines, IA (USA) August 18, 2016

Soma ok, although the shipping was somewhat delayed and 6 out of 200 pills were crushed beyond usability.                     
-Emma L., Bennington, VT (USA) August 18, 2016

A+++ all the way I'm so loving it.                     
-Inga S., Thornton, CO (USA) August 18, 2016

Better than expected, good all around.  Maybe if I could recommend one thing, offer more combined shipping options and perhaps even Fedex or UPS options.  That would be faster and with accurate tracking.                     
-Randy A., Sun Prairie, WI (USA) August 17, 2016

Reliable as always, Becca.  Mahalo!                   
-Candace P., Makakilo, HI (USA) August 17, 2016

Smooth xanax transaction.  Great communication.  No complaints.  Thanks!                   
-Loren M., Ashland, OH (USA) August 17, 2016

My first order took 20 days to get here but this one was here lightning fast in 9 days.                   
-Timothy R., College Park, MD (USA) August 17, 2016

Well, whaddaya know?   Finally got here after all.  Sorry for jumping to conclusions.  Will put in another order tonight.                
-Huey D., Glendale, AZ (USA) August 17, 2016

Thanks for the help with my pain.  It was like living underneath a big wet blanket before.                
-Sarah P., New Britain, CT (USA) August 16, 2016

Great seller!  Thank you for the quick dispatch.  High level of service.                
-Benjamin Z., Stillwater, OK (USA) August 16, 2016

All good.                
-Melissa C., Henderson, NV (USA) August 16, 2016

rec. 8/12;  very nice pack;  well satisfied;  would purchase again.                
-Edward H., Fairbanks, AK (USA) August 16, 2016

So far only 2 of 3 packages received.  Is there any way to check on this from your end?                
-Holly Y., Wichita, KS (USA) August 16, 2016

This is so convenient, thanks again!                
-Wes F., Brookside, DE (USA) August 15, 2016

fair price; perfect comms/follow up; great job, thanks much!                
-Nicole L., Burlingame, CA (USA) August 15, 2016

My one complaint and it's a small one, is that the shipping speed leaves something to be desired.   Other than that a top tier deal all around.                 
-Tommy M., Kinston, NC (USA) August 15, 2016

Perfect transaction for Ventolin inhalers - secure shipping, great price - a joy to buy from!                 
-Aaron P., Greeley, CO (USA) August 15, 2016

Sleeping a little better, thanks.  Anything stronger?                 
-Kevin E., Ogden, UT (USA) August 15, 2016

Just what I needed.  Thanks for helping us out.                 
-Shelia H., Claremore, OK (USA) August 14, 2016

One of the best deals ever.  Great communication.  AAAA+++                 
-Antoinette I., Harrisonburg, VA (USA) August 14, 2016

Generic Ultram as promised.  Working fine.  Recommended!                 
-Eli W., Jacksonville, FL (USA) August 14, 2016

I'd go out of my head if I didn't have JCMRX.                 
-Tina S., Lyndhurst, NJ (USA) August 14, 2016

Great Seller! 5*                 
-Frances B., Marrero, LA (USA) August 14, 2016

Fair price and a great seller.  I recommend.  Go Ducks!                 
-Philip Q., Eugene, OR (USA) August 13, 2016

Faster than expected.  Packed up really nicely.  Strong benzos.  Happy with purchase.                 
-Alan K., Maple Heights, OH (USA) August 13, 2016

Well, lots of reading, detail and fine print to read, but other than that it's a pretty good online pharmacy.  Recommend.                 
-Claudia R., Lancaster, PA (USA) August 13, 2016

-Deanna O., Big Spring, TX (USA) August 13, 2016

Received, much thanks.  Found you guys through an old pharmacyreviewer thread.   Glad to see you're still around.   I understand now why you have a loyal following.  Very personal feel in terms of service.  Maybe because it's because you're a small shop or don't know how to do the big scale automated stuff, but I like it.                  
-Evan B., Chattanooga, TN (USA) August 13, 2016

Great communication, slight problem with my payment (I sent funds twice) but resolved right away thank you.                  
-Jason W., Lewiston, ME (USA) August 12, 2016

Responsive.  Was in my mailbox within 14 days.                  
-Alex Z., New Albany, IN (USA) August 12, 2016

A1 baclofen, many thanks!!!                  
-Shelly R., Independence, MO (USA) August 12, 2016

have bought from seller a few times before, very pleased with product and service.                  
-Tasha J., Costa Mesa, CA (USA) August 12, 2016

-Doug A., Olathe, KS (USA) August 12, 2016

Just a heads up that you should know that not all 7-11s can scan those payment slips.  It has the 3rd one I went to before it worked.  Not sure if you can do anything about that, but you should know.                   
-Jana V., Bethesda, MD (USA) August 11, 2016

AAA+++ VERY HAPPY will do business again!!  From India to my mailbox.  No need to even leave the house and I live in the sticks.  Thanks!                  
-Dale G., Moore, OK (USA) August 11, 2016

Unusual purchase process.  In fact probably the most, um, unique I've come across.   Quality product and service so it's all good.                   
-Katie P., Exeter, NH (USA) August 11, 2016

Kind of unfair that only old customers can use credit card payments, but I understand.  Circle is doable but hopefully you'll be able to move me into the 'existing customers' category in the future.                    
-Evan T., Casa Grande, AZ (USA) August 11, 2016

JCM = answered prayer.                    
-Hilda F., South Burlington, VT (USA) August 11, 2016

Okay, this generic provigil is keeping me awake and alert enough, that's great... now can you recommend something for me to help bring me down?  Or is the best thing to do just to let it fade?                   
-Pat L., Haverhill, MA (USA) August 10, 2016

Excellant Service!  Outstanding Ultrams, great communication, ship fast/reasonably priced.                   
-Allison O., Carson City, NV (USA) August 10, 2016

Thanks......GREAT.....AWESOME.....WOW....God Bless....                   
-Robert R., Stratford, CT (USA) August 10, 2016

Hands down the best source ever for the 2-3 items that I need.                   
-Natalie U., Thornton, CO (USA) August 10, 2016

super easy to get product.  no hangups.                
-Daisy B., Nampa, ID (USA) August 10, 2016

as described and the sales rep?  pharmacist?  ...an absolute pleasure.                
-Leah J., Denton, TX (USA) August 9, 2016

Really appreciate your help.  JCMRX is reliable and finding a reliable pharmacy online is harder than milking a grizzly.                
-Raymond P., Billings, MT (USA) August 9, 2016

I find that the Xan_ax you sell is more effective than the Val_ium you carry.   Strange but I guess ones results will vary.  I'm just happy to be able to sleep again.                 
-Tanya K., Fayetteville, NC (USA) August 9, 2016

Arrived safely and put to work.   Thanks again.   Bet I can tell you where you got them shoes!  Pun intended!!! :-P                
-Seth B., New Orleans, LA (USA) August 9, 2016

I seriously feel 18 again.  All thanks to a little yellow pill from halfway around the world.   Somebody stop me!             
-Andy W., Tucker, GA (USA) August 9, 2016

got what I ordered, excellent service & would buy again!  : )             
-George F., Dallas, OR (USA) August 8, 2016

Package was a little wrinkled and beat up.  Otherwise fine.             
-Courtney V., Fremont, NE (USA) August 8, 2016

Tracking didn't work and Becca seemed annoyed that I kept asking about it.  Order arrived after 19 days.  So, thank you but maybe you can be a bit nicer in your emails.  The customer is always right, right?              
-Vincent M., Hammond, IN (USA) August 8, 2016

Nice service, but is there any way to get this in tablets and not capsules next time?              
-Lisa-Ann E., Kenosha, WI (USA) August 8, 2016

generic Metformin as advertised and nicely packaged... Did take a bit long to arrive.              
-Beth B., Pine Bluff, AR (USA) August 8, 2016

Ultram arrived with good packaging and in good time, THX!              
-Sean W., Reisterstown, MD (USA) August 7, 2016

So happy to have found you.  Without the ******* I get from you, I wouldn't be able to stay even keel through the semester.               
-Ronnie T., Berkeley, CA (USA) August 7, 2016

Okay, I understand that Careprost is the same as generic Latisse, but I was wondering if you also sold the applicators like the ones that come with Latisse?                
-Anita H., Sierra Vista, AZ (USA) August 7, 2016

Super slow shipping, but it still beats going to my local pharmacy in terms of prices.              
-Oscar P., Decatur, IL (USA) August 7, 2016

Easy to buy here.  Appreciate it.           
-Dustin G., Belton, MO (USA) August 7, 2016

Sorry about all the questions, you guys more than came through and I shouldn't have been nervous at all.        
-Morton L., Warwick, RI (USA) August 6, 2016

Seamless transaction, prompt shipment, quality Clonazepam.        
-Jessica S., Germantown, TN (USA) August 6, 2016

Probably the best deal I've had on the net for quite some time.  Seriously.        
-Laura P., East Providence, RI (USA) August 6, 2016

It is a great honor doing business with you.    
-Harry R., Mason City, IA (USA) August 6, 2016

Arrived on the 4th.  Thanks.  Nice work on this whole thing.    
-Alicia J., Montrose, CO (USA) August 6, 2016

I ordered the 5 mg dose of generic Cialis, but you sent me the 10 mg dose.   It's okay but you should have told me.  I can cut these in half, it's a little difficult but workable.     
-Jerrod N., Rapid City, SD (USA) August 5, 2016

Got it!  Great!  thanks!  Five stars all around!  Just a super connection/source.     
-Donnie M., Newport, KY (USA) August 5, 2016

Rocky start, smooth silky finish.  A+     
-Audrey I., Bryan, TX (USA) August 5, 2016

I appreciate your Xanax service.  My doctor is so tight with her prescriptions.  Thanks.     
-Lewis P., Forest Park, GA (USA) August 5, 2016

Easy to work with, great communication!     
-Shirley R., Las Vegas, NV (USA) August 5, 2016

thank you very much.  (Soma 350 purchase)     
-Monica D., St. Paul, MN (USA) August 4, 2016

-Lisa H., Shawnee, KS (USA) August 4, 2016

Thanks for the edge.  Truly appreciate your service and discretion.      
-Joey O., Atlantic City, NJ (USA) August 4, 2016

Arrived ahead of schedule.  Nice to communicate with.  Dependable seller.      
-Ken B., Fort Myers, FL (USA) August 4, 2016

-Truong Q., Wilmington, DE (USA) August 4, 2016

Super service, as always, thank you! ^ _ ^      
-Charlie F., Little Rock, AR (USA) August 3, 2016

Great communication but shipping from IND - USA almost 4 weeks but USPS's fault, not seller!      
-Gordon J., Oakland, CA (USA) August 3, 2016

Thanks for the heads up regarding EMS.  My mail man might just keep these to himself if I don't follow up.      
-Elias P., Grand Forks, ND (USA) August 3, 2016

Took awhile to get here, but high quality tramadol/ultram.   Thanks again.    
-Darlene Y., Coon Rapids, MN (USA) August 3, 2016

Okay, the website seems kind of, not sure how to say this politely, kind of amaturish I guess, but they SURE GET THE JOB DONE.   Four out of five STARS!     
-Jordan L., Aurora, CO (USA) August 3, 2016

-Melinda G., Concord, NH (USA) August 2, 2016

Completely delighted with generic Soma/Pain O Soma order.      
-Shawn W., Salt Lake City, UT (USA) August 2, 2016

+AAA+ exactly as their reputation; would do business w/them again.    
-Avery B., Towson, MD (USA) August 2, 2016

Works well.    
-Ronnie S., Darien, CT (USA) August 2, 2016

Arrived ahead of schedule safe and sound!  Much better than what Big Pharma public relations would have you believe.    
-Tim P., Scottsdale, AZ (USA) August 2, 2016

-Kurt S., Eastchester, NY (USA) August 1, 2016

Good communication, fast shipping, & exactly what I wanted.  A++    
-Clark R., Griffin, GA (USA) August 1, 2016

Good product, service and vendor.  I would recommend.    
-Neumann L., Hobbs, NM (USA) August 1, 2016

Weird order process, but would buy from you again.  4 stars!!    
-Thomas B., Anchorage, AK (USA) August 1, 2016

Excellent.  Thanks for the prompt and professional service.    
-Rita V., Warren, MI (USA) August 1, 2016

Very pleased with the gen. Cialis.  TY.   
-Terry E., Port Angeles, WA (USA) July 31, 2016

Well, kind of a bittersweet deal.  Low prices, sure, but the shipping time leaves MUCH to be desired.  With pain meds, you need to find a way to speed up the delivery time.   
-Randy H., Akron, OH (USA) July 31, 2016

You've seen the lightning, now feel the thunder!  There's gonna be some happy ladies in these parts. 
-Neil T., Bessemer, AL (USA) July 31, 2016

Very pleased excellent service. 
-Marley K., Forest Park, GA (USA) July 31, 2016

JCM is a God send for soccer moms everywhere.  Thanks again. 
-Alexa N., Coral Gables, FL (USA) July 31, 2016

Easy peasy lemon squeezy supplier of generic Lipitor, would definitely recommend to anyone trying to save some money and/or those without insurance.  
-Harrison S., Plano, TX (USA) July 30, 2016

Love it.  Thank you.  Great Rx.  
-Clarence G., St. George, UT (USA) July 30, 2016

Not fast nor easy with the bitcoin rules/requirements, but reliable. 
-Fred Q., West Chester, PA (USA) July 30, 2016

Ol-tram 50 mg is good quality generic Ultram.  Certainly better than begging my doctor for 16 pills a week.  
-Wes B., Kearny, NJ (USA) July 30, 2016

A pharmacy in my pocket.   JCM doesn't carry everything but ya'll do have most of what I need.
-Irene R., Huntington, WV (USA) July 30, 2016

I would MUCH prefer if you had the 100 mg dose in tablets, but capsules will have to do I guess.   Maybe you can check with the manufacturer???
-Ellen H., Shawnee, OK (USA) July 29, 2016

Sincere thanks for care in shipping - perfect source for prepper meds.  There are uncertain times a'coming.
-Ned K., Long Beach, MS (USA) July 29, 2016

The .05% Retin is okay, but I wish you would restock the .1% that you used to carry.   The Stieva brand, as I recall.
-Alice O., Renton, WA (USA) July 29, 2016

What a great seller very honest and a pleasure to do business with!
-James B., Syracuse, NY (USA) July 29, 2016

Response time for emails varied greatly, often right away, but sometimes a day or more later.   Kind of left me guessing at time.  Overall pretty good source. 
-Lena W., New Iberia, LA (USA) July 29, 2016

Simple transaction for quality Soma; product came in very good condition and early.  Great seller. 
-Helen Y., Dallas, TX (USA) July 28, 2016

Just what I needed!  Great seller!!!  A+++++ 
-Richard J., Sioux City, IA (USA) July 28, 2016

Awesome as always.  A pleasure doing business with - Thanks! 
-Jonah C., Trenton, NJ (USA) July 28, 2016

-Robin F., Mountlake Terrace, WA (USA) July 28, 2016

Lost my insurance, but you guys saved my life.  One door closes, another one opens. 
-Lynne A., Carmichael, CA (USA) July 28, 2016

Well packed, nice and compact.   Good  Neurontin connect.
-Matthew V., Providence, RI (USA) July 27, 2016

Wow, I got a super deal :()  jcmrx is now on my favorites :()
-Lance W., Bellwood, IL (USA) July 27, 2016

First package received, the mailman just left it in my mail box.  The 2nd one though had to be signed for.   Maybe you can make it to where they always just put it in my mailbox?   Not sure you can do that or not but it would be nice.
-Rebecca H., Murfreesboro, TN (USA) July 27, 2016

Received all in good order.  Exactly what I wanted.  A+++.
-Jerry T., Creve Coeur, MO (USA) July 27, 2016

Awesome.  Thanks so much.
-Pat G., Colorado Springs, CO (USA) July 27, 2016

Really appreciate you guys.  Pain management doesn't have to break the bank.
-Mandie R., Hobart, IN (USA) July 26, 2016

-Thomas Q., Golden Glades, FL (USA) July 26, 2016

Smooth and easy transaction after I finally figured Circle out.   Thanks for the help and follow up email.
-Nany S., McMinnville, OR (USA) July 26, 2016

Way better then I expected.  Great seller A+++.
-Philip N., Dothan, AL (USA) July 26, 2016

Got it.  A bit nervous using my credit card though, thanks for the prepaid tip.  In the past, you guys had these payment slips I could use at the Stop N Go.   What happened to those??? 
-Roddy B., Tempe, AZ (USA) July 26, 2016

As expected, thank you. 
-Nate E., Austin, TX (USA) July 25, 2016

Amazing!  Received pretty good generic Provigil at a FRACTION of the cost.  Two thumbs up and totally crushin' it at work.
-Kevin P., Gastonia, NC (USA) July 25, 2016

bought 3 weeks ago, received TODAY.  thank you but a bit slower than expected.  is there any way to speed this up?
-Jackie Y., Bristol, CT (USA) July 25, 2016

Seller was wonderful at communicating, product is of acceptable quality.  Would recommend to others.
-Oliver F., Helena, MT (USA) July 25, 2016

Times are tough and I feel so much better with IOP's and especially JCM at my back.
-Wendy V., Essex, MD (USA) July 25, 2016

Very happy customer no problems great seller.  Thanks!!!!!
-Liz J., Dover, DE (USA) July 24, 2016

-Freddy A., Russellville, AR (USA) July 24, 2016

Perfect, thank you for everything.
-Harvey T., Clovis, NM (USA) July 24, 2016

Thanks as always.
-Natalie R., Cahokia, IL (USA) July 24, 2016

Arrived from across the planet.   It's a small world after all!
-Desmond L., Tulsa, OK (USA) July 24, 2016

Nice packing, no customs problems even though this was OPENED by customs.   I guess this isn't illegal like I was afraid of.  Will recommend.
-Claire S., Petersburg, VA (USA) July 23, 2016

Quick responses, free delivery/postage, and good stuff.  So good!  Very satisfied!!
-Harold F., Gilbert, AZ (USA) July 23, 2016

High grade product, reasonable price.  A bit slow on shipping and non-working tracking number.
-Lamar B., Enid, OK (USA) July 23, 2016

5 stars all the way, will buy my Ambien from here again, many thanks.
-Jessica G., Newark, NJ (USA) July 23, 2016

Good deal, good deal.
-Bethany V., Englewood, CO (USA) July 23, 2016

You guys seem busier than usual lately.   I guess it's the state of the world today.   Thanks a bunch for still keeping me up to date with my orders, tracking, etc.
-Jeremy S., Towson, MD (USA) July 22, 2016

Holy F.  I'm going to need a couple more packs of Xanax after that Trump speech.  Putting the order in shortly.
-Yannick E., Matthews, NC (USA) July 22, 2016

Ordered 7/6, shipped from India on 7/9, received in Jackson on 7/19.  *****
-Cassie J., Pearl, MS (USA) July 22, 2016

Thank you so much for everything you do for us.  You don't know how much your service means.
-Daphne Z., Kailua, HI (USA) July 22, 2016

A1 Ultram connect.  Wish you had the 100 mg in tablets though, the capsules are a bit inconvenient if you know what I mean.
-Marc O., Nicholasville, KY (USA) July 22, 2016

Oh yes.  Now I'm on my game.
-Yong K., Carrollton, TX (USA) July 21, 2016

Diabetes sucks ****** but you guys sure help me make it more affordable.
-Trey M., Pocatello, ID (USA) July 21, 2016

Nice to find an Indian overseas pharmacy that can communicate so clearly.  Such a rarity.
-Eli P., Bakersfield, CA (USA) July 21, 2016

Friendly service and acceptable shipping time.  Will buy from again.
-Kristine G., Aberdeen, WA (USA) July 21, 2016

Tedious first time order process, but they get the job done.
-Randy L., Dover, NH (USA) July 21, 2016

Thanks for the Gabapentin recommendation.  I find that I can control my Tramadol tolerance if I take both.
-Allen V., Pierre, SD (USA) July 20, 2016

RECOMMENDED!  Not sure why you had to ship it in four packages though?  I think packing them into three would have been more than sufficient in terms of space involved. 
-Neil R., Georgetown, KY (USA) July 20, 2016

Better late than never I guess, but thanks for FINALLY letting me use Paypal to make payment.  I think I've been ordered here every other month for TWO YEARS so you can probably know by now that I can be trusted.
-Michele Y., Kannapolis, NC (USA) July 20, 2016

Seller was very helpful and helped me with problems I had setting up the online wallet needed to make payment. 
-Garrett F., Sheboygan, WI (USA) July 20, 2016

I took a chance and am sooooo glad that I did. 
-Brandon C., Alexandria, VA (USA) July 20, 2016

YAY!  Just what I needed.  Will put in a bigger order this afternoon.
-Ellison K., Jamestown, NY (USA) July 19, 2016

Is there any way you can disguise the packages better than this?  I'm going to have some 'splaining to do if my husband intgercepts one of these.
-Holly X., Madison, WI (USA) July 19, 2016

Was delivered before I even expected it, great service, Thank You.
-Milton G., Cranston, RI (USA) July 19, 2016

Seller = professional.
-Brandi A., West Haven, CT (USA) July 19, 2016

A great product at a great price.  I recommend JCM.
-Owen R., New Iberia, LA (USA) July 19, 2016

Thanks for everything.  I've had it with my doctor and charging me just to tell me the same thing every 5 months.  Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.  Rom 12:2.
-Katherine T., Wilmington, DE (USA) July 18, 2016

Best pill shop by a mile.  Boom-a-laka, Boom-a-laka, Boom-a-laka-boo!    
-Jake B., Canton, OH (USA) July 18, 2016

You recommended Coinbase but that didn't work out so well at all.  Your Circle recommendation has worked so far, hopefully it will be a long term option.  Why can't I use my credit card for this? 
-Eva O., Billings, MT (USA) July 18, 2016

Pain now under control, thanks a billion. 
-Brent H., Penn Hills, PA (USA) July 18, 2016

received, thanks.  there would have been less nail biting if the tracking worked. 
-Phil Z., Rio Rancho, NM (USA) July 18, 2016

Well worth the wait.  Will get the 100 mg dose for all future orders. 
-Alex B., Ferry Pass, FL (USA) July 17, 2016

Praise Jesue for helping me find this shop.  I was really treading water for awhile but I think I'll be able to make it now. 
-Chrissie P., Ellensburg, WA (USA) July 17, 2016

Six stars across the board.  Thanks Becca. 
-Stacy T., Reading, PA (USA) July 17, 2016

Thanks for talking me through the Circle process.   Easier than expected. 
-Monique D., Henderson, NV (USA) July 17, 2016

JCM soothes the savage beast. 
-Chase P., Houma, LA (USA) July 17, 2016

Sweet deal and a pleasure to order from. 
-Andrew V., Muskogee, OK (USA) July 16, 2016

As described, quality TopDol.  Thanks again from NYBEER1. 
-Cary G., Syracuse, NY (USA) July 16, 2016

Little slow on shipping but item as stated thank you! 
-Isaac K., Brookside, DE (USA) July 16, 2016

A+A+A+ and the price is RIGHT. 
-Gene M., Logansport, IN (USA) July 16, 2016

You do such a great job. 
-Luz W., Norfolk, NE (USA) July 16, 2016

Much needed help arrived and so appreciated.  Off to Thredbo!
-Jake H., Missoula, MT (USA) July 15, 2016

Received, thank you.  It's so nice to know that there are such warm and clearly caring people way on the other side of the world.  Praying for Nice. 
-Naomi B., Clearwater, FL (USA) July 15, 2016

Good source for generic, Ultram.  Too bad you don't carry hydrocodone. 
-Earl R., Olathe, KS (USA) July 15, 2016

I should have read the fine print better as I didn't expect it to get here in almost three weeks.  I will plan better next time, thank you.  
-Walter B., Northglenn, CO (USA) July 15, 2016

Very satisfied.  
-Carolyn C., Fairbanks, AK (USA) July 15, 2016

Minor mix-up on shipping, but seller fixed it.  
-Ada F., Eugene, OR (USA) July 14, 2016

Excellent product.  EZ transaction.  
-Tony S., Boulder City, NV (USA) July 14, 2016

Great items, has great communication and ships fast.  I will use again... 
-Daphne H., Daly City, CA (USA) July 14, 2016

Life saver on time and effort and of course money. 
-Amanda T., Meridian, MS (USA) July 14, 2016

ThankYou'... VeryNice' :) 
-Eddie M., Lenexa, KS (USA) July 14, 2016

I can barely contain my excitement.  All the way from India to my county road mailbox in 14 days. 
-Jamie R., West Fargo, ND (USA) July 13, 2016

Looks like this may get some good use.  Thanks again. 
-Adam W., Fort Pierce, FL (USA) July 13, 2016

Good prices & just what I wanted + fast shipping.  Seller +++AAA+++. 
-Katie N., Orem, UT (USA) July 13, 2016

Items arrived promptly and were very well protected, POSITIVE experience. 
-Dean S., Portage, IN (USA) July 13, 2016

Thx great. 
-Felicia C., Mankato, MN (USA) July 13, 2016

Valuable resource.  Will recommend to family and friends. 
-Raymond T., Grosse Pointe Woods, MI (USA) July 12, 2016

Excellent products.  Recommend to any prepper.  Order before it's too late. 
-Mark S., Marietta, GA (USA) July 12, 2016

-Jeffrey B., Ewing, NJ (USA) July 12, 2016

Packed with love and shipped like lightning, fantastic seller.  Thanks.
-Wayne M., Rutland, VT (USA) July 12, 2016

Perfect deal.
-Sean J., Carson, CA (USA) July 12, 2016

Very very patient answering all my dozen questions.  A pleasure to buy from; a def recommend to anyone.
-Jaime F., Harrisburg, PA (USA) July 11, 2016

Great and surprisingly small packaging, fast service, accurate description, 100% satisfied.  Thank you.
-Alice Y., Daytona Beach, FL (USA) July 11, 2016

The item I wanted was out of stock, but the recommended substitution was acceptable.  Appreciate the help.
-Duane C., Olympia, WA (USA) July 11, 2016

Wonderful people to deal with and thanks again!
-Oscar L., Glendale, AZ (USA) July 11, 2016

Works well.  Would do business with again.
-Cary A., Pittsfield, MA (USA) July 11, 2016

Good communications and product.  The packaging appears to have gotten wet somewhere along the way, but the contents were undamaged.
-Bobby I., Metairie, LA (USA) July 10, 2016

oh so convenient to be able to order meds this way.  very happy with this deal.
-Denise H., Lincoln, NE (USA) July 10, 2016

Packed well.  Excellent transaction.  THANKS.
-Lucia P., Cleveland, OH (USA) July 10, 2016

pleasure to do business, just as described.
-April W., Newark, DE (USA) July 10, 2016

Around the world in 12 days.  Thanks again.
-Tiffany G., Longmont, CO (USA) July 10, 2016

Easy sale would buy again.
-Dan V., Mountain Brook, AL (USA) July 9, 2016

17 days from order to delivery.  Not fast, but good quality trams and friendly service.
-Nadine E., Belmont, CA (USA) July 9, 2016

Okay, got both packages.  Good quality.   But why did you write 'vitamins' on one package and then 'medicine' on the other package???   It should be 'vitamins' on ALL packages.
-Leon K., Hastings, MN (USA) July 9, 2016

This shop is such a treasure, love it.
-Robin F., Pocatello, ID (USA) July 9, 2016

Great to do business with!  I would definitely recommend to anyone trying to make ends meet but does not want to give up on their health care requirements.
-Nora B., Eagle Pass, TX (USA) July 9, 2016

Delightful Ultram transaction, will tell my friends.
-Paulina R., Morganton, NC (USA) July 8, 2016

-Teresa W., Blair, NE (USA) July 8, 2016

You guys are lifesavers.  Much love and much thanks.  #aircrew
-Jason S., Englewood, CO (USA) July 8, 2016

Great transaction: helpful seller.  A+++
-Michael O., Stratford, CT (USA) July 8, 2016

Great prices and super fast delivery!!!  Very pleased.  Thanks!
-Sheldon T., Brigham City, UT (USA) July 8, 2016

Praise the Lord.  I'm so thankful to have found jcm.  Will put in another two orders shortly.
-Ellen H., Cookeville, TN (USA) July 7, 2016

Just what I was looking for, mahalo! 
-Owen K., Makakilo, HI (USA) July 7, 2016

Fantastic job getting me the Ambien I needed in a timely manner. 
-Lynda Q., Plainfield, NJ (USA) July 7, 2016

Excellent customer service, product as described.  Great vendor to deal with.
-Jerry P., Caldwell, ID (USA) July 7, 2016

Everything is fine.  THANKS!
-Lucia W., Oakdale, MN (USA) July 7, 2016

Thanks, good Zoloft seller, happy.
-Traci V., Bentonville, AR (USA) July 6, 2016

pur. 06/25 rec. 07/05 as described, quickly handled, email communication could be improved though.
-Kerry N., Sacramento, CA (USA) July 6, 2016

good price, good product.
-Blake M., Lawrence, IN (USA) July 6, 2016

Four words.  CAN SLEEP AT LAST.  TY!
-Olivia R., Towson, MD (USA) July 6, 2016

-Carol P., Auburn, ME (USA) July 6, 2016

quality generic Ultram as described.  happy with purchase.  a+
-Grace L., Las Cruces, NM (USA) July 5, 2016

small but sweet!
-Adrian P., Helena, MT (USA) July 5, 2016

I did not realize it would take so long, and would not be trackable... but a good deal and much appreciated.
-Kristine F., Pittsburgh, PA (USA) July 5, 2016

Rec 7/4/16, faster than expected.
-Susie T., Richmond, KY (USA) July 5, 2016

Positively thrilled!!  Highly Recommend this super 5 star pill shop, Sincere Thanks!
-Rudy B., San Jose, CA (USA) July 5, 2016

Was nervous at first, but overall a great experience.  Very satisfied.  If I can suggest one thing, you should have an automatic receipt of payment email so newbies like myself aren't climbing the walls waiting for a response for 1 full business day.
-Kelly Z., Grand Rapids, MI (USA) July 4, 2016

You're a truck driver's best friend.  Reliable and economical.
-Thomas O., Fayetteville, AR (USA) July 4, 2016

Reasonable price, great quality.
-Janis E., Akron, OH (USA) July 4, 2016

All arrived in generally good shape.   Two of two hundred pills were popped out, but probably just because of the round the world trip. 
-Diana P., Bradenton, FL (USA) July 4, 2016

The 7-11 couldn't scan the payment slip but the Family Dollar one worked. 
-Brett R., Opelousas, LA (USA) July 4, 2016

WOW! Thx!!
-Joshua R., Sioux Falls, SD (USA) July 3, 2016

Quality product but you need to speed up the process.  18 days is a long wait.  Why not use UPS or Fedex?  You know, the World on Time?
-Mack L., Torrington, CT (USA) July 3, 2016

thank you very much, no problems.
-Olivia K., Blue Springs, MO (USA) July 3, 2016

Top notch, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Careprost source!  My  lashes now go on for miles.  :)))
-Greta S., Jacksonville, NC (USA) July 3, 2016

One of the best SELLERS I have ever dealt with!  why haven't I shopped w/ you until now??! 
-Lora B., College Station, TX (USA) July 3, 2016

As described & excellent price.  Very Happy w/my purchase! 
-Donnie V., Grand Island, NE (USA) July 2, 2016

AAAAA+++++ brought back my life, great seller adore u.  Will buy again.
-Kari A., Coeur d'Alene, ID (USA) July 2, 2016

5 Stars all the way! ...Great price & Honest.  Thanks.
-Jessie W., Monsey, NY (USA) July 2, 2016

-Chris O., Salem, OR (USA) July 2, 2016

Rocky start but so smooth a landing.
-Nettie B., Pine Bluff, AR (USA) July 2, 2016

Best site around for help with pain management.
-James H., Cheyenne, WY (USA) July 1, 2016

Great txn but not sure why you needed to ship in 2 packages?   Combined shipping would be better for the environment. 
-Ron L., Sanford, ME (USA) July 1, 2016

Great price for Metformin, great value and a quick ship.
-Herman F., Taylors, SC (USA) July 1, 2016

good to deal with.
-Larry L., Hempstead, NY (USA) July 1, 2016

Keep them coming, just like these, thanks.
-Audrey O., Racine, WI (USA) July 1, 2016

Got here a few days after I left for my vacation, but thanks for a good deal anyway.
-Ryan W., Lancaster, PA (USA) June 30, 2016

So much better than I thought.  Very happy
-Will P., Charleston, WV (USA) June 30, 2016

SuPeRCalaFragalistic connection!!!!!
-Kevin J., Owensboro, KY (USA) June 30, 2016

Wonderful love it.
-Mark Q., Camarillo, CA (USA) June 30, 2016

Above and beyond in the service aspect.  Good product.  Be ready for slow shipping though.
-Shawna D., Olympia, WA (USA) June 30, 2016

-Julian G., Columbia, SC (USA) June 29, 2016

Been buying here since I was using Windows 3.1, since they were Rxcreams.com, and since they accepted Billpoint for payment.  Will continue to shop here for the foreseeable future.
-Brad I., Hobbs, NM (USA) June 29, 2016

Received.   They do what they say.  Will recommend.
-Miriam Y., Northglenn, CO (USA) June 29, 2016

These guys got their operation together.   Efficient and no **** ups.   9 out of 10.
-Alfredo H., Gainesville, GA (USA) June 29, 2016

Nice trams and fast overseas shipping.  A+! 
-Sam B., Elgin, IL (USA) June 29, 2016

order shipped promptly, good to work with, would order my Soma here again.
-Kathryn M., Pawtucket, RI (USA) June 28, 2016

Got it.  Works well enough.  Can you help me with something stronger though?
-Joyce F., Arlington, TX (USA) June 28, 2016

FINALLY!  A shop that understands customer service. 
-Gabriela S., Mason City, IA (USA) June 28, 2016

Packing could be better.  B+
-Ronald B., Quincy, MA (USA) June 28, 2016

Five stars!  Thank you!  Perfect transaction! 
-Antonia L., Reno, NV (USA) June 28, 2016

Happy customers, thanks.
-Faith N., Wyandotte, MI (USA) June 27, 2016

Sweet sweet sweet.  Still can't get over how easy it is to order Xanax online.
-Grady V., Coral Gables, FL (USA) June 27, 2016

Not the fastest supplier around, but everything else good.
-Sonia C., Olathe, KS (USA) June 27, 2016

Thanks for the help.   Couldn't drive and make a living without you guys.
-Orlando D., Juneau, AK (USA) June 27, 2016

It's HERE!!!  Thanks Becca.
-Joy H., Camden, NJ (USA) June 27, 2016

Just what we wanted for our ***** **** themed party!  TY!!
-Gordon W., Dover, DE (USA) June 26, 2016

-Lena D., Kearney, NE (USA) June 26, 2016

Excellent source for generic Ultram.  A+++
-Joan P., Seymour, IN (USA) June 26, 2016

Great seller and store, would (and will) buy from them again and again.
-Alonzo C., Rochester, NY (USA) June 26, 2016

-Chris M., Tucson, AZ (USA) June 26, 2016

All good, here thank you very much, AOK.
-Paula H., Bridgeport, CT (USA) June 25, 2016

Bitchin' shop.  Recomendee-do!
-Norma F., Leominster, MA (USA) June 25, 2016

-Erica D., Long Beach, MS (USA) June 25, 2016

Thank you, everything is perfect!
-Tate I., Berkeley, CA (USA) June 25, 2016

Package opened by customs, resealed with green tape.   Product arrived.   I guess this is legal or more likely I'm too small a fish to fry. 
-Casey G., Mobile, AL (USA) June 25, 2016

Even more satisfying than anticipated.  What a great TREASURE!  Thank you.
-Grant B., Louisville, KY (USA) June 24, 2016

Good trams and soma, well packed, arrived a-ok, a-1 service. 
-Brenda K., Corvallis, OR (USA) June 24, 2016

What I ordered.  Got it fast.
-Jon O., Kennewick, WA (USA) June 24, 2016

Love this service, thanks again.
-Floren H., St. George, UT (USA) June 24, 2016

-Meredith Z., Waterloo, IA (USA) June 24, 2016

Just what I wanted.  PERFECT seller to SAVE :) 
-Talia F., Creve Coeur, MO (USA) June 23, 2016

Didn't appear to ship immediately, thus resulting in a rather drawn out shipping time.  Product quality acceptable.
-Marguerite W., Bentonville, AR (USA) June 23, 2016

Works Great!  Thanks!
-Kelley B., Olathe, KS (USA) June 23, 2016

-Charlene Y., Pueblo, CO (USA) June 23, 2016

Okay, received both packages.   Why didn't you just ship it all in one package?   I'm happy though.
-Emma L., Mountlake Terrace, WA (USA) June 23, 2016

Game changing  little pharma shop.  Now, how come some people can use Paypal but others cannot?  *scratching head*
-Colleen B., Hampton, VA (USA) June 22, 2016

As described at  fair price, delivered fast.  No worries or problems.
-Sophie K., St. Albans, VT (USA) June 22, 2016

Received, and a little faster than the first time. 
-Marco M., Lewiston, ME (USA) June 22, 2016

Got the chewables, thanks.  Can't say I like the taste although it seems they are trying to make them seem like vanilla.   So I just take them whole the old fashioned way.  Effective.
-Jack Q., Clemmons, NC (USA) June 22, 2016

Great deal and exactly what I was looking for.
-Teri H., Bourbonnais, IL (USA) June 22, 2016

Ultram Oltram?  I thought it was a typo but it is indeed generic Tramadol.  Acceptable delivery time frame and friendly service.
-Robyn C., Layton, UT (USA) June 21, 2016

My friend Lanelle ********** recommended me to this shop and I placed a fairly large order.   Does that mean she will get some kind of referral credit?
-Dawn W., Binghamton, NY (USA) June 21, 2016

Okay, that will be the last time I use the free shipping option.  It was sitting at my post office for the last TWO WEEKS and I had no idea because my mailman didn't leave a delivery notice.  I had to ask to find out.  You get what you pay for I guess.   Lesson learned.
-Anna J., Sun Valley, NV (USA) June 21, 2016

Package so compact.  I almost thought it was something else entirely until I opened it.  Ventolin as advertised as a fraction of the price.  
-Brandon R., Wheeling, WV (USA) June 21, 2016

Really appreciate the help.  You'll have my business for a long time to come.   Big thanks from deep in the heart of Texas.  
-Wesley T., Austin, TX (USA) June 21, 2016

-Emily C., Owensboro, KY (USA) June 20, 2016

Everything as expected.  Bought from jcm before and will again.  Perfect.  
-Tyler A., Edison, NJ (USA) June 20, 2016

V. satisfied and w. be happy to order here again.  TY!  
-Gabriel S., College Station, TX (USA) June 20, 2016

-Clifford J., Hialeah, FL (USA) June 20, 2016

Awesome customer service, quality products, good packaging, and fast shipping.  I highly recommend this service!  
-Mike R., St. Louis, MO (USA) June 20, 2016

Awesome Ultram seller start to finish.  Buy with confidence.  A++++  
-Bob V., Cincinnati, OH (USA) June 19, 2016

Great stuff.  You guys run circles around most of the other shops out there.  Will recommend.  
-Dominick F., Reading, PA (USA) June 19, 2016

Awesome Alko generic Xanax.  Thank you for its fast and safe delivery!  
-Jodi O., Columbia, TN (USA) June 19, 2016

It was a pleasure doing business with you, thanks.  
-William K., Las Vegas, NV (USA) June 19, 2016

Finally, no more bumblin' or stumblin'.... just RUMBLIN!  AAAAA.  
-Phil M., Rome, GA (USA) June 19, 2016

Excellent prod and service.  
-Lawrence S., New Berlin, WI (USA) June 18, 2016

Arrived in acceptable timeframe as described.  
-Thelma H., Dundalk, MD (USA) June 18, 2016

Really appreciate you finally letting me use Paypal to deal with you guys.  I feel like I am a new member in a private club, fraternity, or something.  
-Carl C., Kent, WA (USA) June 18, 2016

Excellent connect for tramadol/ultram.  Will repeat.  
-Miller N., Rapid City, SD (USA) June 18, 2016

Thanks Becca.  I promise I'll be less nervous next time.  A+++  
-Amanda Z., Rochester, NY (USA) June 18, 2016

Thanks again buddy, all went well.  
-Bill T., Savannah, GA (USA) June 17, 2016

Well packaged, long delivery time, quality neurontin.  110% happy.  
-Michelle A., Clifton, NJ (USA) June 17, 2016

Easy international transaction.   Is there any way I can get these orders described as office supplies in the future?
-Hugh O., Baldwin Park, CA (USA) June 17, 2016

Excellent product and service - many thanks.
-Ron G., Lyndhurst, NJ (USA) June 17, 2016

Arrived today, very good thanks.
-Ramona E., Hattiesburg, MS (USA) June 17, 2016

works great.  the pain is bearable and I can keep working.
-Janis S., Galveston, TX (USA) June 16, 2016

You did not put in the email that tracking would not work... Not good.   Luckily it got here anyway.
-Felicia P., Shelbyville, TN (USA) June 16, 2016

great deal on Cialis, quick ship, very happy.
-Barty V., Ithaca, NY (USA) June 16, 2016

-Sheri I., Hibbing, MN (USA) June 16, 2016

Thanks & God bless!  John 3:16.
-Simon W., Carmel, IN (USA) June 16, 2016

always 5stars; best regards, Dani.
-Danielle G., Cupertino, CA (USA) June 15, 2016

It's real now.  Merchandise is even better in person and in hand, thank you, A+.
-Sonya P., Joplin, MO (USA) June 15, 2016

What on Earth can be better than this???  No scripts on whatever I require.
-Fernando L., Greenbelt, MD (USA) June 15, 2016

HTF accutane at a reasonable price, shipped swiftly.  Great Seller!
-Andrea D., Rio Rancho, NM (USA) June 15, 2016

Order secure, a real pro, thank you.
-Stephen B.
, Frankfort, KY (USA) June 15, 2016

great seller thanks again 6 stars in every aspect can't recommend enough.
-Wally N., Mililani, HI (USA) June 15, 2016

Got it.  Hope to do business again soon.
-Thomas L., Providence, RI (USA) June 14, 2016

Supreme seller.  Quick shipping.  Triple A+ 5 star Glucophage source across the board!!!
-Roger V., Jacksonville, FL (USA) June 14, 2016

Was expecting faster delivery and perhaps manufacturer information, but all that arrives is the pills in blister packs.   Took me a few days to build up the courage to take them.   I did and it's good quality, but maybe you would consider shipping the original packaging with orders for people's peace of mind?
-Ollie S., Royal Oak, MI (USA) June 14, 2016

Really appreciate the help, thanks Becca.
-Angela H., Durham, NC (USA) June 14, 2016

Good and lucky.  Got here literally right before my taxi for the airport.  Wheels up on my way to Prague later that day.
-Steve R., Big Spring, TX (USA) June 14, 2016

ALL 3 ultram packs in great shape, well packed for shipping.  Thank-U.
-Benjamin N., Peoria, AZ (USA) June 13, 2016

No problems good communication!!
-Clay R., Hopkins, MN (USA) June 13, 2016

Fine!  Thanks . . . Appreciate working wit' you!
-Roberto P., Fairfax, VA (USA) June 13, 2016

Love those green ones more, actually got a new tablet and thought I had emailed you.
-Ethan K., Terrytown, LA (USA) June 13, 2016

Awesome seller, fantastic product, great communication!
-Frida G., Lakewood, CO (USA) June 13, 2016

Strange order set up but otherwise good service and great benzos.
-Kirk J., Newington, CT (USA) June 12, 2016

-Charlie Y., Georgetown, KY (USA) June 12, 2016

Received and delighted.  Thank you very much!
-Marc S., Wilmington, DE (USA) June 12, 2016

Be aware: shipping can take 2 weeks or more.  Other than that, all good.
-Brook B., Magna, UT (USA) June 12, 2016

Ordered the generic Cialis twice (100 pills) and each time arrived promptly and works consistently and great!  Customer service always good and no hassles at all.  Can't ask for more. 
-Gin X., Angeles City (Philippines) June 12, 2016

A+++.  A little advice to others though, get the EMS shipping as you're in the dark with the free shipping option.   It doesn't track at all online. 
-Jocelyn A., Cumberland, MD (USA) June 11, 2016

Good quality tramadol, but I would prefer tablets over capsules so I can split them if needed.  eight out of ten stars. 
-Mickey S., Norman, OK (USA) June 11, 2016

150% positive, thank you for being so honest, 395Irv. 
-Irving P., Chesapeake, VA (USA) June 11, 2016

Amazingly priced Xanax and perfect service!!!  THANK YOU! 
-Belinda D., Great Falls, MT (USA) June 11, 2016

Hassle free deal.
-Theresa L., Hammond, IN (USA) June 11, 2016

Had to pay via Bitcoins because I got to the party late, but otherwise happy with the product and service.  Recommend.   Do yourself a favor and use Circle.com, not Coinbase, who aren't very nice to deal with. 
-Pat H., Indian Trail, NC (USA) June 10, 2016

arrived safe and sound and costs me about $220 less to get my pills this way, which every 3 orders for me is a free month's rent every year ...thank you!  
-Shelly J., Carson City, NV (USA) June 10, 2016

-Orvi R., Somerset, MA (USA) June 10, 2016

Excellent transaction and seller.  Would buy from again.  Thanks.  
-Marian K., Bradenton, FL (USA) June 10, 2016

I'm Really Pleased...!  What I Wanted, Good Price, And Fast Delivery...!  
-Cynthia F., Ames, IA (USA) June 10, 2016

Delivery in about 2 weeks as expected, highly recommend seller.  
-Kristen W., Dublin, GA (USA) June 9, 2016

good transaction.  Recommend to all.  
-Malcolm J., North Little Rock, AR (USA) June 9, 2016

Received with the 6/7 mail.  Thank you so much, I'm so grateful.  Jesus is Lord.  
-Jerry K., Faribault, MN (USA) June 9, 2016

You should stock a larger variety of pain meds.   Tramadol will do for now, but stronger would be better.  
-Norman G., Sanford, ME (USA) June 9, 2016

More consistency with email replies would be nice.   Sometimes it's 5 minutes, sometimes it's a whole day.   Good benzos though.   
-Juanita I., Coral Terrace, FL (USA) June 9, 2016

Fo' schizzle my nizzle.  A+++   
-Dean S., Evergreen Park, IL (USA) June 8, 2016

-Joe F., Benbrook, TX (USA) June 8, 2016

Except for the part where the mail man didn't leave a delivery note and I had to go and check at the post office to finally get this, really good all around.    
-Diane N., Creve Coeur, MO (USA) June 8, 2016

I think the 100 mg strength may be too strong for me.  Will cut into quarters as you suggested.  Common sense, but I didn't think of it.   
-Lewis V., Washington, DC (USA) June 8, 2016

GREAT service.  Can't ask for more !!  Thanks Becca.   
-Cristina B., Parma, OH (USA) June 8, 2016

Better than I expected!  And the *document* packing was phenominal!   
-Rose K., Grand Forks, ND (USA) June 7, 2016

happy with ultram purchase but too bad you don't do oxycodone.   
-Angela T., New Britain, CT (USA) June 7, 2016

Honest and efficient shop for more than a few items that I need to maintain quality of life.   
-Scott C., Reno, NV (USA) June 7, 2016

Simply reliable!  Love 'Em!  Amazing Seller, Packed Well.  Thanks!   
-Landon M., Brookside, DE (USA) June 7, 2016

Such a treat.   
-Harv R., Olathe, KS (USA) June 7, 2016

Quick service, no scripts, and pretty discreet (got a POB).  What more could one ask for?  Thanks!   
-Lance B., Akron, OH (USA) June 6, 2016

good service and excellent quality Top-Dol.  Looks like I lucked out and got on board before you stopped accepting cards for newbies too.    
-Keb T., Montgomery, AL (USA) June 6, 2016

Walking on sunshine with JCMRX.  You guys really save me on many levels.    
-Cassie C., Tulsa, OK (USA) June 6, 2016

Okay, I think it's working pretty well.  But shouldn't I also be getting an erection with say, less attractive women?  It seems not to work in some cases.   Please advise.     
-Gordon P., Baltimore, MD (USA) June 6, 2016

Great seller, happy with the product!    
-Brandy K., Anderson, CA (USA) June 6, 2016

Absolutely love this service!  Fabulous prices, expert packing & excellent seller.  AAAAA+     
-Edward N., Frederick, MD (USA) June 5, 2016

Took awhile to get here.     
-Matt P., Chandler, AZ (USA) June 5, 2016

Superb gen Cialis - great experience all around!     
-Vince W., Pueblo, CO (USA) June 5, 2016

SUPER AUSGEZEICHNET!  Alles ist wunderbar!  Danke!!     
-Marlene L., Nutley, NJ (USA) June 5, 2016

This pharmacy is legit!  From the day I sent my payment to the day I received the package took 14 days.  It is worth the wait to know that I am not being scammed.  I will definitely be a repeat customer.  Thank you!      
-Abbey X., Ralston, NE (USA) June 5, 2016

5 orders in now, and I can conclude that this shop is a 100% TREASURE TROVE of SAVINGS.     
-Vanessa W., Bakersfield, CA (USA) June 4, 2016

Your order form is a confusing train wreck, but everything else is good.  Thanks for the quick shipment.  Quality Soma.     
-Heidi A., St. Paul, MN (USA) June 4, 2016

Well packed, however you pretty much need to get EMS shipping to know where it is, so not "love free shipping" as suggested.  Easy to order without an Rx here though so there's that.    
-Charlotte S., Nampa, ID (USA) June 4, 2016

VERY GOOD.  TY!!!    
-Tommy B., Carbondale, IL (USA) June 4, 2016

Can I get an Amen up in here?  Praise Jesus.    
-Loren H., Eugene, OR (USA) June 4, 2016

So cool, just as I'd hoped!  Arrived fast.  Great Seller!  Very happy w/purchase!  
-Sonja D., Arlington, VA (USA) June 3, 2016

Great service all around.  Will recommend to family and friends.  
-Larry T., Kihei, HI (USA) June 3, 2016

Good, but I don't think I ordered enough.   Will another package get to me before June 20 if I order today?  
-Betty O., Plymouth, MN (USA) June 3, 2016

Fast & safe ship A + ... kudos to JCMRX and MEDSCHAT.  
-Nathan M., Eau Claire, WI (USA) June 3, 2016

Received 5/28, tks.  
-Lucy C., Athens, OH (USA) June 3, 2016

One star.  An O type blue star.   Um, that's the biggest star classification by mass.   Okay, I'm a geek.  Thanks again for the great product and service.   
-Galen T., Metairie, LA (USA) June 2, 2016

Laser fast EMS shipping!  Great Tramadol Seller!  Should give immediate confirmation upon payment though, that was a bit nerve racking.  
-Amelia P., Clemmons, NC (USA) June 2, 2016

I feel like I've received an award or something.   After four years, they finally 'let' me use Paypal.   You think you waited long enough to trust me?  LOL.   
-Scott L., Katy, TX (USA) June 2, 2016

This shop walks the walk.  Made payment by Circle.       
-Gabi Y., Port Angeles, WA (USA) June 2, 2016

Effin' weird first time order process, but received the order in 12 days, so all good.       
-Dustin A., Brookside, DE (USA) June 2, 2016

Nicely priced and super convenient way to order.  Good quality Baclofen.       
-Claire C., Woodlawn, MD (USA) June 1, 2016

well-packed and fit snugly in my POB.  Thanks again.       
-Jennifer L., Hammond, IN (USA) June 1, 2016

Rec. item perfectly thanx.  Next time, please ship with working tracking.   EMS?       
-Reese F., Moore, OK (USA) June 1, 2016

Excellent transaction.  Items arrived safe.  Thanks.       
-Donnie H., Coeur d'Alene, ID (USA) June 1, 2016

T H X !!!       
-Bill S., Norwalk, CT (USA) June 1, 2016

Shipping was fast for the tramadol but super slow for the valium.  Seller was super responsive.  Happy outcome!        
-Marc A., Passaic, NJ (USA) May 31, 2016

-Terri L., Concord, CA (USA) May 31, 2016

Honest sale.  Sorry about emailing you every 5 minutes.        
-Nina G., Sherwood, AR (USA) May 31, 2016

Excellent Product.        
-Alton D., Columbia Heights, MN (USA) May 31, 2016

Made good time this time.   If I can make one request, is there any way I can get the same brand of Soma everytime?   Sometimes the pills look different and it's confusing to an old fogie like me.         
-Peter J., Sandy, UT (USA) May 31, 2016

Better than expected.  Deal of deals.         
-Doug M., Charleston, WV (USA) May 30, 2016

-Eugenie T., Kannapolis, NC (USA) May 30, 2016

-Robin B., Salem, OR (USA) May 30, 2016

Recommend to all.         
-Slade S., Montpelier, VT (USA) May 30, 2016

So happy to do business with a shop like this.   Will be back for more soon.       
-Peggy D., Boynton Beach, FL (USA) May 30, 2016

Good deal.  Mail order Xanax straight to my mailbox from Mumbai, India.  Crazy but true.     
-Jeremy P., Murfreesboro, TN (USA) May 29, 2016

-Kacey M., Terrytown, LA (USA) May 29, 2016

Geez this would be so much more better, perfect in fact if you could just speed things up.  You definitely have good enough quality and the prices are right.     
-Saul R., Blue Springs, MO (USA) May 29, 2016

I have never bought pharmaceuticals online before so from the beginning I was very scared. When I discovered jcmrx.sx all of my concerns were put to
rest.  First, they've got amazing customer service and will get back to you with any questions you may have in a very timely manner.  Second, everything
they have is generic so it comes at a very reasonable price and you get exactly what you pay for. I usually recieve my packages within 2 weeks, which is extremely convenient and they provide tracking info so you know exactly what is going on.  Overall, I have had a wonderful experience with this site and not only will I continue to give them my business but I've also recommended this site to others in need.      

-Jessica G., Las Vegas, NV (USA) May 29, 2016

I have ordered stuff for this company a few times and the quality is good and always arrives promptly.      
-Potato H., Port Orchard, WA (USA) May 29, 2016

Work perfect.  My daughter and husband are grateful.      
-Josefina N., Carson City, NV (USA) May 28, 2016

Got it early.  Great service.  5 Stars.      
-Randall P., Hopkinsville, KY (USA) May 28, 2016

Thanks again from Great Escape.  Always a pleasure to buy from you.      
-Ellis C., Northampton, MA (USA) May 28, 2016

A1 supplier for all kinds of much needed meds, AAAAA+++++.      
-Gary G., Moscow, ID (USA) May 28, 2016

-Laura R., Nashville, TN (USA) May 28, 2016

Very happy.  Painless transaction apart from the 2 week wait.      
-Carrie A., Reading, PA (USA) May 27, 2016

-Leah F., Glen Ellyn, IL (USA) May 27, 2016

These guys can teach a lot of businesses over here what customer service means.  Seriously.      
-Denny P., Arlington, TX (USA) May 27, 2016

I thought what the heck, worst case I lose $140.  Best case, I'm going to save 1000x that in the years to come.  Super deal.  Very satisfied.       
-Reese R., Newark, NJ (USA) May 27, 2016

Good source for the much needed AND much wanted.  :))       
-Billy H., Gulfport, MS (USA) May 27, 2016

Received today, Ultram is effective.  Thanks, Wayne.       
-Wayne C., Dover, NH (USA) May 26, 2016

-Tonya R., West Des Moines, IA (USA) May 26, 2016

5 *****s, Smooth Deal, Well Packaged Ambien deal.       
-Pauline I., Hauppauge, NY (USA) May 26, 2016

Thank you for the awesome product and service A+++++++++.       
-Lori B., Glendale, AZ (USA) May 26, 2016

As described.        
-Belinda S., Douglasville, GA (USA) May 26, 2016

It's already here!!!  Thanks for helping me with my pain, Becca.        
-Henry E., Aberdeen, SD (USA) May 25, 2016

Passable service.  Not great but acceptable.   Beats going to my doctor.         
-Anthony C., Fairview Park, OH (USA) May 25, 2016

Oorah Good Stuff!        
-Jared W., Greenville, SC (USA) May 25, 2016

Honest and reliable.  My brother gave me your website address and I'm so glad to have you guys saved in my favorites now.       
-Tamara L., Parkersburg, WV (USA) May 25, 2016

You're the best.      
-Vicki Q., Duluth, MN (USA) May 25, 2016

Thanks for helping with the Bitcoin payment.  Will do it as you recommend next time.      
-Boyd R., Kearns, UT (USA) May 24, 2016

Repeat customer - just as happy this time as before.  A++++      
-Faith L., Hastings, NE (USA) May 24, 2016

easy transaction, good price and quality.  will recommend to otb.      
-Brent S., Northport, AL (USA) May 24, 2016

I see it tracks to my POB as of today.  Thanks for the follow up.      
-James B., Naperville, IL (USA) May 24, 2016

Happy w/ my purchase!   
-Chris K., Stamford, CT (USA) May 24, 2016

Good Soma purchase, but your silly Bitcoin only rule is keeping me from ordering Xanax from you.  I promise I'd order a lot.  
-Susie O., Bozeman, MT (USA) May 23, 2016

*Wubba Lubba dub-dub!!!*  That's what I said when I got both packages this week on the SAME day.   Thanks again.  
-Danny T., Long Beach, MS (USA) May 23, 2016

Reliable and relatively fast prepper meds--5 stars!  
-Lindsay G., Cimarron Hills, CO (USA) May 23, 2016

Just what I wanted for my husband.  
-Rienne W., Searcy, AR (USA) May 23, 2016

Not quite what I'm used to in terms of ordering (and taking a quiz first???), but the results are just as good.  
-Theodore F., El Cajon, CA (USA) May 23, 2016

Good results.  I'll put in a larger tramadol order in a few days.  
-Kevin P., Woonsocket, RI (USA) May 22, 2016

EZ transaction with a courteous and intelligent Rx.  I Salute You.  
-Mattie I., Toledo, OH (USA) May 22, 2016

Savings of around $300.  Enough said.   *****
-Nolan H., Riviera Beach, FL (USA) May 22, 2016

Great resource, excellent products and service.  Highly recommended. 
-Lara K., not specified (not specified) May 22, 2016

I have been using this pharmacy for about a year off & on.  Very reliable!  Shipping is always faster than expected!  Service is always fast!
-Wildheart X., Girard, PA (USA) May 22, 2016

Love it!  Great source for antibiotics for us and the kids.  You can't get them here OTC.  God Bless, Candi and Tim.                                    
-Timmy G., Reisterstown, MD (USA) May 21, 2016

Came in a smaller package than expected, but all was inside, quite happy, thanks again.                                    
-Mae O., Natchez, MS (USA) May 21, 2016

GREAT PRICE - FAST DELIVERY- GREAT PRODUCT.                                    
-Sarah Y., Ottumwa, IA (USA) May 21, 2016

ty, will buy from again.  Next time the 100 mg probably.                                    
-Lorena B., Rio Rancho, NM (USA) May 21, 2016

Nerve racking but happy ending.                                    
-Rebecca P., Fontana, CA (USA) May 21, 2016

Outstanding transaction in every aspect ~ THANK YOU!                                    
-Jacob T., Spanish Lake, MO (USA) May 20, 2016

Package was damaged, contents were intact.  Great customer service!  Maybe use more padding next time?                                    
-Ariel N., Prescott, AZ (USA) May 20, 2016

-Tracy Z., Amarillo, TX (USA) May 20, 2016

Working great after a week's use.  I'm able to make it through two shifts like before which would not be possible without this help.                                    
-Gayle K., Mount Vernon, NY (USA) May 20, 2016

A SATISFIED CUSTOMER THANKS YOU.                                    
-Cody L., Holland, MI (USA) May 20, 2016

Great deal on Glucophage.  Buy with confidence.                                    
-Herman R., Fremont, NE (USA) May 19, 2016

Thanks for helping me manage my pain.  I probably couldn't keep working without you.                                    
-Beatrice E., Alexandria, LA (USA) May 19, 2016

Unfortunately shipping took a while.  By the time it got here I had already left for Asia and my wife found that I had ordered a brick of Cialis.  That didn't go over too well.                                    
-Jack W., Pueblo, CO (USA) May 19, 2016

Received, Becca, Mahalo!                                   
-Tony U., Kahului, HI (USA) May 19, 2016

So good.                                   
-Nancy B., Upper St. Clair, PA (USA) May 19, 2016

Delighted with quality of Pain O Soma and excellent service!  Thanks so much!!                                   
-Bryan J., Houma, LA (USA) May 18, 2016

If there were any possible way to tip you or pay a gratuity (not that you're here to serve or anything), I'd do it.  I just want to show with something extra how much I appreciate your shop.                                   
-Maureen S., Wilmington, DE (USA) May 18, 2016

Pretty decent product but you need to find some way to speed up the shipping.                                   
-Josh H., Davenport, IA (USA) May 18, 2016

Good source for generic Provigil.  Thanks again for helping me out.                                   
-Austin R., Henderson, NV (USA) May 18, 2016

-Blanca N., Ann Arbor, MI (USA) May 18, 2016

Well packed and arrived at my house right on time before my shift, thanks.                                   
-Gary Q., Clovis, NM (USA) May 17, 2016

I've received a few different orders from you and always a different brand?   Why don't you just ship the same brand each time?  Not a huge deal, but it's easier to identify one's meds by what they look like and what color they are.                                   
-Victor G., Boston, MA (USA) May 17, 2016

Great product and customer service.  5*****'s all the way!                                   
-Reed K., Scottsboro, AL (USA) May 17, 2016

Super seller, gives 100% attention, great, prompt communication, thanks A+++.                                   
-Martha J., Glen Cove, NY (USA) May 17, 2016

These guys get it done.                                   
-Tricia C., Savannah, GA (USA) May 17, 2016

Smaller package than expected and fit perfectly into my POB.  Quality generic Ultram.  Thank you.                                   
-Sammy J., Oak Ridge, TN (USA) May 16, 2016

The exact kind of shop I was looking for.                                   
-Linda H., Edmond, OK (USA) May 16, 2016

I thought the billing process was overly complicated, but I suppose it's your shop, so your rules.   The pills and bonus pills work well and I'm looking forward to the next time around (and hopefully without all of the 10 emails it took to get the order finally placed).                                 
-Andy A., Westport, CT (USA) May 16, 2016

Pleased with product.  Everything as stated.                               
-Cheryl P., Fresno, CA (USA) May 16, 2016

Sorry for all the badgering emails.   First time nerves.   I understand the system and the waiting time now.  A+++.                            
-Jean N., Parkersburg, WV (USA) May 16, 2016

Thanks again.  Finally got here after the USPS sent it to Maine first.  Weird but not too surprising considering who works there.                            
-Beth A., Corpus Christi, TX (USA) May 15, 2016

Buy with confidence!  If I could have one suggestion for improvement... you should speed up the payment confirmation email. For first time customers, it's a long time to wait overnight before you confirm that payment was received and all was well.                            
-Greg S., Ewing, NJ (USA) May 15, 2016

Got the Moda, thanks.  Time to get to work.                            
-Cameron J., Fairfax, VA (USA) May 15, 2016

The only thing that could be better would be if you let me use Paypal next time.  Other than that I was absolutely delighted with your shop's straightforward service and delivery (don't get better than right to your mailbox).                            
-Donna Y., Hialeah, FL (USA) May 15, 2016

Shipping kind of long and drawn out, but I guess that's the trade off for savings, which I have to admit are significant.                            
-Stan V., Baton Rouge, LA (USA) May 15, 2016

Well packed, well done.  Top dealer.                            
-Ian E., Cumberland, MD (USA) May 14, 2016

Thanks for the quick ship.  Was really running low.                            
-Anirban C., Hamilton, OH (USA) May 14, 2016

Unbelievably helpful service!  One of the best I've found in years.  AAA++++++.                            
-Sue W., Paradise, NV (USA) May 14, 2016

Stronger than expected but quite good.  Good communication.  Very satisfied.                            
-Aaron P., Ogden, UT (USA) May 14, 2016

Received, thanx!  I couldn't get the order form to work.  It kept blocking me at the Capcha screen.  Thanks for taking my order via email.                            
-Kayla L., Springdale, AR (USA) May 14, 2016

Enjoyable international transaction.                            
-Christian R., Garden City, KS (USA) May 13, 2016

No surprises.  Looks to be a reliable connect.                            
-Derrick A., Eagan, MN (USA) May 13, 2016

Absolute lifesaver.  It's so difficult to make ends meet nowadays and every bit helps.                            
-Pam M., Great Falls, MT (USA) May 13, 2016

thank you....VERY PLEASED....will most certainly give a positive field report to the other guys on the board.                            
-Benjamin H., Denver, CO (USA) May 13, 2016

good quality and price.  ty.                            
-Cindy P., Trenton, NJ (USA) May 13, 2016

16 days from order to delivery to my PO Box.  Oltram 50mg tramadol white tablets are just the right strength for me.                            
-Brett F., Manitowoc, WI (USA) May 12, 2016

extremely helpful.  worked w/me on a few things.  thank you!                            
-Kristi O., Providence, RI (USA) May 12, 2016

Always a pleasure and relief to shop here.                            
-Barry R., Concord, CA (USA) May 12, 2016

Took awhile but hey, better than paying a little more than double for this.                            
-Naomi Y., Ottumwa, IA (USA) May 12, 2016

-Art N., Pascagoula, MS (USA) May 12, 2016

Great price and quality for Spirono., great transaction!                            
-Kimberly B., Attleboro, MA (USA) May 11, 2016

LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys!                            
-Michael H., Delray Beach, FL (USA) May 11, 2016

Just in the nick of time.  Flying out tomorrow and the package arrives TODAY.   Will plan ahead better next time.                            
-Casey D., Mount Pleasant, SC (USA) May 11, 2016

Received, thx.                            
-Preston L., Indianapolis, IN (USA) May 11, 2016

I can't say thank you enough, they are truly a blessing to me.  Customer service is outstanding and Becca is very patient and answers all my questions. This is my one and only place for amazing prices, meds, and great customer service A+.                            
-Sancia X., Greensboro NC (USA) May 11, 2016

item as advertised, will do business again.                            
-Zach K., Taylor, MI (USA) May 10, 2016

Hassle free international transaction...5 star IOP...*****                            
-Kellie E., Lakewood, CO (USA) May 10, 2016

-Terrence B., North Royalton, OH (USA) May 10, 2016

Not a big complaint, but the packing could have been better.  Maybe a box next time instead of a padded bubble mailer?   That way my mailman won't try to cram it through the patio door slot.                            
-Jared W., Chula Vista, CA (USA) May 10, 2016

I wish you carried Xanax bars, but the Pex 2 pills have been good enough.                            
-Mae S., Carol Stream, IL (USA) May 10, 2016

My son now has backup inhalers instead of us only being able to afford one at a time.  I WILL buy from you again.                            
-Angie G., Denton, TX (USA) May 9, 2016

Could not ask for a more considerate seller.  Thank you.                           
-Paulina O., Fairbanks, AK (USA) May 9, 2016

Very nice with the extra Cipla samples, thank you for the free shipping!                           
-Junior H., Sioux City, IA (USA) May 9, 2016

Just what I wanted and needed.                           
-Charlie R., Lorain, OH (USA) May 9, 2016

Took a day of email tag before the order was paid for, but good quality Soma and as to be expected round the world delivery time.                          
-Boyd V., Eagan, MN (USA) May 9, 2016

Weird start but good job overall.                          
-Colleen W., Haverhill, MA (USA) May 8, 2016

Outstanding in every way.  Thanks for the terrific service.                          
-Robin F., State College, PA (USA) May 8, 2016

PILLS WERE A HUGE HIT AT THE EVENT.  THANK YOU.                          
-Oscar B., Dalton, GA (USA) May 8, 2016

Great and prompt with communicating and shipping!  Happy to buy from again  :)                          
-Bobby H., Prichard, AL (USA) May 8, 2016

Good seller.  I'd package them with a little more padding, seems easily crushed.                          
-Allie S., Glen Cove, NY (USA) May 8, 2016

Not much to say, love these guys.                          
-Kylie P., Rexburg, ID (USA) May 7, 2016

Service AND product so sweet!  Will post a review for you on PR.                          
-Pete F., Elizabeth, NJ (USA) May 7, 2016

Good packing, and not that bad of speed from the USPS.   Is it safe to take Ultram with coffee?                          
-Florence I., Reno, NV (USA) May 7, 2016

very pleased, five stars!                          
-Sandi D., Hilo, HI (USA) May 7, 2016

AAA source for Baclofen.                          
-Allison E., Marrero, LA (USA) May 7, 2016

Very happy and a great price.  AAAA++++                        
-Linda G., Beckley, WV (USA) May 6, 2016

Took some courage to make my first purchase, but well worth it in the end.                        
-John C., Marion, IA (USA) May 6, 2016

Not the best generic Ultram I've had but pretty darn good.                        
-Shannon Q., Spokane, WA (USA) May 6, 2016

Awesome. TY!                        
-Phil R., Lowell, MA (USA) May 6, 2016

So much better than expected.  They say you get what you pay for, but there is so much value in this service.                        
-Jerold O., Yonkers, NY (USA) May 6, 2016

Safely packaged.  Such a long trip and right to my mailbox.  I would buy again.                        
-Vincent W., Pittsburg, KS (USA) May 5, 2016

All good, thanks.  I think I'll go with the 50mg next time.  100mg seems quite strong.                       
-Carol M., Shoreview, MN (USA) May 5, 2016

Took me awhile to figure out your order system.  But okay, I understand now why you do things like this.  Thanks for the package and I'll be glad to recommend you to friends and family.                       
-Neal T., Harrisburg, PA (USA) May 5, 2016

Thank you for saving my life.  Literally.                       
-Joel G., Fargo, ND (USA) May 5, 2016

No one does it better.                     
-Megan J., Naugatuck, CT (USA) May 5, 2016

priceless connect, thanks again, a+++++ prod. and service.                     
-Brad C., Slidell, LA (USA) May 4, 2016

-Erica T., Bellaire, TX (USA) May 4, 2016

Thanks for holding my hand through my first purchase.   I promise I won't be this nervous every time.                     
-Isaac B., Joplin, MO (USA) May 4, 2016

All went great.  Will get another order in after I get paid.                     
-Dewey H., Goose Creek, SC (USA) May 4, 2016

-Ari H., Lee's Summit, MO (USA) May 4, 2016

1.21 GIGAWATTS!!!  Got it today!!!  I am literally jumping up and down.  Having a no script pharmacy on my phone changes everything.                     
-Thomas L., Penfield, NY (USA) May 3, 2016

Smooth transaction, thanks for helping me breathe.                   
-Jessica E., Bremerton, WA (USA) May 3, 2016

Buy again here, I will.  :-)                 
-Martie S., Keene, NH (USA) May 3, 2016

JCMRX = answered prayer.   Praise Jesus.                 
-Tina K., Auburn, ME (USA) May 3, 2016

Beats the other way all to heck.  *****               
-Erin V., Scottsdale, AZ (USA) May 3, 2016

Well, certainly a unique way of doing business.  They get it done though so, A+++.               
-Dale O., Hammond, LA (USA) May 2, 2016

Five Stars across the board.  I look forward to hooking up again.  Thank You.               
-Tami S., Cranston, RI (USA) May 2, 2016

Soma shipped and received very fast; but you waited another week to ship my Valium?  Happy I got them and all, but I think you could have shipped them a day apart.               
-Zach B., Clovis, NM (USA) May 2, 2016

You guys are so much better than my last Cernos supplier.  Thanks for the Cialis samples too.               
-Edward T., Southaven, MS (USA) May 2, 2016

Perfect transaction good people, I see a lot of people complaining about shipping speed, but it's really not too bad if you plan ahead.               
-Susan W., Lenexa, KS (USA) May 2, 2016

Great little pill shop.  Easily the best I've tried and I've tried dozens.               
-Otis F., Geneva, IL (USA) May 1, 2016

A-OK USA!               
-Rudy J., Parkville, MD (USA) May 1, 2016

Great transaction.  Happy with item.  Thank you.               
-Vicki S., Akron, OH (USA) May 1, 2016

Sorry I couldn't figure out Bitcoins for the Xanax, maybe next time.   Good tramadol though, glad you accept Google Wallet for that.               
-Kate P., Fremont, NE (USA) May 1, 2016

-Sidney E., Chandler, AZ (USA) May 1, 2016

Seriously great value here.  Cannot be expressed in simple terms how much I'm going to save here in the years to come.               
-Phil M., Brookings, SD (USA) April 30, 2016

As described, better than expected actually.             
-Whitney G., Newport, KY (USA) April 30, 2016

Slow shipping but VERY satisfied with product.           
-Felicia B., Harlingen, TX (USA) April 30, 2016

Tramadol package received.  Are you sure you cannot ship me Adderall too?           
-Marion Y., Wilmington, DE (USA) April 30, 2016

thanks for sending it quick.  Great seller A+++++           
-Stephen A., Hartford, CT (USA) April 30, 2016

Got here in time, thanks for the EMS shipment suggestion.  All GOOD.           
-Jerry R., Ponca City, OK (USA) April 29, 2016

Thanks for the helpers.  Quitting smoking is a bee-atch.         
-Matt L., Camden, NJ (USA) April 29, 2016

Good internet source for Clomid.         
-Vanessa B., Altoona, PA (USA) April 29, 2016

Received and well tested.  Sonia ****** thanks you.  She was like, whoa baby.         
-Tony J., Edmond, OK (USA) April 29, 2016

Absolutely thrilled with my purchase.  Thank you for all the help.  Many more orders to come.       
-Bill W., Madison, WI (USA) April 29, 2016

XLNT India connection.       
-Deanna Y., Owensboro, KY (USA) April 28, 2016

Shout out to my ISG brothers, yes, this shop is legit.  2 legit, 2 legit to quit.       
-Patrick P., Kearney, NE (USA) April 28, 2016

Good deal.       
-Wade L., Morgantown, WV (USA) April 28, 2016

-Jan G., Hilo, HI (USA) April 28, 2016

Thank you for the great purchase, but you need to somehow speed up the delivery time.       
-Edith R., Hicksville, NY (USA) April 28, 2016

Reliable as always.  And yes, the 60mg dose is too strong.  Will be cutting them in half to use.      
-Tim F., Annapolis, MD (USA) April 27, 2016

Package opened and sealed again at some point.  Order intact.      
-Adriano L., Cutlerville, MI (USA) April 27, 2016

I think I'll stay with this brand / type from now on if possible.   I think the generic Ultram that are green capsules seem to be strongest and fast acting.      
-Becky E., Sheridan, WY (USA) April 27, 2016

shipped timely & safely.  Great international transaction thank you!      
-Karl A., Lakewood, CO (USA) April 27, 2016

Received but I think it would be so much better if I could use my Fedex account and charge me for shipping me that way.      
-Ramon M., Beaverton, OR (USA) April 27, 2016

Long wait, but good trams.      
-Evan H., Boise, ID (USA) April 26, 2016

Hint to all, be sure to get the EMS shipping option or you'll have no idea where your order is.   Well worth the $25.      
-Clint S., Manchester, CT (USA) April 26, 2016

Great source to buy generic Valium from.  I recommend.      
-Jory P., Dover, DE (USA) April 26, 2016

These work really well.  Now if only you had a pill for blue balls.  LOL.      
-Ryan T., Gallup, NM (USA) April 26, 2016

Got all three packages this week, with the first one arriving last for whatever reason.  :-)      
-Colleen W., Brockton, MA (USA) April 26, 2016

Tablets work great, and the price was real good.  I definitely prefer tablets to capsules from now on.      
-Doug Y., New Brighton, MN (USA) April 25, 2016

Minor issue with shipping - MAJOR communicator to resolve!  AAA+++      
-Jean R., Kennewick, WA (USA) April 25, 2016

Okay, this Som_a definitely puts me to sleep.   Now do you have any meds that can help jump start me in the morning?      
-Evelyn P., Rapid City, SD (USA) April 25, 2016

Good to go, thanks again.      
-Chen H., Eau Claire, WI (USA) April 25, 2016

Absolutely SUPERB customer service!!  The finest seller I've bought from!!      
-Vincent S., Des Moines, IA (USA) April 25, 2016

Times are pretty tough and this shop is a Godsend to help me keep my healthcare costs from bankrupting me.      
-Marcy D., Rogers, AR (USA) April 24, 2016

It was exactly what I wanted + it came faster that I expected.      
-Nathan G., Seven Oaks, SC (USA) April 24, 2016

Finasteride package got a little beat up, Cialis package arrived pristine without a single crushed tablet.  Other than that A1.      
-Ben V., Fishers, IN (USA) April 24, 2016

Pretty good deal and great benzos.  I would order again.      
-Clara S., La Vista, NE (USA) April 24, 2016

This is the premier Ultram shop on the wuhwuhwuh.       
-Larry K., Provo, UT (USA) April 24, 2016

Shaky start but overall a pleasure to do business with.       
-Angela R., Sunrise Manor, NV (USA) April 23, 2016

LOVE!  I may have miscounted but I think you sent me 10 extra.  :)       
-Gary I., College, AK (USA) April 23, 2016

Not the same pill type as in the picture, but it's the same drug for sure.  Will order again soon.       
-Marcia E., Fayetteville, PA (USA) April 23, 2016

works great thanks.       
-Eva J., San Diego, CA (USA) April 23, 2016

Excellent transaction... beyond expectations in all!  My first international online drug deal.  Sweet.       
-Roland R., Las Cruces, NM (USA) April 23, 2016

TY.  One happy camper here.       
-Nancy W., Jamestown, NY (USA) April 22, 2016

Some problems with tracking, but otherwise a well run business.   Roll tide.       
-Mark K., Tuscaloosa, AL (USA) April 22, 2016

Nice Somas, easy transaction and quick delivery.      
-Leon V., Bozeman, MT (USA) April 22, 2016

Awesome vendor.  Best I've found in years.      
-Geoffrey J., Dunedin, FL (USA) April 22, 2016

Got it.  Will use again.      
-Brenda M., Lexington, KY (USA) April 22, 2016

Appreciate this deal so much, Becca.      
-Holly L., Caldwell, ID (USA) April 21, 2016

Thanks so much for saving my broke ass.  Will recommend.      
-Sam K., Agoura Hills, CA (USA) April 21, 2016

It's great, so nice to get a good night's sleep.   I'll be back to order more thanks.      
-Rachel B., Overland Park, KS (USA) April 21, 2016

Great combo: tram and soma....love it.      
-Jim Q., Nashua, NH (USA) April 21, 2016

works well.  ordering another pack now.      
-Rita P., Hendersonville, TN (USA) April 21, 2016

Thank you for the excellent service above and beyond what is expected. +++ :)      
-Louis W., Montpelier, VT (USA) April 20, 2016

Good good quality.  Slow slow shipping.  8 of 10 stars.      
-Dawn F., Naperville, IL (USA) April 20, 2016

Thanks for the walk through for Bitcoins.  I get it now, and yes, it's a much better way.      
-Linda L., East Providence, RI (USA) April 20, 2016

The WHOLE process, from the start to me opening the package... SUPERB!      
-Gerardo H., Bethlehem, PA (USA) April 20, 2016

Just what we needed!  Thanks so much!      
-Oscar B., Carson City, NV (USA) April 20, 2016

Would deal with again.  Thanks for all the after service and putting up with my questions.      
-Kurt S., Shreveport, LA (USA) April 19, 2016

Okay, maybe a silly question, but why doesn't US customs care about these?   I'm ordering without a prescription, they stopped the package, opened the package, resealed it with tape, and I received it.   Happy but scratching my head.      
-Blaine X., Colorado Springs, CO (USA) April 19, 2016

JCM is different right off the bat.  One thing you'll notice is that they don't try to pitch you anything.  You can order or not, they aren't pushy about it.  Glad I decided to go with them though.  Grade A stuff and not that long to wait for it.    
-Scott J., Little Rock, AR (USA) April 19, 2016

Love these folks.  They work with me and helped very much.  I will remember that. 
-Neil R., Waterbury, CT (USA) April 19, 2016

I was expecting bars, but these are pretty good too. 
-Alexis O., Mitchell, SD (USA) April 19, 2016

Great tramadol deal.  Many more orders to come for sure. 
-Olivia G., Cleveland, OH (USA) April 18, 2016

Item rec'd in good time, as advertised.  Prepper gold. 
-Anthony E., Georgetown, KY (USA) April 18, 2016

Thanks again.  So nice to be able to pee normally again.  No doubt. 
-Phil J., Dunwoody, GA (USA) April 18, 2016

-Bonnie W., Selma, AL (USA) April 18, 2016

Pretty good on all points. 
-John R., Catonsville, MD (USA) April 18, 2016

Great online pharma shop to work with.  Will pass on the word. 
-Henry T., Plano, TX (USA) April 17, 2016

Quality goods, but a confusing order process. 
-Winston Y., Deming, NM (USA) April 17, 2016

-Nellie O., Slidell, LA (USA) April 17, 2016

Kismet.  I lost one of my jobs, but I found you guys.  I think I can just barely make it now.  Better than not at all though. 
-Kelly B., Merrillville, IN (USA) April 17, 2016

As described.  Packaged well.  Happy with purchase!
-Janet L., Stratford, CT (USA) April 17, 2016

Good price, solid quality, no complaints. 
-Ethan P., North Augusta, SC (USA) April 16, 2016

Smooth and easy. 
-Melinda I., Bergenfield, NJ (USA) April 16, 2016

A pharmacy you can order from any time without a script is a true asset. 
-Howard Z., Dunedin, FL (USA) April 16, 2016

Received.  Such a relief too.  Thought it wasn't coming because the tracking stopped at India.  :))) 
-Lois A., Sun Prairie, WI (USA) April 16, 2016

Just what I was looking for. 
-Floyd V., Marblehead, MA (USA) April 16, 2016

Another excellent transaction with this Ultram shop, one of the best on the net. 
-Karena O., Wauwatosa, WI (USA) April 15, 2016

Pleased with the product, service about average.  Not sure what all the fanfare is about.  So they deliver, but that is to be expected??? 
-Cecil T., Sandy, UT (USA) April 15, 2016

Probably one of the better online ******* deals I've ever had, ever.  Thanks again! 
-Joe E., Ellicott City, MD (USA) April 15, 2016

Always great, thanks. 
-Tracy S., Allentown, PA (USA) April 15, 2016

Care pack arrived - excellent service - very pleased. 
-Wendell J., Derry, NH (USA) April 15, 2016

ALL GOOD HERE!!! :) *****
-Spencer V., Buffalo, NY (USA) April 14, 2016

Thank you for the K and T.  Will repeat.
-Olivia E., New Haven, CT (USA) April 14, 2016

careful packaging and prompt delivery of quality product!! : )
-Tommy D., East Ridge, TN (USA) April 14, 2016

Having a source like this is priceless.  Would definitely buy from again.
-Rita L., Farmington Hills, MI (USA) April 14, 2016

Thanks for working with me after hours.  You are very nice THANKS.
-Kara K., Lincoln, NE (USA) April 14, 2016

Product arrived when estimated and was as described, only issue: would prefer box packaging and not bubble mailer.
-Shane G., Abilene, TX (USA) April 13, 2016

Awesome as always.
-Frank O., Jackson, MS (USA) April 13, 2016

Aloha Becca, got it on 4/10; thanks again for the sweet deal.
-Roland R., Wailuku, HI (USA) April 13, 2016

Great Transaction.  Good People to deal with.  Thanks again!!
-Jerome C., Pueblo, CO (USA) April 13, 2016

Painless!  Literally.
-Edith Y., Boston, MA (USA) April 13, 2016

A few crushed tablets, but hey, it travelled 8,000 miles to get to me.
-Vicky Q., Belton, MO (USA) April 12, 2016

Missed the first delivery but they kept it for me at the post office and I got it the next day.  Thanks for the super after service.  Rare nowadays.
-Don R., West Linn, OR (USA) April 12, 2016

Good product, good transaction, good seller.
-Alice B., Toms River, NJ (USA) April 12, 2016

had to wait a bit, but for $140 there's nothing that beats it.
-Jamie H., Mitchell, SD (USA) April 12, 2016

Some people on the board say you have a funny looking website, myself though I think it makes you guys unique.  Retro in fact.  It's your service that counts which is miles ahead of everyone else.  Keep it up! 
-Chloe T., Lenexa, KS (USA) April 12, 2016

First of all, got it, thank you very much.  Good quality tramadol too.  But one serious suggestion, you need to make it more clear that free shipping tracking does not work on the usps.com website.  It works to the day it leaves India and that's it.  We're in the dark the rest of the way. 
-Kurt S., Peoria, AZ (USA) April 11, 2016

Thanks jcmrx.  I very much recommend U!  Sincerely, PJ. 
-Pauline J., Richmond, KY (USA) April 11, 2016

Great as always.  Talk to you again in a couple of weeks.  A+++++ 
-Cody C., Moscow, ID (USA) April 11, 2016

Really good value.  Can't imgaine filling a prescription in a real world drug store again.  Certainly not going to pay $90 to my doctor every year just to get a new prescription for the same meds either. 
-Silvia W., Aventura, FL (USA) April 11, 2016

Thanks.  All went well.  Greetings from Delaware. 
-Eugene G., Dover, DE (USA) April 11, 2016

Happy to buy here, but could you please mix up the look of the packages a bit?  Maybe different color envelopes? 
-Verna E., La Grange, GA (USA) April 10, 2016

Seller was very friendly, worked with me on combined shipping - RECOMMEND! 
-Jonathan H., Loveland, CO (USA) April 10, 2016

Wow.  This is how it should work A++. 
-Fred T., Bangor, ME (USA) April 10, 2016

GRRRRREAT little pharma! 
-Allison W., Chula Vista, CA (USA) April 10, 2016

PERFECT!  Better than expected!  10 Stars********** 
-Leslie P., Sun City, AZ (USA) April 10, 2016

Great product.  Was kind of nervous because the tracking didn't work.  Will use EMS air mail as suggested next time. 
-Phillip S., Wichita, KS (USA) April 9, 2016

Package arrived safe and sound.  Mail order Xanax.  DIG! 
-Rebecca V., Meriden, CT (USA) April 9, 2016

Totally satisfied.  JCM hits it out of the park. 
-Chad F., Muskogee, OK (USA) April 9, 2016

Sorry for the delayed feedback.  Couldn't get online for several days after I switched over to Linux.  AAAA. 
-Steve L., Grand Rapids, MI (USA) April 9, 2016

Both packages arrived, thank you. 
-Ollie T., North Plainfield, NJ (USA) April 9, 2016

Legit legit legit.  Thanks again Becca! 
-Iris S., Coral Springs, FL (USA) April 8, 2016

Would deal again & recommend to others.  Thanks!!! 
-Melinda B., Harrisburg, PA (USA) April 8, 2016

I thought you'd be sending the boxes and leaflets as well, and not just the blister packs, but I guess that's why shipping is free.  4/5 stars. 
-Kevin R., Charleston, WV (USA) April 8, 2016

Works well, I'm happy. 
-Pete D., Berkley, MI (USA) April 8, 2016

perfect seller, buy with full confidence A++++.
-Cynthia N., Fort Collins, CO (USA) April 8, 2016

7 out of 10 stars.  I think you'd get more business if you shipped faster.
-Leon P., Hillsboro, OR (USA) April 7, 2016

Wonderful little online pharmacy-terrific communication-HIGHEST RECOMMENDATIONS all around.
-James H., Sacramento, CA (USA) April 7, 2016

I'm very pleased with the Acyclovir and the great service I received.  Thank-you.
-Debra K., Joliet, IL (USA) April 7, 2016

thank you for the package it was just what i wanted.
-Theo R., Lynn, MA (USA) April 7, 2016

Sorry for all the annoying emails.  Really good service and product.
-Harvey M., Sparks, NV (USA) April 7, 2016

First time customer here.  Excellent seller 100 % recommended and thanks.
-Robert Z., Gaithersburg, MD (USA) April 6, 2016

Refreshingly friendly service, discrete billing, and total shipping time of 12 days.  Not bad to save around $150 on my tramadol order. 
-Keith H., Juneau, AK (USA) April 6, 2016

Slow shipping but good enough. 
-Sonya P., Albany, GA (USA) April 6, 2016

:) thank u. 
-Iggy B., Rutland, VT (USA) April 6, 2016

It's annoying that I have to use Bitcoins for this purchase but okay, the meds are the good stuff I'll give you that. 
-Ross L., Columbia, MO (USA) April 6, 2016

Good source for Tramadol.  Would recommend. 
-Dave Y., Caldwell, ID (USA) April 5, 2016

Package was beat up, but I guess it had to come a long way.  That's what she said. 
-Matthew E., South Valley, NM (USA) April 5, 2016

On a scale of 1-10, this SELLER is an 11!!!  ONE OF THE BEST *EVER*!!! 
-Casey J., Wade Hampton, SC (USA) April 5, 2016

Pleasant transaction, thank you!  Highly recommend outstanding quality product. 
-Myra G., Hazel Park, MI (USA) April 5, 2016

So glad I bought this for my wife, it has really helped. 
-Randy C., Glendale, AZ (USA) April 5, 2016

Hands down the best pill shop.  Excellent communication a++++++ 
-Nina V., Stratford, CT (USA) April 4, 2016

Smooth metformin transaction, hope to do business with again...thanks! 
-Cecilia D., Pascagoula, MS (USA) April 4, 2016

-Beth N., Richmond, KY (USA) April 4, 2016

wow...nice and easy, and best deal around!!!!  thanks soo much. 
-Mary S., Fayetteville, NC (USA) April 4, 2016

-Jean T., Oakland, CA (USA) April 4, 2016

easy deal.  a pleasure to do business with. 
-Theresa Q., Topeka, KS (USA) April 3, 2016

Everything as expected.  Thanks. 
-Darlene B., Franklin, TN (USA) April 3, 2016

-Ashley K., Fairfield, CA (USA) April 3, 2016

Superb Ultram shop - A very good transaction in all respects.  Thank you! 
-Jay M., Selma, AL (USA) April 3, 2016

Delighted with purchase - would certainly buy again from seller. 
-Evelyn L., Spring Valley, NV (USA) April 3, 2016

Valuable service.  So glad to have found this place. 
-Jimmy T., North Little Rock, AR (USA) April 2, 2016

happy with items and service. 
-Leah M., Jacksonville, FL (USA) April 2, 2016

yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! 
-Harris O., Dover, DE (USA) April 2, 2016

Good shipping time, very pleased, thanks! 
-Louis W., Plainfield, NJ (USA) April 2, 2016

Just got them today, will be buying more. 
-Amanda H., Corpus Christi, TX (USA) April 2, 2016

Good Soma, as described, would buy from this seller again. 
-Ellis R., Fridley, MN (USA) April 1, 2016

You guys clearly seem busier than before.  I guess that's what good service brings.  Popularity!!! 
-Lily F., Cedar Rapids, IA (USA) April 1, 2016

as described!  Thank you!  Thanks for helping me with the btc intro. 
-Melinda C., North Druid Hills, GA (USA) April 1, 2016

First class.  Have I ordered often enough to use Paypal yet? 
-Timmy K., Rock Hill, SC (USA) April 1, 2016

Got it thanks. 
-Josh J., Chester, PA (USA) April 1, 2016

KOTL!  I'm so happy to have found this shop. 
-Norah V., Kansas City, MO (USA) March 31, 2016

Thanks For The Great Deal.  I'll be sure to use that EMS air option next time. 
-Katie E., Ogden, UT (USA) March 31, 2016

Thanks again.  This actually wasn't my first order with you, I ordered years ago, but maybe your records don't go that far back. 
-Angela O., Woonsocket, RI (USA) March 31, 2016

Just what I needed.  Wish it could have got here faster.  I'll order well ahead of time next time round. 
-Willie R., Gallup, NM (USA) March 31, 2016

-Eric T., Bolingbrook, IL (USA) March 31, 2016

Mailer was opened by US customs, but let through without any issues.  Received 3/27. 
-Paul B., West Lafayette, IN (USA) March 30, 2016

Smooooth Transaction >Would Buy From Again >Thanks! 
-Otis S., Colton, CA (USA) March 30, 2016

Great people to deal with. 
-Vincent F., Dover, NH (USA) March 30, 2016

Website is kind of a time warp, but good product and service. 
-Nattie K., Gardner, MA (USA) March 30, 2016

JCM is optimal. 
-Cameron R., San Jose, CA (USA) March 30, 2016

98% satisfied, Thank you.  Amazing to deal with, but I think you shouldn't write tadalafil on the customs label. 
-Matt I., Fairview Park, OH (USA) March 29, 2016

Not the best in terms of shipping speed but overall a good international experience and well worth the $. 
-Perry G., Natchez, MS (USA) March 29, 2016

Absolutely delighted with my Careprost order. 
-Sherri L., Cheyenne, WY (USA) March 29, 2016

Tramadol arrived in good shape.  Quality is good and I will place a larger order shortly. 
-Jesse W., Mesa, AZ (USA) March 29, 2016

-Valerie Y., Beaverton, OR (USA) March 29, 2016

couldn't ask for more.  excelente vendedor, gracias.  :-) 
-Megan D., Santa Fe, NM (USA) March 28, 2016

Really appreciate all of your help, Becca.  Jon here. 
-Jonathan P., Newport News, VA (USA) March 28, 2016

Thanks for helping me manage my pain. 
-Lionel S., Paterson, NJ (USA) March 28, 2016

Very satisfied with the seller.  USPS, that's another issue.  It took 4 days to get here from India on the other side of the world and then another 12 days for the US mail to get from New York to Rhode Island. 
-Karen O., Warwick, RI (USA) March 28, 2016

Good internet source for Metformin / glucophage. 
-Danielle T., Long Beach, CA (USA) March 28, 2016

An answered prayer and dream come true at the same time, jcmrx. 
-June W., Aurora, CO (USA) March 27, 2016

swell transaction, 'er indoors is pleased, leaves high marks. 
-Anthony K., Madison, WI (USA) March 27, 2016

Thanks for the fast and smooth international transaction.  Recommended seller!!!! 
-Greg C., St. Paul, MN (USA) March 27, 2016

excellent online deal, no complaints. 
-Steven T., Huntington, NY (USA) March 27, 2016

Outer package damaged, perhaps got wet also somewhere along the way.  Pills made it safely.  Thanks! 
-Olive G., Plano, TX (USA) March 27, 2016

I ordered the wrong dosage so I have to cut the pills in half, but otherwise all good. 
-Wayne V., Lawrence, KS (USA) March 26, 2016

JCM is fast and honest, I'd repeat  here. 
-John L., Ottumwa, IA (USA) March 26, 2016

Good stuff.  Screw Dr. ******** and screw Big Pharma. 
-Kevin E., Austin, MN (USA) March 26, 2016

Very happy with this Xanax purchase.  Thank you. 
-Tabitha Q., Moultrie, GA (USA) March 26, 2016

YAY!  Thanks again ; ) 
-Nina L., Hartford, CT (USA) March 26, 2016

thank u for always working wtih me I love y'all!  :) 
-Carol D., Tulsa, OK (USA) March 25, 2016

Stoked.  THX AGN!! 
-Francis R., Independence, KY (USA) March 25, 2016

A dream come true.  Just the tram I wanted, and a great purchase experience. 
-Heather Y., Camden, NJ (USA) March 25, 2016

Thank you, easy to deal with, better than expected. 
-Grady J., Brea, CA (USA) March 25, 2016

$ for $ the best IOP ever! 
-Lori S., Hobbs, NM (USA) March 25, 2016

Wow factor of being able to get my meds without a script aside, a pretty smooth transaction, if a bit slow in shipping. 
-Todd P., Akron, OH (USA) March 24, 2016

-Louie C., Madison, WI (USA) March 24, 2016

Amazing.  Great service all the way from order to delivery (arrives by USPS mail by the way).  Would recommend. 
-Irene H., Sunnyvale, CA (USA) March 24, 2016

Ran into a mail delay of some kind in New york, but finally got here.  TY! 
-Traci F., Lakewood, CO (USA) March 24, 2016

Reliable and cheap, first class operation.  I just recommended a friend to buy here today. 
-James M., Seminole, FL (USA) March 24, 2016

Received, great as always.  Working two jobs and barely making it, jcmrx is a God send. 
-Floyd R., Ocean Springs, MS (USA) March 23, 2016

Feeling so much better, thank you.  Really appreciate the help. 
-Benjamin W., Kerrville, TX (USA) March 23, 2016

-Ingrid E., Mount Pleasant, SC (USA) March 23, 2016

Outer packing damaged, maybe more tape next time?  Pills made it okay. 
-Bruce S., Tempe, AZ (USA) March 23, 2016

Perfect.  Just what I was looking for.  Thank you.  5 stars all around!!! 
-Leon J., Westbrook, ME (USA) March 23, 2016

Perfect 5***** Carisoprodol source.  BIG MAHALOS. 
-George O., Blytheville, AR (USA) March 22, 2016

Ain't no bout a doubt it, jcmrx is one of the best connects I've found so far. 
-Donna P., Teaneck, NJ (USA) March 22, 2016

Got it, thanks.  Good quality too.  This certainly changes everything.  A+++ 
-Leigh M., Fairmont, WV (USA) March 22, 2016

-Rick T., Goose Creek, SC (USA) March 22, 2016

All perfect like always!!!  Thank you very much!!! 
-Eugene B., New Castle, PA (USA) March 22, 2016

Arrived on time, but the tracking number never worked. 
-Ryan J., Olympia, WA (USA) March 21, 2016

Sleepy time is here, thanks for the help, Becca! 
-Heidi N., Kentwood, MI (USA) March 21, 2016

Exceeded expectations, will recommend. 
-Lucas Y., Reno, NV (USA) March 21, 2016

-Katherine B., Macon, GA (USA) March 21, 2016

JCM is extremely efficient!  Very pleased, thanks! 
-Austin V., Corona, CA (USA) March 21, 2016

Wish it got here faster, but glad it made it. 
-Paul P., Corvallis, OR (USA) March 20, 2016

Is there any way you can advise me how to raise my Coinbase limits?  I seem to be stuck at $300.  Thanks for the quick delivery. 
-Mack G., Elmira, NY (USA) March 20, 2016

-Antonio E., Pine Bluff, AR (USA) March 20, 2016

Gr8 Seller with good comms skills.  Highly recommended seller. 
-Colin M., Bayonet Point, FL (USA) March 20, 2016

one of the best IOP's out there!  AAAAA+++++!!! 
-Jeffrey D., Kailua, HI (USA) March 20, 2016

All good here, great Ultram service. 
-Vince T., Florence, KY (USA) March 19, 2016

++++ (plus plus plus PLUS!)
-Derrick J., Hibbing, MN (USA) March 19, 2016

Arrived in due time and was a hassle free purchase.  Thank you JCM, and no thanks, I'll just get my meds here from now on, Dr. ********* @ DCH, no thanks to you whatsoever.  I was in pain and could barely work and you prescribe 20 pills for me for a whole month??? 
-Leland S., Tuscaloosa, AL (USA) March 19, 2016

This place is a dream come true.  Total game changer for my health care needs. 
-Patricia R., Chicago, IL (USA) March 19, 2016

Thanks for letting me pay by Paypal.  Much appreciated. 
-Danny G., Clearfield, UT (USA) March 19, 2016

Really confusing order process.  Why no shopping cart?  High quality meds though, so I guess that is what's important. 
-Nate K., East Cleveland, OH (USA) March 18, 2016

You were right, the 40mg dose is a bit strong.  So what I'm doing is cutting them with a pill cutter and the 20 mg dose is just right.  SHA-BOING!!! 
-Steve O., Aurora, CO (USA) March 18, 2016

very happy with puchase would shop here again. 
-Leslie F., Carmel, IN (USA) March 18, 2016

Well, it didn't get here in time for my vacation, but it was waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home.  Thanks, will order quicker next time. 
-Gina B., West Hartford, CT (USA) March 18, 2016

One of the most user friendly pain med suppliers in the net. 
-Russell M., Casper, WY (USA) March 18, 2016

Easy/smooth Soma transaction.  Sweeeeeeeeeet sleep. 
-Liz O., Superior, WI (USA) March 17, 2016

Very happy with purchase, but there must be some better, faster way to ship than the US mail. 
-Nicholas F., Lake Charles, LA (USA) March 17, 2016

-Jeanette Z., Brea, CA (USA) March 17, 2016

Honestly one of the BEST buying experiences!  Got the first package and I'm sure the 2nd one will be here any time. 
-Michelle D., Edmond, OK (USA) March 17, 2016

Would do business with again ANYTIME!  A+++
-Cora P., Weirton, WV (USA) March 17, 2016

Thanks.  Just what my customer needed.  And advice to all: don't explicitly mention medicine names in your emails if you don't want them blocked as spam.  Do like they do with a space added in there.
-Alex G., Montpelier, VT (USA) March 16, 2016

100% recommended.  Very good seller.  Light years ahead of... well, no need to name names.
-Cody L., Norwich, CT (USA) March 16, 2016

-Randall R., Sunrise Manor, NV (USA) March 16, 2016

Good product but I think communication could have been better.  And what's the point of tracking numbers that only work in India?
-Lester D., Greenville, SC (USA) March 16, 2016

Took awhile but well worth the wait.
-Pam B., Juneau, AK (USA) March 16, 2016

all good here thank you.
-Carissa Z., Maple Grove, MN (USA) March 15, 2016

Smooth transaction, exactly what my mom was looking for.  Will deal with again a++
-Edgar T., Denton, TX (USA) March 15, 2016

Arrived very early and was accurately described.  Will be put to good use.  THX.
-Brad B., Council Bluffs, IA (USA) March 15, 2016

Was doubtful but praise GOD for jcmrx!
-Phil M., Hastings, NE (USA) March 15, 2016

Didn't realize that tramadol came in green capsules, but after taking a few, it is DEFINITELY THE GOOD STUFF.
-Matt K., Cle Elum, WA (USA) March 15, 2016

Exceeded expectations, but wasn't too happy with the blue carbon paper packing.
-Ryan S., Laconia, NH (USA) March 14, 2016

Simply the best, better than all the rest.
-Adam V., Fort Pierce, FL (USA) March 14, 2016

B is a B love it ..gg. 
-Melissa R., Lansing, MI (USA) March 14, 2016

-June J., Benbrook, TX (USA) March 14, 2016

easy peasy quick and easy, THX! 
-Evan L., Newark, DE (USA) March 14, 2016

Ordered 2/24 and it came on 3/12, good baclofen and a good experience. 
-Candace T., Mandan, ND (USA) March 13, 2016

Love buying from these guys.  If I could suggest one thing... please use a little more bubble wrap. 
-Sophie R., Owensboro, KY (USA) March 13, 2016

This is one pro pill shop. 
-Grant K., Norman, OK (USA) March 13, 2016

I have no idea why I haven't been ordering my drugs online before now.  5 Stars!  A+++ 
-Mona O., Salt Lake City, UT (USA) March 13, 2016

-Beth B., Arcadia, CA (USA) March 13, 2016

Happy camper.  Correct item.  Do all packages have to pass through New York though?
-Ellie R., Chicago, IL (USA) March 12, 2016

-Katherine L., Portland, ME (USA) March 12, 2016

PERFECT, but why do I have to use Bitcoins to buy these?  I don't get it.  Is it because you don't trust me? 
-Marty J., Syracuse, NY (USA) March 12, 2016

happy me and thank you! 
-Terry O., Hays, KS (USA) March 12, 2016

Great service always along with packing & delivery.  Pleasure dealing with.  AAA+++ 
-Spencer E., Greeley, CO (USA) March 12, 2016

Received on 3/9 and am just delighted.  I'll be back for more soon. 
-Felicia H., Bakersfield, CA (USA) March 11, 2016

PERFECT!  Thanks.  Gonna enjoy this one!!
-Oscar M., Wilmington, DE (USA) March 11, 2016

Good price, good quality, but slow shipping. 
-Kevin S., Grand Island, NE (USA) March 11, 2016

friendly, professional deal.  international online deal as it should be!  thanks Bec. 
-Lyle R., Norfolk, VA (USA) March 11, 2016

A plus. 
-Simon C., Billings, MT (USA) March 11, 2016

PACKAGE ARRIVED!!!!  I did it like this, I did it like that, I did it with a whiffleball bat, so.... 
-Larry D., Providence, RI (USA) March 10, 2016

Wonderful seller.  I'll be more patient next time.  Thanks for taking time to answer all my emails.  Perfect transaction! 
-Victoria F., Garland, TX (USA) March 10, 2016

Not the best in terms of shipping speed.  Much needed pain meds like tramadol should get here a lot faster. 
-Debbie O., Meridian, MS (USA) March 10, 2016

Everything was what I expected... thanks for everything. 
-Summer W., Stamford, CT (USA) March 10, 2016

Spring Break, check.  Case of Jack Daniels, check.  Brick of Viagra, check. 
-Kyle G., Chattanooga, TN (USA) March 10, 2016

Packing could be improved, quality of product satisfactory. 
-Sandra L., Paragould, AR (USA) March 9, 2016

Perfect for the job I'm doing.  Thank you for the quicker than stated delivery! 
-Bridget V., Eagan, MN (USA) March 9, 2016

Nice to be able to get pain meds online. 
-Jonah R., Dickinson, ND (USA) March 9, 2016

Seller reacted quickly to my concerns about non working tracking (turns out I simply didn't read the order form... )... A+++ 
-Dwight A., Wheat Ridge, CO (USA) March 9, 2016

no problems, will deal with again, Thanks! 
-Leah N., Yonkers, NY (USA) March 9, 2016

Well, the no prescription needed to buy anything thing is a bit sketchy, but I don't care.  JCM has what I need. 
-Cristina C., McDonough, GA (USA) March 8, 2016

Thanks for helping me out.  I felt like the stress was literally eating me alive from the inside out, but now it's under control some. 
-Andy N., Gadsden, AL (USA) March 8, 2016

Okay, is the Bitcoin transaction going to take a week everytime I order?  That doesn't seem too convenient. 
-Thelma Q., Towson, MD (USA) March 8, 2016

Thanks Mike.  Works well.  Will put in a bigger order in two weeks. 
-Nick V., Longview, WA (USA) March 8, 2016

-Jeff P., Bradley, IL (USA) March 8, 2016

Received, thank you.  Wish you carried Phentermine. 
-Helen F., Stillwater, OK (USA) March 7, 2016

Top grade I recommend this store.  Very nice thank you very much. 
-Melissa K., Aberdeen, SD (USA) March 7, 2016

All went well. 
-Caroline R., Tallahassee, FL (USA) March 7, 2016

Good stuff.  Promptly delivered.  Excellent overall value.  Thanks! 
-Patrick G., Owensboro, KY (USA) March 7, 2016

Thank You!  5 Star Ultram suplier.  Buy With Confidence!!! 
-Jordan W., Brunswick, ME (USA) March 7, 2016

Ty.  Discreet billing, good product.  Impressive actually. 
-Lacy B., Goose Creek, SC (USA) March 6, 2016

Too bad you guys don't sell Adderall.  Will have to get by with this Modafinil.  Not bad, but it's not as strong. 
-Valerie J., State College, PA (USA) March 6, 2016

A seamless international transaction.  Thank you. 
-Diana N., Kenosha, WI (USA) March 6, 2016

great product, value and no script needed pill shop. 
-Eddie S., Newark, DE (USA) March 6, 2016

So grateful to find JCM.  Didn't think I was going to make ends meet this year.  Salvation is of the Lord. 
-Cliff I., Lansing, MI (USA) March 6, 2016

These guys are good at what they do.  Recommend.
-John L., Kingsville, TX (USA) March 5, 2016

Rec'dQuickly&ExactlyAsDescribed*A+Seller*BLESSINGS 2JCM &Yours. 
-Alyssa B., Davis, CA (USA) March 5, 2016

-Fred S., Pennsauken, NJ (USA) March 5, 2016

Got it.  Was a bit nervous when my bank called to verify the transaction but that was just their customer protection software working overtime. 
-Chandler Y., Lynnwood, WA (USA) March 5, 2016

very happy with seller, pleasant.
-Tina M., Opelousas, LA (USA) March 5, 2016

Was a bit dissappointed that the package was rather beat up, with 6 out of 200 pills crushed, but a good deal nonetheless.
-Shannon H., Kinston, NC (USA) March 4, 2016

I am very happy, such a great deal for $120. Would have cost me $350 from my GP + Walgreen's.
-Zachary M., Essex, MD (USA) March 4, 2016

A good buying experience and thanks again for the extra pack of Eriacta. 
-Andy C., Fresno, CA (USA) March 4, 2016

Leaving this feedback because I can move my hands without pain thanks to JCMRX!!!!!!!!!!!!  A+++++++++++ 
-Ginger T., Rock Springs, WY (USA) March 4, 2016

You guys do a great job. 
-Nathan P., Elk Grove Village, IL (USA) March 4, 2016

Top seller for generic Clomid.  A++++++ 
-Casey R., West Jordan, UT (USA) March 3, 2016

Exactly what I needed.  Goes to show you that the world is a very small place and that you can find anything (just about) on the interweb! 
-Kirk P., Lewiston, ID (USA) March 3, 2016

No troubles transaction, that's what Boyd likes. 
-Boyd B., Fort Myers, FL (USA) March 3, 2016

Miles ahead of the pack.  No need to go anywhere else. 
-Omar L., Columbia, MO (USA) March 3, 2016

Order recieved!  Although I got alko-1 aprazolam  instead of tranax which I was hoping for... and can't find any info on it at all... if it works, all went great. 3 weeks for shipping. 
-Nikaleigh X., Houston, TX (USA) March 3, 2016

As described, well packed, good communication, AAA pill shop. 
-Marta K., Oakdale, MN (USA) March 2, 2016

Ordered, received, would have been nice if you let me use Paypal, but okay, that can wait for now. 
-Terry P., Dover, DE (USA) March 2, 2016

Got here 2/29, thanks again Bec. 
-Rickey B., Florence-Graham, CA (USA) March 2, 2016

Real deal.  Good stuff. 
-Ellen L., Crown Point, IN (USA) March 2, 2016

This is the start of a very long term friendship. 
-Sharon B., Glen Cove, NY (USA) March 2, 2016

Wow.  Thanks for helping me out with this.  I thought I was going to have to quit one of my jobs because I could barely move in the evening. 
-Solomon E., Garfield Heights, OH (USA) March 1, 2016

Just my opinion, but if you could ONLY ship the TopDol green caps for Tramadol, I think it would be better for business all around.  Good stuff. 
-Melody F., Enterprise, NV (USA) March 1, 2016

Sturdier packaging recommended, but it did make it in one piece. 
-Laura A., Juneau, AK (USA) March 1, 2016

Great items as always.  Thank Q. 
-Eva M., Waterloo, IA (USA) March 1, 2016

Sweet sweet Jane. 
-Arnie J., Clifton, CO (USA) March 1, 2016

Good Seller.  Easy transaction.  WDBWA. 
-Stacey R., South Burlington, VT (USA) February 29, 2016

solid product.  quick Som*a shipment.  thank you. 
-Darren X., Hastings, NE (USA) February 29, 2016

No problems!  5.0! 
-Owen L., Highland, IN (USA) February 29, 2016

Great find.  Thanks for great service too. 
-Dominick B., Eau Claire, WI (USA) February 29, 2016

-Nicole T., Fountain, CO (USA) February 29, 2016

***BIG HUG*** JCM is my lifeline.
-Eugene C., Daytona Beach, FL (USA) February 28, 2016

Got it.  Kind of strange but the tracking number only worked on the India Post site??? 
-Ollie J., Roswell, NM (USA) February 28, 2016

Great to deal with.  Will recommend to my brothers. 
-Frankie W., Rogers, AR (USA) February 28, 2016

-April O., Monroe, LA (USA) February 28, 2016

great product for the price, thanks will put these to good use. 
-Brian D., Jefferson City, MO (USA) February 28, 2016

solid international transaction, I'm happy. 
-Paula K., Salisbury, MD (USA) February 27, 2016

-Loni T., Rapid City, SD (USA) February 27, 2016

Quite a long wait but a good deal on antibiotics. 
-Hector P., Phoenix, AZ (USA) February 27, 2016

A serious 5 star thank you.  I can finally get some work done without my back acting up all day. 
-Charlie B., New Brunswick, NJ (USA) February 27, 2016

Came earlier than expected and my hubby loves it. 
-Jessica R., Altadena, CA (USA) February 27, 2016

MAHALO from the Isle of Smiles, Becca.  Thanks again for the goodies. 
-Tommy K., Wailuku, HI (USA) February 26, 2016

A plus. 
-Julie Y., Billings, MT (USA) February 26, 2016

Very happy with prod and good at staying in touch. 
-Dorothy W., Bridgeport, CT (USA) February 26, 2016

Simply awesome experience. 
-Hugh I., Weirton, WV (USA) February 26, 2016

Free shipping, good price, no complaints. 
-Chris E., Newport, RI (USA) February 26, 2016

Five stars... as always.  Thanks! 
-Brandi R., Myrtle Beach, SC (USA) February 25, 2016

Was doubtful at first because it's so affordable, but it's all good. 
-Wendy G., Thornton, CO (USA) February 25, 2016

Good customer service, but wish you could speed the shipment time up.
-Ronald P., Des Moines, IA (USA) February 25, 2016

-Joy B., Paducah, KY (USA) February 25, 2016

Accept the blessings and gifts from God, but after you get what you wanted, don't forget to thank Him.  So grateful and thankful for JCM. 
-Hope L., Boardman, OH (USA) February 25, 2016

Tramadol order arrived safe and sound, thank you so much. 
-Liz V., Clarksville, TN (USA) February 24, 2016

If I could make one suggestion, please use bubblewrap instead of carbon paper.  Other than that all good. 
-Garrett D., Springdale, AR (USA) February 24, 2016

The EMS package didn't get here much faster but the tracking worked on the USPS website, so that's a plus. 
-Elena O., Manhattan, KS (USA) February 24, 2016

-Randall J., Coos Bay, OR (USA) February 24, 2016

Another Seemless Deal.  AAAA. 
-Kenny W., Alexandria, VA (USA) February 24, 2016

Works pretty well, nice to be able to manage again. 
-Stan L., Pittsburgh, PA (USA) February 23, 2016

Package was opened and resealed with green tape, but all good.
-Heather Y., DeSoto, TX (USA) February 23, 2016

Both packs rec'd as described and in good condition.  Many thanks! 
-Galen A., Wilmington, DE (USA) February 23, 2016

A bit slower than I would have liked, but you can't beat the price or convenience of not having to consult a doctor and pay her $80 to get the same thing every 4 months. 
-Reagan T., Nampa, ID (USA) February 23, 2016

Thanks for a great transaction, Mike! 
-Dean F., Sedalia, MO (USA) February 23, 2016

Ty luv it. 
-Julian S., Bethany, OK (USA) February 22, 2016

Was kind of worried when the tracking didn't work but TOUCHDOWN, safe arrival yesterday afternoon! 
-Dillon K., Magna, UT (USA) February 22, 2016

Solid performer all around.  Thanks Becca. 
-Lorne A., Fairbanks, AK (USA) February 22, 2016

Great mail order pharma.  Made int'l deal easy and convenient. 
-Vicky C., Mount Clemens, MI (USA) February 22, 2016

Wonderful product and service.  Received fairly quickly despite USPS misdirect.  Thanks! 
-Anita H., Mobile, AL (USA) February 22, 2016

Pretty good connect for Tramadol. 
-Trey D., Rio Rancho, NM (USA) February 21, 2016

Priase the Lord.  Exactly what I was looking for JCMRX, thank you again. 
-Otis B., Corsicana, TX (USA) February 21, 2016

Very good quality products, air mail delivery included.  I recommend this shop.  Thank you.
-Mike M., Cary, NC (USA) February 21, 2016

Thanks Becca.  You're a true lifesaver. 
-Lillian F., Rutland, VT (USA) February 21, 2016

Hey, good enough for me. 
-Wesley G., Danbury, CT (USA) February 21, 2016

As all anything that has to do with helping me get some sleep....GREAT. 
-Irvin S., East Meadow, NY (USA) February 20, 2016

Didn't get here as fast as the first shipment, but still the same smooth deal.
-Curtis H., Franklin, TN (USA) February 20, 2016

A+++ prescription service...all you could ask for.  Thanks! 
-Riley R., Port Angeles, WA (USA) February 20, 2016

Quality product!!!  So grateful.  thanks. 
-Marcia V., Long Beach, CA (USA) February 20, 2016

Packaging extremely damaged.  Looks like my mail man may have stepped on it or something.  Pills survived intact though surprisingly. 
-Eileen K., Bangor, ME (USA) February 20, 2016

Great tram seller, good comms.  Thank you! 
-Alvin J., Chula Vista, CA (USA) February 19, 2016

-Perry F., Bend, OR (USA) February 19, 2016

Thank you for an easy, pleasant Xanax transaction.  Excellent buyer.  A++++++. 
-Doug R., Great Falls, MT (USA) February 19, 2016

-Lawrence T., Griffith, IN (USA) February 19, 2016

Very pleased with the complete transaction from beginning to end.  Great product. 
-Cindy B., Metairie, LA (USA) February 19, 2016

Absolutely wonderful source.....Highly recommend!  Thanks! 
-Timothy S., Ankeny, IA (USA) February 18, 2016

All went well. 
-Steven C., North Bethesda, MD (USA) February 18, 2016

Happy Clomi. deal.  Many thanks! 
-Lisa O., Dallas, TX (USA) February 18, 2016

-Vanessa H., Oshkosh, WI (USA) February 18, 2016

Keep up the great work. 
-Erik M., Fairmont, WV (USA) February 18, 2016

Good Deal on Soma.  Thank You Very Much for helping me get to sleep. 
-Bradley D., Plattsburgh, NY (USA) February 17, 2016

-Marc R., Warwick, RI (USA) February 17, 2016

Shipping kind of screwed up, arrived after almost a month...other than that an OK buy. 
-Cora K., Port St. Lucie, FL (USA) February 17, 2016

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Happy to get my order. 
-Dustin H., Middletown, DE (USA) February 17, 2016

past time to leave feedback - have been ordering from this site for years and have recommended them to friends and family as well; no complaints from anyone, anywhere. you can't go wrong here, will continue to recommend their services to anyone in need. 
-Socalbeachgirl X., Tulsa, OK (USA) February 17, 2016

-Patricia G., Oak Ridge, TN (USA) February 16, 2016

Great international transaction in every way.  Thanks very much. 
-Anthony A., Winchester, VA (USA) February 16, 2016

Excellent little pill shop, Highly Recommend!  love it <3 
-Nina J., Washington, DC (USA) February 16, 2016

Great buy. 
-Carter M., Hendersonville, TN (USA) February 16, 2016

Rec'd both packs.  Excellent service.  Pleased with purchase.  Thank you.
-Blanche D., Independence, MO (USA) February 16, 2016

Thanks.  Great Ultram transaction, no surprises. 
-Dan H., Taylor, TX (USA) February 15, 2016

Finally received after PO forwarding delay - Excellent Transaction. 
-Robert S., Dover, DE (USA) February 15, 2016

Found ya'll through MedsChat.  Thanks for everything. 
-Mattie G., Brandon, MS (USA) February 15, 2016

Good deal.  Service was good and the airmail included pricing makes it easy to shop here. 
-Julie R., Garner, NC (USA) February 15, 2016

-Bertrand L., Aurora, CO (USA) February 15, 2016

99% happy.  I had a great experience, am happy with the product, but wish you would have metnioned that it would take 3 weeks to get here. 
-Lori K., Hampton, VA (USA) February 14, 2016

This is a serious shop.  Someone with whom to do business. 
-Marco V., Las Cruces, NM (USA) February 14, 2016

Outsanding service, quality product, but poor packing method.  A bit messy with the carbon paper. 
-Patrick R., Pierre, SD (USA) February 14, 2016

Got it in 16 days.  Thank you!!
-Charlie B., Topeka, KS (USA) February 14, 2016

SMOOTH.  That's how they do. 
-Kerry W., Greenwood, DE (USA) February 14, 2016

Not the fastest shop out there, but they get the job done.  4/5 stars. 
-Rhonda M., Scottsbluff, NE (USA) February 13, 2016

Old school service (in a good way).  Rare air! 
-Harry C., Cedar Rapids, IA (USA) February 13, 2016

Good source for generic Zoloft. 
-Larry R., St. George, UT (USA) February 13, 2016

Wonderful Mike!  Thanks for all your help. 
-Doyle P., Edgewater, FL (USA) February 13, 2016

Very nice. 
-Cory U., Sherwood, AR (USA) February 13, 2016

Will do business again if the opportunity arises! 
-Isabel N., Selma, AL (USA) February 12, 2016

Good prices, quality products. 
-John C., Essex, MD (USA) February 12, 2016

Seller easy to work with, but tracking was spotty at best. 
-Garrett H., Corpus Christi, TX (USA) February 12, 2016

Works well and delivered as expected. 
-Tricia P., Derry, NH (USA) February 12, 2016

Modafinil helped me out a lot in statistics class, thanks for the connect. 
-Mitchell F., Woonsocket, RI (USA) February 12, 2016

Received tramadol order with no issues.  Always amazed at what can be done through the mail. 
-Kent B., South Burlington, VT (USA) February 11, 2016

Aloha Becca, thank you so much for talking me through the Bitcoin process.  Definitely will be smoother and with less hand holding next time around. 
-Mike O., Honolulu, HI (USA) February 11, 2016

Finally Got it.  Thanks! 
-Isaac K., Rome, GA (USA) February 11, 2016

After 4 orders with you guys, I can say you are about 10 times BETTER than the shop I used to deal with. 
-Jan T., Altus, OK (USA) February 11, 2016

Oops completely forgot to say thanks so much!  All good, about to put in another order. 
-Madeline Y., Johnson City, TN (USA) February 11, 2016

So glad to have this connection.  Will recommend. 
-Ben Q., La Crosse, WI (USA) February 10, 2016

pleased with the Pain-O-Soma purchase; 100% reliable AAA + 
-Erica P., Springdale, AR (USA) February 10, 2016

great pillz, fair price, free delivery.  WHAT more can a buyer ask for??? 
-David R., Bismarck, ND (USA) February 10, 2016

thanx a lot for the reasonable prices of hard to get "goods." 
-Lars T., Mauldin, SC (USA) February 10, 2016

All good for me.  Being able to use Paypal is a major plus. 
-Blake O., Lexington, KY (USA) February 10, 2016

Got here got here got here! 
-Ingrid V., Jackson, MS (USA) February 9, 2016

Boop~Oop~A~Doop Tramadol Transaction, tyvm & hope to deal w/u again, real soon!! 
-Jane D., Schenectady, NY (USA) February 9, 2016

Best source for Clomid on the internet.
-Pat R., Mustang, OK (USA) February 9, 2016

-Zack H., Waterville, ME (USA) February 9, 2016

Positive experience, hope to do business again.
-Grace B., Carrollton, TX (USA) February 9, 2016

easy to work with will use this shop again for sure. 
-Lillian F., Spokane, WA (USA) February 8, 2016

Great service and communication.  Hard to find this level of service anywhere any more in this day and age. 
-Debbie C., Texarkana, AR (USA) February 8, 2016

If possible, from now on can you ship me the Zaclofen brand of Baclofen?  I like it a lot more. 
-Mandy H., Bellevue, NE (USA) February 8, 2016

So nice to be able to get pain meds without a script. 
-Carol B., Laramie, WY (USA) February 8, 2016

Very well run.  Works perfectly. 
-Oscar W., Longmont, CO (USA) February 8, 2016

Got it!  Thanks! 
-Sidney P., Fayetteville, NC (USA) February 7, 2016

a wonderful online pharma shop to deal with, helpful and responsive, will deal again, thanks. 
-Charles Z., Oak Harbor, WA (USA) February 7, 2016

very good source for generic Xanax.  just what we needed. 
-Ramona D., Leisure City, FL (USA) February 7, 2016

Score 2! 
-Elsa K., Overland, MO (USA) February 7, 2016

Not too happy about the shipping time but everything else is great. 
-Sally F., Melrose, MA (USA) February 7, 2016

reliable seller A+ Recomend exactly as described superb customer service. 
-Leah J., Kinston, NC (USA) February 6, 2016

Tram order received in good time.  Go Bulldawgs! 
-Roderick G., Copperas Cove, TX (USA) February 6, 2016

Weird order process but it all worked out. 
-Dewey T., Newark, DE (USA) February 6, 2016

Good service. 
-Audrey L., Frederick, MD (USA) February 6, 2016

smooth, trouble free transaction.  Thanks. 
-Grady W., Salisbury, PA (USA) February 6, 2016

Awesome as always.  Still some of the best prices around even after all of these years. 
-John C., Layton, UT (USA) February 5, 2016

Thanks for being so patient and courteous through the whole thing.  My previous supplier actually cursed me out at one point after I asked them (admittedly) many questions. 
-Roger W., Anchorage, AK (USA) February 5, 2016

Got really tired of waiting for it, but yeah okay, it's here now and well worth it.  ****/5. 
-Hank L., St. Cloud, MN (USA) February 5, 2016

Good experience from start to finish.  All kinds of new possibilities open up when you have access to almost whatever medication you might need. 
-Sheila G., Macon, GA (USA) February 5, 2016

I love this place!  Great customer service and products! 
-Tara Y., Dayton, OH (USA) February 5, 2016

WOW!  Superior buying experience with excellent, friendly service. 
-Kristy P., Salt Lake City, UT (USA) February 4, 2016

Kind of a shaky start but overall pretty good. 
-Carole T., Bryan, TX (USA) February 4, 2016

-Gwen E., Sumter, SC (USA) February 4, 2016

Everything as expected, no unpleasant surprises.  Excellent quality products. 
-Angela Y., Fort Myers, FL (USA) February 4, 2016

Thanks I love this product.
-Levi B., Hammond, IN (USA) February 4, 2016

Excellent quality tramadol at a low price! Thank you! 
-Olivia R., Weirton, WV (USA) February 3, 2016

Works well, thank you! 
-Chester I., Wahiawa, HI (USA) February 3, 2016

Well, I got it but customs clearly opened the pacakge.  Is this normal? 
-Luther T., Chandler, AZ (USA) February 3, 2016

A+great seller...great price... Product was even better than I had expected. 
-Remy S., Helena, MT (USA) February 3, 2016

They do what they say they do.  AAAA
-Pete N., Casper, WY (USA) February 3, 2016

Lifesavers.  God's honest truth. 
-Talia J., Murfreesboro, TN (USA) February 2, 2016

Had my doubts but AAAAA******* 
-Ari O., Costa Mesa, CA (USA) February 2, 2016

Purchased for a friend.  Now everybody wants some. 
-Devin P., Dickinson, ND (USA) February 2, 2016

great service thx. 
-Nate C., Janesville, WI (USA) February 2, 2016

Wonderful pill shop with great merchandise. 
-Molly G., Charlottesville, VA (USA) February 2, 2016

-Darren T., Ruston, LA (USA) February 1, 2016

Tracking didn't work but it got here.  9/10 stars, definitely do business again no doubt. 
-Leonard Z., Hampton, VA (USA) February 1, 2016

Good price, as advertised, very very happy with my Soma purchase. 
-Chris F., Moscow, ID (USA) February 1, 2016

Excellent transaction.  Nothing short of outstanding.  Went above and beyond. 
-Judith R., Trumbull, CT (USA) February 1, 2016

Awesome - A1 seller!
-Dustin M., Casa Grande, AZ (USA) February 1, 2016

Quality trams as described.  Would buy from again. 
-Emma H., Olympia, WA (USA) January 31, 2016

You're the best......thank you so much for everything.
-Freddie B., Myrtle Beach, SC (USA) January 31, 2016

Exactly what I was hoping for.  Have added JCMRX to my favorites. 
-Courtney A., Birmingham, MI (USA) January 31, 2016

WOW SUPER EASY AAAA++great stuff AA++ 
-Tomas V., Tallahassee, FL (USA) January 31, 2016

everything I hoped for, thanks! 
-Kelly F., Pine Bluff, AR (USA) January 31, 2016

-Anita R., Lynnwood, WA (USA) January 30, 2016

Pleasure 2 deal with; item rec'd in gr8 condition.  Thx so much A+++++
-Josh P., Indianapolis, IN (USA) January 30, 2016

-Benny M., Englewood, NJ (USA) January 30, 2016

Great price, smooth and easy transaction. 
-Pearl J., Big Spring, TX (USA) January 30, 2016

Really slow shipping but it got here. 
-Lana H., Columbia, MD (USA) January 30, 2016

I am pleased with all aspects of this tramadol transaction; hope to deal with you again.
-Gretchen V., Freeport, NY (USA) January 29, 2016

just perfect + arrived faster than expected.  One happy buyer here! 
-Ben S., Longmont, CO (USA) January 29, 2016

Q. product and free air mail delivery. 
-Hugh N., Arlington, VA (USA) January 29, 2016

This was exactly what I was looking for.  Very easy deal. 
-Louise R., Dearborn, MI (USA) January 29, 2016

Very, very happy with it--going in our survival packs ASAP. 
-Jared M., Appleton, WI (USA) January 29, 2016

Received, thank you again!  I'm so grateful to have found you. 
-Christie L., Sherwood, AR (USA) January 28, 2016

Will do business again 4sure. 
-Tony M., Glens Falls, NY (USA) January 28, 2016

amazing price... perfect for me since I had to start working two jobs and couldn't do so without pain management.
-Gabrielle I., Aberdeen, SD (USA) January 28, 2016

Some crushed pills but still a good deal as 192 out of 200 pills were fine.  You're still saving me about $150 everytime I order, not to mention I don't even need to leave my house and spend money on gas. 
-Lori P., Henderson, NV (USA) January 28, 2016

GOOD.  Just what I wanted. 
-Brooke F., Lake Oswego, OR (USA) January 28, 2016

Got both packages, but wondering why you can't ship the Xanax and Tramadol in the same package??? 
-Paul L., East Ridge, TN (USA) January 27, 2016

personable seller.  Y'can't go wrong !!! Thank you !!! 
-Elsa R., Tacoma, WA (USA) January 27, 2016

Everything was just right!  Please let me use Paypal next time! 
-Joyce D., Bakersfield, CA (USA) January 27, 2016

Quirky order process but everything works, mahalo! 
-Bobbie O., Kaneohe, HI (USA) January 27, 2016

So good. 
-Wade J., Dover, NH (USA) January 27, 2016

Bless this shop! 
-Faith G., Orem, UT (USA) January 26, 2016

Awesome Retin A supply service; definitely going to be a repeat customer A+. 
-Roman B., Lenexa, KS (USA) January 26, 2016

Bougth it January 10th.  Received it January 25th!  Good quality too.
-Stuart W., Fargo, ND (USA) January 26, 2016

Thank you, I am satisfied with you :-))  I love it! 
-Viv S., Clearwater, FL (USA) January 26, 2016

Whoa daddy.  50mg wasn't quite strong enough, but the 100mg is juuuuuust right. 
-Cecilia R., Auburn, AL (USA) January 26, 2016

-Monica E., Teaneck, NJ (USA) January 25, 2016

Thanks Prakesh.  It'll be nice to bring something new to the next get together. 
-Terry V., Owatonna, MN (USA) January 25, 2016

Super India-US deal.  Professional + friendly all the way... 1A+++++ 
-Donald F., Washington, DC (USA) January 25, 2016

-Glen R., Denton, TX (USA) January 25, 2016

Great to deal with as always A+A+A+A+A+A+, Thank you. 
-Bobby S., Jeffersontown, KY (USA) January 25, 2016

Okay, lesson learned, 60mg of Cialis is probably too high a dose.  I'm now splitting these pills in half to get the desired effect.  More than enough to hit it over the fence. 
-Oscar T., Galesburg, IL (USA) January 24, 2016

This store was exceptionally helpful with my Ultram purchase, and it got to me in 16 days.  Not bad not bad. 
-Lynda K., Anaheim, CA (USA) January 24, 2016

The 3rd Soma package was opened and resealed with green customs tape.  Everything intact, I suppose I'm good because it's under the personal use limit. 
-Grace M., Charleston, WV (USA) January 24, 2016

Couldn't be happier.  Such an easy/better way to order prescription meds. 
-Chelsea Q., Reno, NV (USA) January 24, 2016

It took almost a whole month to get there.  Whats up with that?
-Eugene B., Sitka, AK (USA) January 24, 2016

XLNT CONNECT.  Great product,would recommend to others!  TY!  A++++++ 
-Stephen L., Parma, OH (USA) January 23, 2016

Great pill shop happy happy happy.
-Dean F., Rogers, AR (USA) January 23, 2016

Easyyyy.  Thank You :)  A++++++++ 
-Brandon V., Waukesha, WI (USA) January 23, 2016

Free shipping, 100% quality tramadol with a great price! 
-Toni R., Grandview, MO (USA) January 23, 2016

I like. 
-Mandy G., Dubuque, IA (USA) January 23, 2016

JCMRX = answered prayer.  You're really helping me out, thank you for everything. 
-Shaun K., Clovis, NM (USA) January 22, 2016

Thanks just as described will be buying more from u guys. 
-Roger R., Nampa, ID (USA) January 22, 2016

Got it quick - TY. 
-Genevieve A., Montrose, CO (USA) January 22, 2016

Great source for Tranax (generic Xanax)...shipping a bit slow...but ok overall.  A+ 
-Nick F., Havelock, NC (USA) January 22, 2016

Thanks so much......... 
-Antonio C., Plano, TX (USA) January 22, 2016

Delivered 18 Jan. 2016 Thank you so much. 
-Sonya W., Petersburg, VA (USA) January 21, 2016

Thanks for a smooth, easy tramadol deal, even better than I thought! 
-Gene B., Springfield, OR (USA) January 21, 2016

Best source for generic Latisse online.  Thanks Becca! 
-Karla T., Lawrence, MA (USA) January 21, 2016

Easy transaction, service with CARE, good price! 
-Ginger D., Arcadia, CA (USA) January 21, 2016

I haven't picked up the 2nd package yet but the fact that it got here is a big plus. 
-Julia P., Meriden, CT (USA) January 21, 2016

Very very happy how this has all worked out.  God bless.
-Traci H., Knoxville, TN (USA) January 20, 2016

Nice little pill shop.  Reasonably priced and quality goods.  My partner's sister deserves the credit for getting us to you.
-Kurt O., Albany, NY (USA) January 20, 2016

Well, now I know why you're so popular.  Will definitely be back.
-Remy W., Newark, DE (USA) January 20, 2016

Great.  Just as described.
-Hope C., Tempe, AZ (USA) January 20, 2016

WOW!  I'm simply blown away by the simplicity and ease of the transaction.  My Tram package just got through the door, India to Spain in just 8 DAYS since placing the order!  Absolutely outstanding service.  Becca is highly professional, friendly and reassuring.  Truly a pleasure to do business with. Marry me Becca!  A++++++++++
-Pablo S., Barcelona (Spain) January 20, 2016

First, thank you so much for talking me through the Bitcoin process.  Generic Xanax of acceptable quality.
-Kelly T., Providence, RI (USA) January 19, 2016

This shop is pure sex.
-Jackie S., Montpelier, VT (USA) January 19, 2016

-Dominic Z., Opelousas, LA (USA) January 19, 2016

A pleasure to do business with.  I'm not surprised you guys are so busy. 
-Gabe E., Bradenton, FL (USA) January 19, 2016

Got it but slow as heck, have to remember not order well before New Year's next time. 
-Belinda O., Allentown, PA (USA) January 19, 2016

5 star seller perfect.  SERVICE WITH LOTS OF CARE, RECOMMEND 
-Olivia J., Sun Prairie, WI (USA) January 18, 2016

Always easy to do business with this vendor.  Recommended! 
-Andrew Y., Tupelo, MS (USA) January 18, 2016

These guys are pros, so happy with this. 
-Rod K., Barberton, OH (USA) January 18, 2016

Excellent transaction - much appreciated :) 
-Gwen B., Joliet, IL (USA) January 18, 2016

Got it, good stuff.  Best price I've found for Tramadol and Soma, but why is your Flomax price so high? 
-Tony S., Carlsbad, NM (USA) January 18, 2016

nice little internet pharmacy, good for people on a budget like me... 5 STARS
-Brian J., Kennewick, WA (USA) January 17, 2016

Perfect.  Good seller.  I will come back again. 
-Rudy P., West Memphis, AR (USA) January 17, 2016

Pain O Soma brand works fine, you don't know how much I appreciate you guys. 
-Lorena C., Rock Hill, SC (USA) January 17, 2016

-Hilda Y., Bayonet Point, FL (USA) January 17, 2016

Nothing special to write home about.  OK service, decent prices. 
-Wanda D., Chesterfield, MO (USA) January 17, 2016

Perfect for the theme party this week, thanks for the PO Box tip; A+ seller!! 
-Darryl O., Ames, IA (USA) January 16, 2016

Easy communication.  Was a bit doubtful at first but received the pack, no problem! 
-Martin T., Eden, NC (USA) January 16, 2016

better than I expected.  thanks. 
-Bruce I., Kalispell, MT (USA) January 16, 2016

Arrived as scheduled, packed neatly.  Quality P's.  I could not ask for more. 
-Karen E., Gadsden, AL (USA) January 16, 2016

Thanks for the extra care packaging and bonus. 
-Jimmy P., Sacramento, CA (USA) January 16, 2016

Highly recommend.  Can't go wrong with this Tramadol seller.  A+
-Toby S., Pearl, MS (USA) January 15, 2016

Received it yesterday.....prepper gold. 
-Raymond R., Conroe, TX (USA) January 15, 2016

Outstanding products, Excellent communication with super free shipping.  T.Y. 
-Kim H., La Grange, GA (USA) January 15, 2016

Rocky start but all ended well, thank you! 
-Natalie T., Westminster, CO (USA) January 15, 2016

From all the way around the world to my mailbox, a perfect transaction. 
-Stuart C., Blacksburg, VA (USA) January 15, 2016

delivered Ultram within time stated will do business again with seller. 
-Wayne O., Hobbs, NM (USA) January 14, 2016

Took quite awhile but glad to finally get my Baclofen order.  Fine service. 
-Delia D., Layton, UT (USA) January 14, 2016

Tops, thanks Becca. 
-Thad F., Anchorage, AK (USA) January 14, 2016

Star quality and free shipping.  Many thanks to JCMRX.  Good luck! 
-Galen L., Hartford, CT (USA) January 14, 2016

Great prices and service.  An asset to anyone who is on a budget.  Very pleased.  Thank you. 
-Porter C., Erie, PA (USA) January 14, 2016

The very finest of dealers, honest and friendly, be well and prosper, 5 stars + 
-Kris J., Irondequoit, NY (USA) January 13, 2016

First class no script drug store, always great to deal with, thanks again!!!! 
-Megan R., Colorado Springs, CO (USA) January 13, 2016

I received the Soma Monday and was very pleased with it.  I would buy again. 
-Annie B., Gillette, WY (USA) January 13, 2016

AAA source for Cipla Tadacip Tadalafil. 
-David M., Enterprise, NV (USA) January 13, 2016

This worked out so well.  Thank you. 
-Eula W., Clarksville, TN (USA) January 13, 2016

perfect, it works! 
-Jennie A., Delray Beach, FL (USA) January 12, 2016

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC is the answer to is JCM Pharmacy legit? / GREAT packaging / FULL *20* STARS 
-Edward Y., Redmond, OR (USA) January 12, 2016

Thank you for an easy pleasant Xanax transaction. 
-Clint C., St. Cloud, MN (USA) January 12, 2016

as described - tx 
-Shaun G., Medford, MA (USA) January 12, 2016

Arrived 31 Dec 15 EXCELLENT As Usual!!!!!  Thanks & Happy New Year!!!!! 
-Ted B., La Crosse, WI (USA) January 12, 2016

Perfect in every way.  Will put in for another 2 packs this week. 
-Karla R., Garfield, NJ (USA) January 11, 2016

Great item and service... I think I'll just go with the 20 mg dose next time though.  60mg is too strong. 
-Neal V., Forrest City, AR (USA) January 11, 2016

Great bargain - Just what I was looking for. 
-Martha Q., Austin, TX (USA) January 11, 2016

great trams, good purchase.  all is well, no complaints.  would buy fr again.  thanks. 
-Aubrey S., Gary, IN (USA) January 11, 2016

five stars.  THE BEST SHOP TO WORK WITH!! 
-Wesley B., Richmond, VA (USA) January 11, 2016

Awesome e-pharmacy.  Best I ever dealt with by far, mahalo!
-April E., Wahiawa, HI (USA) January 10, 2016

Great seller made it before Christmas, top quality. 
-Mae Y., Enterprise, NV (USA) January 10, 2016

-Nadine R., Cheyenne, WY (USA) January 10, 2016

Everything was excellent-great price, free shipping.  Very pleased.
-Jana W., Coralville, IA (USA) January 10, 2016

Thank you. 
-Barry L., Sharon, PA (USA) January 10, 2016

Got it OK today, it's as said.  Great transaction, thanks, Lyn. 
-Lynda F., Randallstown, MD (USA) January 9, 2016

A pharma shop that truly respects the buyer, MORE THAN EXPECTED!!
-Zach M., Portsmouth, VA (USA) January 9, 2016

Reliable Ultram source & works great.  100% wonderful thank u! 
-Sloan P., Nashville, TN (USA) January 9, 2016

Absolutely positive, very pleased, thank you. 
-Josh H., Oakland, CA (USA) January 9, 2016

Yes I would shop here again.  Customer service was on the next level compared to anyone else.
-Roberta W., Norman, OK (USA) January 9, 2016

I don't want to complain too much about this, but is there any way you could ONLY ship me the TopDol brand of Ultram from now on? 
-Beatrice G., Wilmington, DE (USA) January 8, 2016

Arrived safe and sound thank you very much even came with bonus candy YAY. 
-Tom S., Baytown, TX (USA) January 8, 2016

received, Wow!!!!  Really happy about this.  Will recommend.
-Debbie C., Mandan, ND (USA) January 8, 2016

Good trans thank you. 
-Santiago L., Rolla, MO (USA) January 8, 2016

-Don W., Arvada, CO (USA) January 8, 2016

Arrived sooner than estimated and goods are as expected.  Good transaction! 
-Monica P., Vancouver, WA (USA) January 7, 2016

Have bought my generic Viagra here for years, now they are the best source on the net for Tramadol as well. 
-Willie C., Franklin Square, NY (USA) January 7, 2016

Order process a little buggy, but AAA + service and product. 
-Bruce Z., Covington, KY (USA) January 7, 2016

I got it, thanks.
-Dwayne M., Keene, NH (USA) January 7, 2016

The package was damaged but all was well inside.  Nice ThankYou. 
-Nicole R., Dixon, IL (USA) January 7, 2016

Very solid and nice.  That's what she said! 
-Gary I., Mesa, AZ (USA) January 6, 2016

You guys need to do something about the tracking.  It does not work at all.  Order received though. 
-Nettie R., Greeley, CO (USA) January 6, 2016

serious seller, product as described.  I recommend 100%. 
-Matthew W., Lenexa, KS (USA) January 6, 2016

Alles bestens, immer wieder.
-Fred J., Arden-Arcade, CA (USA) January 6, 2016

JCMRX comes correct. 
-Eduardo H., Boston, MA (USA) January 6, 2016

A little bit difficult to deal with the blue carbon packing, but otherwise perfect international meds deal. 
-Rick L., Hastings, MN (USA) January 5, 2016

all good its works i am happy :) ty 
-Tommy W., Mount Pleasant, SC (USA) January 5, 2016

-Isaac B., Renton, WA (USA) January 5, 2016

Item 100% HQ.  100% trusted seller.  TQ! 
-Vickie T., Lewiston, ID (USA) January 5, 2016

Great customer service, well packaged.  5/5 
-Josefina M., Wilmington, DE (USA) January 5, 2016

excellent comunication, excellent item.  TKS.
-Luke B., Irving, TX (USA) January 4, 2016

Good online source for Soma. 
-Scott O., Greensburg, PA (USA) January 4, 2016

God Bless you, you're really helping me out. 
-Michael N., Trumbull, CT (USA) January 4, 2016

Good experience.  I'll let my friends know. 
-Will C., Indianapolis, IN (USA) January 4, 2016

-Jenny E., Catonsville, MD (USA) January 4, 2016

A pleasure doing business, look forward to doing so again. 
-Nicolette V., Shelbyville, TN (USA) January 3, 2016

-Luz D., Olathe, KS (USA) January 3, 2016

Awesome possom!  So rare to find an online pharmacy that accepts Paypal. 
-Jon T., Winchester, VA (USA) January 3, 2016

Touchdown.  The ladies and gentlemen of Toolco thank you!
-Kate Z., Fresno, CA (USA) January 3, 2016

I literally jumped in the air with a fist pump when I saw that white package in my PO Box.  :-)))
-Robert J., Gladstone, MO (USA) January 3, 2016

Quality prod.  Above and beyond service.  Really happy. 
-Gordy H., Bountiful, UT (USA) January 2, 2016

Easy Deal AAAA++++ 
-Preston E., Lacey, WA (USA) January 2, 2016

Thanks for the Ventolin shipment.  You guys help my son breathe.  I can't be more grateful. 
-Ginger J., Makakilo, HI (USA) January 2, 2016

Top pill shop! 
-Eula D., Bessemer, AL (USA) January 2, 2016

Item as described but took 21 days India to Nevada, shipping too slow, late for xmas. 
-Nikki F., Reno, NV (USA) January 2, 2016

Multiple purchases - carefully packed & promptly mailed - thanks a bunch! 
-Gayle T., Matteson, IL (USA) January 1, 2016

Trustworthy.  Excellent Baclofen service. 
-Sherry O., Grand Island, NE (USA) January 1, 2016

Great buy, thanks.  Got all four packs of tramadol before Christmas. 
-Devin A., Coral Springs, FL (USA) January 1, 2016

Very easy and unique.  Nicely packaged. Quite pleased. 
-Marvin H., Durango, CO (USA) January 1, 2016

It's been a great year, JCM, much of it thanks to you. 
-Clyde P., Jackson, MS (USA) January 1, 2016

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